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Registration / About child's reg.
April 23, 2006, 06:19:34 PM
Quote from: "FanFicGuru"I think that you could still bring her with you. Maybe if you got a note from your mother or father saying that they are leaving her in your care for this event, then you would technically be considered her guardian for that day. Either way, I don't think that you should buy her a registration when she could just get in free.

Notes will not be honored as a note can easily be forged.

Ok on with the answers and general comments to the original post:
- Your parents have to be with your sister and you as they are your legal guardians.
- She does not need to pay the adult price. She can get a child's pass.
Quote from: "Spiritsnare"I like to remain optimistic in the way that If Supernova isn't there, at least we'll have an Extreme. Either one's fine with me. Not to mention that the Spring '06 street date for Supernova perfectly coincides with Fanime, which is more or less in that transition between spring and summer.
If Fanime gets it, it'll be very last minute.
I hope this will be useful in answering questions that I have seen being asked several times.

I Paid by check on _ and it is _. Why isn't my account marked as paid yet?
Due to the number of paid checks and the way of getting them processed, it might take up to a month in order for for your account to be marked as "paid". If it has been over a month (30-31 regular, non-business days [28 days in Feb. :P]) and your account hasn't been marked as paid, please email registration [their email is registration at fanime dot com].
NOTE: This generally doesn't take up to a full month, but in some situations, it might. The general rule is that if it was cashed in, then it was accepted. ^_^

I don't have a banking account and I think PayPal's the devil. How do I pay?*
*You might not think that PayPal's the devil, but you just might have a credit card or want to use PayPal. :)
Just send in money order to the same address that you would send your check.

Help! I mailed 'it' a week ago! Where is my confirmation?
Please, please do not be vague when you are e-mailing us. We cannot help you if we don't know what you are talking about. This only slows down the process

"I lost my username and password. Could you e-mail it to me?"
See above. There are over two different kinds of accounts in Fanime -- some of which the registration department has no control over. If you have lost your Username/Password, email registration@fanime; for forums, email webmaster@fanime; if you're unsure, help@fanime or webmaster@fanime can both help you. =)

I've pre-registered! Where is my badge??
If you have paid in full your badge will be waiting for you at registration at the con. Please be prepared to show a valid form of photo ID to pick up your badge.

We were sent postcards in 2005 to pick up our badges at the convention. Where are they?
Unfortunately, we aren't doing postcards for Fanime anymore. We are now doing online postcards which you can print and bring into Fanime. These postcards are in .PDF format.

Do I NEED to have my ID in order to get my badge?
Yes. In a group, however, only the "leader" has to have ID, but if a staff member wishes to see your ID while picking up your badge, please be prepared to show your ID.

When does Pre-Registration for Fanime '07 open-up/begins?
It already did!.

I heard through some random whispering that Group Registration is being changed
As of Fanime 2007, we'll be revamping how group registration works. For starters, you are now able to register any number of people per account. This will make it easy for people to manage a group or friends/family/club that don't have ten or more people.

Wait... I will finally be able to register more then one person on a single account without having ten or more people?
Nope; We read every single email regarding the group registration and are currently testing to see how groups of two through nine will work. We are also reworking group registration as a whole (there are tons of ideas that were emailed and we're trying to see which ones are "do-able" and which ones aren't).

What will the discount be?
Unfortunately, due to rising costs among other things, there will be no price discounts this year. Fortunately, FanimeCon will be offering incentives for registering as a group.

Only members that are registered in groups that have ten or more people (before the cut-off date, which is TBD) will be receiving the Group Pre-Registration Bonus. [Link]

Group Pre-Registration Line - Groups will have a separate line outside of the Registration doors where they can pick up their badges.

Note: Incentives are still being worked out and will include much more. =)

Note: As questions in this thread are answered, the posts will be deleted.
General Convention Discussion / General Staff Meetings
January 21, 2006, 01:33:44 PM
Quote from: "Nyxyin"By the way, currently says, "The next general staff meeting will be on Sunday, January 21st at 3pm".  (Which year, I wonder?)   :wink:

oops. Ignore that. :P

It's on Saturday (er, today!)
Ideas and Suggestions / Energy Drink "Bar" at Fanime
January 20, 2006, 11:19:27 AM
Quote from: "sykoeent"I already thought of the money and man power needed to make this happen. I was thinking maybe you get a sponsor like Red Bull or Bawls to promote or sell their product but collaborate with the staff to make a cool cafe/bar setting.

