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Hey all! I'm sure you all well know what I'm talking about xP
Aurora and I are curious- is anyone going? If so, does anyone want to meet up? We're thinking about trying to meet up on the first of August, and seeing Weird Al's concert if at all possible.
I don't know if I'll be able to go, but we're checking around to see what's ongoing with everyone. xP
Hello again!

In 2010, I created this gathering/thread as a noob/newb (Since I still haven't learned which way to spell it... and the fact that I am still considered new! xP OTL)  who didn't know if anyone else was planning a gathering for all of us forum friends! :P

The idea started as a different sort of gathering (a cookie party or something xP) in a forum games thread as a joke, evolved, and became a reality! We ended up meeting for ice cream a short bit down at B&J's, and although it didn't last long I/we had a bunch of fun! ^_^ So, although it's quite early to be making plans, I thought I should try and update this thread to show that I'd love to put together a gathering (or a few xD) for Fanime 2011!

Details to come when we get closer to Fanime!  ;D

All righty, let me know if I'm going about posting this wrong or something but...

I am doing some research on the "secret treasures" of Fanime. I'm looking for places or events that don't get the spotlight they deserve or are just largely unknown. Since this isn't exactly the best description, I'll give a few examples:

We've all heard of the Maid Cafe, but how many people have actually gone and checked it out? (I haven't, ya'll may have  :P)
I heard that supposedly there was a man last year around con who was advertising another convention and gave out free PB&J sandwiches to those who stopped by after a certain time of day/night
The location of the Purikura booth last year made it out of the spotlight-I didn't really know anything about it until I heard from friends
Even the artists' alley was something I didn't know much about, and only ventured to after a friend's urging

And other things along those lines. I understand this is still not the best description, but I hope you have the general gist of what I'm looking for. I'll try to come back and post other example of what I mean since I'll be checking back for what I'm looking for. So obviously, I'm asking you fanime congoers, are there any little "secrets" you're willing to give away for all to enjoy? Any events or panels you think are great but don't get enough light? Post 'em here! Any advice for how I can make this thread better can be posted here or messaged to me in some form or another. I know it's getting close but let's make this the best Fanime yet!