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Registration / Re: I lost my badge. What do I...
Last post by Kite - May 28, 2024, 05:59:12 PM
I know this answer is super late. But here are or were two suggestions.

1. If you lost it at the convention there is a chance you might find it at lost and found.

2. There have been cases you would get a temp badge if you have proof of purchase.
@cinnamonraesin aw, bummed we missed you but I get it - it's hard to plan for every gathering you want to attend.

Also, thank you so much to everyone for attending the 2024 Jojo's Bizarre Adventure cosplay gathering.

As I tried to explain during the gathering, the QR code you all scanned is so you can upload any photos that you took and would like to share. However, please be aware by uploading these photos you are giving full rights to Fanime to use them. I will keep everyone updated about the photos.

Anyway, here is a Facebook album someone shared with photos they took at the Jojo gathering as well as a few others. Check it out!
Registration / I lost my badge. What do I do?...
Last post by Alexhuaman - May 27, 2024, 10:40:32 AM
I know it's the last day but I lost my badge last minute last night.  Do they charge at all?
Thank you everyone who attended for a great Friday evening of amazing cosplay!  I'm glad we got to move back to what was always intended on being our "usual" location, G3.  We'll have the co-host pictures up in a week or so, and will post the link in the usual place.

It was NINE years ago (seven Fanime's) when I inherited the Old School Gathering.  That is just crazy to me, even more so that many who attended this year were there way back when.  I know there is a lot of uncertainty in the immediate future, and a lot of people are considering changes for 2025. 

My commitment remains to you, to us, the amazingly diverse retro / vintage / old school cosplayers.  I hope that one year from now, on the Friday of Fanime 2025, I'm there welcoming the group (even if it's not made up of the usual attendees) of Old School Cosplayers to another gathering, a decade after I first did so.

If you'll be stepping off here, I thank you - SO MUCH - for coming along with me nine years after my journey began.  For supporting the gathering.  Supporting this great tradition.  And for supporting me, helping me to build the confidence to continue to host year after year, which also lead me to hosting panels - again, year after year.  Thank you - it really is impossible for me to put into any kind of words how much your support means to me.

Generally you gotta give people a few days if you were at a gathering.  If you had an official photographer from Fanime they generally will attempt to get them together sometime after con.  If a gathering host took pictures at your gathering, it's generally best to keep an eye on their event page over the next couple weeks.

The QR codes that Fanime were giving to hosts are an upload link for people who took pictures to give them to Fanime.  Not everyone will use this, instead hosting their own host or co-host photos elsewhere (this is what we do).  Hoping that by next year they'll have official photographers again (or at least enough of them), as it's always a good secondary avenue or option for gatherings that do not have a co-host or host photographer.
Host gatherings are posting out a QR code as a collective compendium for all photos being taken as Fanime 2024. I believe it will all be available eventually if it was taken.
Live Programming and Events / Re: Schedule of Fanime 2024
Last post by svatoid - May 25, 2024, 12:09:24 PM
Thanks. This is very helpful
Hello all!

Not sure if this is the correct forum for this request so I apologize if it is not. I was just wondering if anyone has any photos from Friday of the Nezuko, Mitsuri and Rengoku that were together at con? I was the Rengoku. I haven't really had much luck finding anything on social media, though it is still early, and just wanted to reach out.

Thank you in advance 🙏
See y'all tomorrow at noon!!! :D

We will have gifts of handmade badge ribbons and possibly fruit snacks for all gathering attendees. Please tell your Omori-loving friends!