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Not sure if I'm the only one who has seen this... OR if this conflicts with other cosplaying plans...
The May 26th, 2:00p time slot for location G8b is taken by the Legend of Zelda gathering.

According to the current posted schedule, it appears that the 2013 Sailor Moon Gathering has been moved to an earlier 12:30p slot for location G8b.  Also, if the schedule remains the same, this location will be available for use until the next gathering until 2:00p.
Quote from: Lady_Hoshi on April 12, 2013, 10:30:17 PM
Me and Purelovely are doing all sailor moon cosplay for fanime.  I think this day we are wearing princess serenity(Purelovely) and queen neheliena. And we hopefully will have a tuxedo mask.
Made a commitment to a dear friend... Un-retiring the Cosplay yet once again... :)

That Totoro costume was AMAZING!!! And when they got him to be in the music video was awesome!! XD

YES, Totoro was amazing... And thank you for attending Nikkei Matsuri...
Me??? I was the lone Ronin wandering the festival and have been a volunteer CosPlayer for San Jose Japantown since 2006... It's very enjoyable... I meet people from all over (Cosplay is an instant "ice breaker") and the festival organizers appreciate the effort in assisting the community (It also changes people's opinion about CosPlay)...

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!!! I hope you can help pass the word along that San Jose Japantown festivals are a good place to meet up (^_^)!
Just got home... I'm aching all over, 7:30a to 6:30p, but it was all well worth it. Thank you all who attended... I may not have been able to meet you all, but I could see that you were enjoying the festival.  I also have to commend the person/persons who had the Tonari no Totoro Cosplay... You really brightened the day for many kids and with today's temperatures you were a trooper, thank you again.

I hope you all can spread the word that San Jose Japantown festivals are a good place to have CosPlay gatherings...

It's festival day... I hope to see a few of you in CosPlay!!!... Please join us today, CosPlay or not...
It's going to be a nice day for an outside event today... Again, more info here:
So show some support for San Jose Nihonmachi, one of the last 3 official Japantowns in the United States
Greetings Fanime Forum Members,
I'm just stopping by to let you know about
a local festival coming up that celebrates Japanese-American Culture:

San Jose Japantown 36th Annual Nikkei Matsuri

Sunday, April 28th, 2013 / 9:30am - 4:00pm

5th Street @ Jackson Street (Center of San Jose Japantown)


There will be cultural exhibits,
arts & crafts booths, food, live stage entertainment
...and hopefully you.
Please join us for this fun-filled day,
and as always
we thank you for your continued support of San Jose Japantown.
If you have a Happi Coat, Kimono or Cos-play**,
you are encouraged to wear that too.
Help add to the festival's color and ambiance.

**Cos-play should be appropriate for all ages and for public display

For more information go to:
Quote from: azreale on September 22, 2012, 05:05:09 PM
thanks for the references ^^

now if only someone would answer the fake dynamite question... >.>
I'm sure you'd be able to have this prop accessory for Tiny Tina, but compromise a little on the detail... Don't make it too realistic... Also, print the reference photo above and keep it with you at the con... When in doubt, get the item peace-bonded at Con-Ops... Show them the photo & have them inspect your prop for safety... show them it's part of your cosplay character (Note: Articles can ONLY be peace-bonded when you're in costume)

On a side note, last Fanime, I saw someone walking the Con with a realistic (but made of plastic) looking Stinger Rocket Launcher for a military-themed cosplay... Try walking that down a city street
Additional reference photos:

On behalf of Bay Area Sailor Moon Charater Cosplayers,
A return of:

Tohru Furuya,

and if possible the addition of

Kotono Mitsuishi  and/or  Keiko Han

2012 will mark the 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon Manga/Anime series.
We believe it would be nice if Fanime could be a part of this beloved anime classic's anniversary celebration.
@Tabbychan: I thank you and your grandmother for your continued support of San Jose Nihonmachi.
@Captain LOLpants: I hope things will change in the near future so you can have an even more interesting visit to SJ Nihonmachi festivals.
@Chococookies: Great thanks to you and your Hetalia group... Your group's presence was very much appreciated... I wish I could have planned some sort of CosPlay event/activity for all of you, but as you can see here that there was little/no response to my inital post... And I can't get any event/activity approval unless I can demonstrate to the festival planners that people will show up... I guess it'll have to be next time...(;_;)