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So this is a loooooong shot, but I'm looking for the info of an artist I saw in AA. They had a piece of Adventure Time art which I forgot to buy (so much regret). The picture was a more realistic version of Finn and Flame Princess and was from a particular scene where Finn is kissing her while in a cave. It has the quote from the episode, "I need you to be okay."

If anyone knows who it is, or the lovely artists is in our midst, please PM or post their tumblr, deviant art, flickr, or whatever you know. :)
Things in the Universe / [Winner] Cute Pets!
February 26, 2009, 06:04:57 PM
Congrats to our winner! Isn't the doggy cute? X3

Chiri Kcrinh

Quote from: Chiri Kcrinh on February 19, 2009, 01:59:44 PM

My dog loves ladies clothes. He goes wild when there are  socks and unmentionables, too. xD

Hi everyone!

XpHoBiaX and I have been kicking around ideas to make this place a little more lively and we settled on the idea of various contests. Contests will range from picture contests to writing. If this contest goes well we're going to try and host one or two every month.

Contest Theme:
What better way to debut a new contest than with our furry friends? I'm not talking THOSE furries, I'm referring to our cute and cuddly pets. Submit a picture of your pet doing something cute!

Rules, Regulations, and Other

- Each contest will be broken into two different topics. The first topic is for people to submit their entries. The second topic will be used as the actual voting platform. Each topic will be open for a week so the contests will be 2 week deals.

- No flaming each other's submissions! This is supposed to be fun, so we won't tolerate flaming.

- One submission per poster.

- For this contest it's cute pets. Your submission must be of your own pet. Any pet will do!

- Pet outfits are ok. Whatever makes your pet cuter is fine.

- No Photoshopping, no captions, just pure cuteness.


At this point we don't have a real prize or anything but for now the winner will be added to a list of winners for all to see.

That just about covers it! Submit, enjoy, and have fun!
Debriefing: It was a normal morning, much like yesterday... well maybe not yesterday since I was sick and slept late, but it was like a normal Friday morning for Tuolumne county. I woke up to find it still raining from the night before. I shrugged off sleepiness to the best I could and got dressed. I went outside to see how bad it was raining, to my surprise it was snowing a bit.

"I shouldn't go to school, but I already missed yesterday." I sighed to myself as I went back in to brush my teeth and do rest of my morning prep.

It was around 6:41 as I sat in my car and left. I got to the college at 7:35; the snow had now started coming down hard. I threw on my warm cloak to protect me against the elements and started across the campus to the classroom. The green and brown of the campus quickly became polka-dotted with white and then all color was erased by the cold white snow. I chased a few deer that I saw because... well I had no real reason I just thought it was fun. I sat, and sat, and sat until 8:15. Two of my friends showed up, but no one else. Finally the head of security came by and informed us that the college was being closed due to the conditions.

"Damn! I put pants on for this?" I said to no one in particular.

So we drove into town, taking twice as long as normal as the roads were no longer black but giant white Slip n' Slides. I dropped them off and then called home. To my dismay I found out I couldn't get home! =O I decided I'd crash at a local Inn for the night to wait things out. That's where my journey begins.

Hour 1: I drove into the Inns of California's parking lot, went inside and plead my case. Since I am 17, I can't legally get a hotel room, but they made an exception. I found my room, a dinky little place; king sized bed, 26in Philips tv, the usual, almost reminded me of a room from Hotel Dusk Room 215. Anyway, I threw my bag down, plopped onto the bed and flipped on the T.V. Nothing was on, and off the T.V. went. I paced across the room a bit and settled to staring out the window at the Valero station across the street, watching the snow pile up, wondering if someone will slide into the gas station and set off a giant explosion. I called my friend Mikey and asked if he wanted to hang or something. He gave the idea some thought and said he'd come over in a while. We shall see if he does. I came back to the bed and popped open my laptop which brings us to me beginning this topic.