Another thought is, Fanime is in the top 10 biggest anime conventions in North America. With its largest competition a couple months after, I think that coming up with new ideas is essential for the growth of this show. New ideas, like this bar, would seperate it from the other shows like AX or Otakon attracting more attendees and more investors. As cliche as it sounds, Fanime needs to think outside of the box to achieve more. In California, the top 2 turnouts for anime are #2 Anime Expo in Anaheim (30,000) and #1 (which isn't even an anime convention) The San Diego Comic-Con (95,000). The "bar" would be a large "wow" factor if done right and compliments your 24 hour video rooms. Comic-Con has a Starbucks in their convention center and Starbucks has a booth in the dealer's hall. The booth passes out samples giving just enough to the passer by to go out to the Starbucks and purchase the drink. How smart is this? That Starbucks was busy from before dealer hall opening till after it closed. Nonstop. Starbucks was happy, the Con was happy and the attendees were happy. Try to get this to work.
We are thinking outside of the box, and eventually will have some sort of energy drink station/bar/deal/etc./etc. just not this year (unfortunately, I believe it's too late to start talks with SJCC, but I might be wrong). Fanime is the Fan's con (as cliche as that sounds) and all ideas are listened to. If there's a reason why we can't follow up or make that idea happen one year, that doesn't mean that we can't do it the next year. ;)

Afterall, I'm sure that we would want to move up and not down. =P
Ideas and Suggestions / Energy Drink "Bar" at Fanime
January 17, 2006, 01:34:31 PM
Quote from: "Umi.Ryuuzaki"So let me get this right:

You guys want a place in the con that sells energy drinks during the con, even when the dealers room is closed and its 2am and you need your "fix" (a la energy drink)?

I like the idea, but will the reps be willing to stay up that late, or will a staffer (with immsomic issues =P ) be doing this?

The San Jose convention center wouldn't allow us to do this for free. Anything that is sold on their property has to be approved by them (food and drink sells = no). It may be brought up to them, but they'll either tell us to pay them (a big fee, might I add) or they will handle it themselves (and charge alot). The closest thing is to either have Bawls/Red Bull/whoever come by and give them for free or to have them sell it in the dealer's room (during dealer hours).
General Convention Discussion / General Staff Meetings
January 17, 2006, 09:26:52 AM
Quote from: "Will"Sorry everyone;
Due to some space issues, the hotel has moved our meeting room once
again: the room is now Blossom Hill I and II on the third floor.
Meeting times are still the same; there should be signage in the hotel
to direct people to the new rooms.
General Convention Discussion / General Staff Meetings
January 10, 2006, 03:49:27 PM
Quote from: "Leishu"Gwah! Why did they change it!? Sunday was so much easier to do...

Ah, well ;_;

Meetings are generally on Saturdays minus a few throughout the year.
General Convention Discussion / General Staff Meetings
January 10, 2006, 09:29:05 AM
Quote from: "Passing the Buck"ATTENTION...

There has been a room change for the next meeting, 1/21.

We are now in the Guadalupe Meeting Rooms, 2nd Floor.
General Convention Discussion / General Staff Meetings
January 09, 2006, 10:11:54 AM
3/11  (Saturday) SJCC Hilton (San Carlos Room)
3/18  (Saturday) SJCC Hilton (San Carlos Room)
4/8    (Saturday) SJCC Hilton (San Carlos Room)
4/22  (Saturday) SJCC Hilton (San Carlos Room)
5/6    (Saturday) SJCC Hilton (San Carlos Room)
5/13  (Saturday) SJCC Hilton (San Carlos Room)
5/20               TBA

The Division Heads Meeting will be held at 1pm, this meeting will be
for The Chair, the Division heads, and anyone else that the division
heads need to make their report. The General staff meetings/Breakout
meetings will be held at 3pm.
Gaming / any WOW players
October 17, 2005, 02:47:46 AM
I play WOW.

Windrunner - Alliance: Priest, Rogue, Mage // Horde: Mage, Shaman
Blackrock - Horde: Shaman

aww.. crap.. I forgot the other servers I play on (I play on a total of about 6?)
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Con Suite
October 11, 2005, 06:48:24 PM
Quote from: "Hazel Chaz"Apart from people to staff it, a room to put it in, a budget for the darned thing, and a corkage waiver in the hotel contract, what would it take for FanimeCon to host a con suite?