Hours 2 - 7: Shortly after my last post, i hear a know at my door. I look out the window and see Mikey standing there. w00t! We watch the last of Ghost on HBO and then play video games for a bit. I played Spore and he played Hedgehog Launch. He called two other people, Bobby and Albert and asked if they wanted to come over. A bit rude I suppose since I didn't invite them, but I didn't mind since I was bored. Bobby came over first around noon. Mikey and I worked on his Bobby's laptop for about 45 minutes but we couldn't fix whatever the hell is wrong with it. So anyway, while we fiddle on our laptops we watch Jerry Springer and Maury. I continued playing Spore while the other two played more games on Kongregate. Albert arrived around 1:35. So from here on out it was pointless T.V., video games, and youtube videos. I suppose it was fun, but I was relieved when they all left at 3:30ish. Once they left, I left to go fill my rumbling tummy. Down to Round Table I went to get an order of 12 garlic twists. I returned, began eating, and am now writing this.

Hours 8 - 24: So not much happened for rest of the day. I watched T.V. (That 70's Show), watched anime Jigoku Shoujo, read a bit of The Shining, and talked to a few friends online. Really nothing exciting happened until around 11ish. It was at this point that I heard a loud squeaking of bed springs coming from the room next to me. Heh. My Neighbors were banging! Oh joy. So I went and took a shower, burning my hand in the process. So afterwards I went to continue watching T.V. until I fell asleep. I woke up a few times. In the morning I watched Sarah Connor Chronicles and checked out. I set out for home hoping the road was cleared. For the most part it was cleared except for a few boulders and fallen trees, but I managed to maneuver around them and make it safely home. :D
Well since it's the premiere tonight I think it's an appropriate time to make a topic to discuss the current season of LOST, the greatest show ever. Lol.

Already I'm like, WTF?!
Things in the Universe / What are your holiday plans?
December 13, 2008, 10:04:52 PM
Nothing is happening until Christmas. I'm first going to my grandma's house for our annual family gift unwrapping. But my main excitement is getting on the train that night to head up to Washington so I can see my girlfriend for the rest of break. This year looks like I'll be doing on something for New Years. :)

What are your plans O Great Dwellers of the Fanime Boards?
Well just in case AC:CF hits big or there are others who want to visit each others towns, I'm making this topic.
You can post whatever kind of meeting or trade you want in here.

Haha... and an oversight on my part, I didn't post my own friend code. :P

Name: Alex
Town: Crouton
Friend Code: 4683-2157-8489

I just bought the game today, so I'd love to visit someone's town.
Forum Games / Rules!
November 24, 2008, 07:35:56 PM
Well I think it's time to put down some ground rules, even though this place is pretty straight forward.

1. All topics should be games. I've noticed a few topics asking your favorite this or that. These aren't games! Post these either in byo/b/ or Things in the Universe depending.
2. If you find an image offensive don't quote it. You're only spreading the fire. If you take offense, mark the post and if you feel necessary call out the person, but don't quote his/her statement.
3. This brings us to another rule. Don't quote large pictures or large groups of pictures. It takes up more space is necessary. We know the picture is there, just quote the person but remove the picture.

Other than those I think everything is pretty straight forward. Have fun and play nice.
Things in the Universe / What's your ideal career?
November 24, 2008, 12:40:32 PM
Right now, at this point in my life, my ideal career would be a programmer working for either Bethesda or Bioware. My favorite video game companies. Haha... yes I'm still living many gamer's childhood dream. I seem to have a natural talent for understanding programming languages. If not that my second ideal career would be building computers.
Forum Games / Caption the Last Poster's Avatar ver. 3
November 12, 2008, 10:57:06 AM
Dun dun dun... NEW TOPIC! Wahoo!!!
Things in the Universe / MOVED: Member Pictures 5.0
November 11, 2008, 06:48:54 PM
Due to getting too large but still memorable with tons of pictures, this topic has been moved to Photo Album.
Gaming / Anyone know this game I'm searching for?
November 06, 2008, 01:20:46 PM
I remember it's a fairly old computer game where you control a paper airplane and have to make your way through a house while avoiding electricity, fire (i think), and dripping water. I had the sudden urge to play it but have no idea where to begin.
Things in the Universe / Ahhhh... storms. >_<
November 04, 2008, 03:10:38 PM
*sigh* With my favorite time of the year, comes loss of internet. Bleh. I can't get on at home since the storms up here screw up my satellite internet. I'll only be able to get on during the day at college.

Still, I absolutely love huge rain storms. :) Can hardly wait for thunder and lightening storms.
Things in the Universe / Halloween '08
October 29, 2008, 01:27:22 PM
General Halloween talk time!!!
What are your plans if you have any? Are you dressing up?

I'm going to hang with my friends until 9:30 which at that time I'm going to see Saw V with some friends then come back to my house to party. :)
KOTOR MMO Announced

Oh yes. This is exciting. And I don't even play MMORPGs, I will be making an exception though for this.
Things in the Universe / How was your day?
October 21, 2008, 02:45:08 PM
This topic is for everyone who just wants to share how their day was and keep their forum friends updated about your life. :)

So far my day has been relatively smooth. I found out I have an A in my U.S. history class and an A+ in programming. :) I'm feeling accomplished.
Since XpHoBiaX and I have become moderators, we think that some simple rules should be reinforced here to keep this place from becoming byo/b/. We wouldn't want that now would we? ;) Nothing serious will change, but rather a recap of the general forum rules.

I am implementing a 3 strike rule.
1st offense:
Correction, modification of post.
This is your second warning, and you will be reminded of the rules.
Banned from the forum. You were warned.
Banning is case by case.


1. General swearing is tolerated, but please keep the use of the F word out of your posts. This area should be the PG-13 of the two main social forums. F'd, friggen, frik...etc is fine.

2. No pornographic images. Again PG-13 forum!

3. Flaming, insults, and threats. XpHoBiaX and I are in the same boat when it comes to this. We don't mind light flaming or playful insults, but once it moves into the area of purposefully trying to attack someone and hurt them, we're stepping in. If either of us feels this happens, we'll modify your message. If you feel so strongly about causing Internet drama over someone, blog about it elsewhere.

4. Due to recent events and new features, we have an Ignore button. If you feel a user is provoking you or doing something that is not a serious rule breaking offense, use the Ignore feature before turning to a moderator right away. If you feel that it still is some how going on, then report it.

5. Any racial slurs will not be tolerated. Simple as that.

6. Use common sense when posting. If you feel that something might be breaking the rules, then it may be best to either not post it or go and read all the rules before posting it. If you're still not sure and really want to post it, by all means ask a moderator.

7. If you find an image offensive don't quote it. You're only spreading the fire. If you take offense, mark the post and if you feel necessary call out the person, but don't quote his/her statement.

8. This brings us to another rule. Don't quote large pictures or large groups of pictures unless you feel there is a strong need to. It takes up more space is necessary. We know the picture is there, just quote the person but remove the picture.

9. Just have fun! Yes this is a rule and we will enforce it! If you're not having fun... *shakes fist* ;)

XpHoBiaX and I are here to keep this place fun but in order for all so any questions can be PMed to us.

Forum Games / Questions Only 2: The Electric Boogaloo?
October 14, 2008, 09:46:50 PM
What are we going to talk about now?
Previous topic was getting too big.

Quote from: error00004 on October 14, 2008, 09:30:03 PM
Favorite manga is Shinobu Kokoro

Is the reason the previous topic closed.
I think I'd live in either the Knights of the Old Republic games, or maybe Pokemon.
What internet browser do you use and prefer?

I love Firefox! Mainly for the wonderful applications and addons.
I was thinking for next year I'd bring my Wii and DDR gear (or other games) so my roommates and I can have some parties in our room.