I have no idea what you are talking about. :(

Can you please explain?
Gaming / Dance Dance Fanime! 2006 DDR Tourney
October 11, 2005, 06:45:12 PM
Quote from: "YoureMyHiro"I used to think there were mad skills in Keyboardmania players untill I played pink rose passed with a high score just by bashing all the keys together at the same time to the beat of the song.
There are "mad skills" in Keyboardmania players, but only KBM players that actually play it correctly.

Quote from: "Spiritsnare"To bump and further prove a point:

Quote from: "OniCourseMusha"I don't think Legend Road on the final is a good idea.

U know that there are people are afraid or don't play Oni Courses. And plus HOW MANY PEOPLE EVEN LAST MAX300 ON ONI??

Here's a snippet of an AIM conversation I had last night - name Bob'd for privacy:

[Bob]: hey
[Bob]: I hear you be talkin to [my friend].
SpiritsnareAlpha: And who might this be? :3
[Bob]: [Bob], I attempted to run a tourney at fanime last year.
SpiritsnareAlpha: Ah. :3 So, what's up?
[Bob]: Nommuch, homework and stuff. I'd like to help anyway I can. I frequent golflands, and can find out things for you about the machines.
[Bob]: But, I don't want to run it.
[Bob]: Cuz I want to enter. Preferebly ITG. Since DDR is old and boring. I play legend road doubles like once every 3 weeks.

Now, this gives me a dilemma. Either I try and petition for an ITG rig to please the uberly-expert-Breaking-Point-slash-Pure-Hell crowd, or I suggest that they stay away from the tourney, because it's going to do two things:

  • Upset the balance of tourney players by doing the hardest crap imaginable -- flawlessly
    and slash or
  • prevent others from winning the tourney
    and slash or
  • bore them.
What do you guys think? Currently, I'm towards providing a purely DDR experience, as that's what's most familiar to most people. However, if most people require it, who knows -- either we get an ITG cab or we play at the RedOctane booth. XD

Run it the way you want to, if someone thinks that they can just win because they play _ everyday, let them. ;)

If they get beat... :D

Also, please note that this tournament is not final yet.
General Convention Discussion / Fanime '07 Promises
July 04, 2005, 05:40:24 PM
Quote from: "topnotch97"I promise to bring a flash light, as it gets too dark to run the dvd players and work around in those dark and gloomy video rooms... sniff....
I promise to work harder, even though I got less sleep.

The less sleep you are getting, the more work you are doing.

Unless you are just staying up just to stay up. :P
Ideas and Suggestions / Maul Starbucks.. er..
June 21, 2005, 11:44:22 PM
Quote from: "Mach5Motorsport"Peet's is not open 24/7.  I don't know of any coffee place that would keep such hours of operation.  I do know that there is a Starbucks just down the road a bit from the SJCC that has longer hours.  This whole coffee topic is a bit odd.  I don't recall any outrage over the lack of coffee outlets when Fanime was at the SCCC?  What gives?

There's a Starbucks in San Leandro (someone correct me if I'm wrong on the location; it's next to the Target) that's open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that place is always packed. =)

That's the only location I know of though.
Ideas and Suggestions / Maul Starbucks.. er..
June 21, 2005, 06:07:18 AM
IMHO, Peet's Coffee is alot better than Starbucks...
General Convention Discussion / Fanime '07 Promises
June 21, 2005, 05:55:57 AM
Quote from: "Pimpstress Rei"I promise not to absolutely destroy Milton's ego by shooting Nerf sticky bullets at him in his hotel room by using my ninja appear/disappear.

Bring It On!

and back to the thread.

  • I promise to get more than 10 minutes of sleep.
  • I promise to push, poke, and do whatever I can to get those Program Guides, Signs, Flyers, etc. out on time.
  • I promise to CATCH and STEAL every bullet that Marie shoots at me so that she can run around con with a Nerf gun without ammo. :D
  • I promise to actually hang out with friends this year.
  • I promise NOT to tease the Old Fogey in a Cart. :P
If you want, there's an IRC network that we can use. It's and I'm an IRC Officer for that network. Just let me know and I can set it up and all of that jazz.