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Hotel and Facilities / Re: Pre Reg required for Hotel?
November 03, 2014, 02:08:42 PM
Quote from: ewu on November 02, 2014, 08:31:03 PM
Any other Qs I can answer??:)

I have one:

I registered for 2015 at Fanime 2014. Do I already have a login on the reg/housing site, and if not how do I make sure that the one I create will match up with my purchased badge?

Thanks! :)

EDIT: The answer arrived in my email about 45 minutes after I posted this. Thanks, guys! (and for anyone else who did at-con pre-reg: check your email/spam folder) :D
Is it... over 9kW?
I would love for Fanime to bring over Hideaki Anno (snowball's chance in hell until the EVA movies are done, but I'd love it), Mahiro Maeda, or Ichiro Itano.

No, I'm not just saying that because next year will be the 30th anniversary of Daicon IV, why do you ask? <_< >_>

Actually I'm not because I think they'd all be amazing guests unrelated to that.
Quote from: HeeroYuy135 on May 24, 2010, 10:23:09 AM
I don't think so because this event is on Saturday and the Charity Auction is on Sunday. Ditto for the Yamaga Party since both are running on the same day (Sunday) at the same time.

Wait... there's a Yamaga party?  Oh, so there is.  I missed last years' after getting Meet the Guests/Meet Gainax tix at '08 and having a blast.  Any hints on getting Yamaga party tickets this year, or is it just 'hang around stage zero at the right times and be lucky' like last year?
Waiting with a few friends at the front of the more or less nonexistent line for the first GAINAX panel.
Fanime '08 was awesome.  If possible though, please bring back Fanboy Bebop for '09.  My convention experience just isn't quite the same without The Best Anime Ever. =)
Video from the Masquerade is up now at -- I just checked.
General Convention Discussion / Website updates??
May 21, 2007, 07:40:47 AM
Hmm.  Before you print up that schedule sheet... where are Panel Room 1 and Panel Room 2?  "Santa Clara (H)" and "San Carlos (H)" don't make a lot of sense to me just trying to make my mental map.

I know there's a 'San Carlos' room in the Mariott, tho that seems a bit small.  Or is room H of the convention center subdivided into two rooms?

-Mike (who tends to plan his con around various panels and wants to know how much of a walk he's in for between them)
My first Fanime, in 2001, I had no car and no crash space. ><  I ended up hiding in the back of the Asian Cinema room and catching some sleep.  I also got a little sleep in the upper lobby the next night, with a kindly staffer telling me to "just try to look more awake if you're going to crash here, okay?"

Kids, NEVER EVER DO THIS.  Seriously, it'd be a lot harder to do now and even if it wasn't you just plain don't want to.  Plus, the karaoke room had doors open to the upper lobby and I was woken up in the middle of the night by a group rendition of "We Will Win" from Robotech (admittedly sung slightly better than Reba West's original).


Then there was 2002.  I got a room at the last minute with a few people I knew from the AnimeOnDVD forum... one of whom (a guy) neglected to mention that he was crosplaying as Sakura (from CCS).   That was interesting the first time I saw it.

I also got damned lucky that year... I woke up too late to get Der Cosplay tickets, so I was just chatting with my friends while they were waiting in line to get in when someone (a staffer? not sure) a couple spots ahead i the line found out they couldn't go for some reason and gave me their ticket.  Okay, maybe I wasn't so lucky as I now have the image of fig-leafed cardboard SEELE boxes dancing to 'yatta!' burned into my brain.


'04 and later have been kind of uneventful by comparison, though there's a video somewhere of one of my roommates from '05 eating a peanut butter, pocky, M&M, bananna, and anchovie sandwich on a dare.

Quote from: "yumicchi88"you mean the civic Auditorium? yea, it sucks because they had musicfest there too for the past 3 years, and they are moving it to the J. i wonder howmany people can get in the room...

According to the Convention Center website, around 1,000.  Since I've never been to MusicFest before, I don't know how full it was -- though I'd assume at least some people who would have been going saturday night will be going to Play! instead, despite how different the musical presentations will be.

Quote from: "FanFicGuru"Really? Masquerade is being held in the same place? That's spiffy. Must have been expensive to rent it out. >_<

I don't know any real details since I'm not a staff/volunteer and never have been... but from what I gather from the forums, the Civic was getting more and more expensive every year to equip and staff for the lighting/other needs of the Masquerade.  It may be that the CPA was actually cheaper to rent this year, since it apparently comes in a more ready state.

From what I can tell so far, there are some ups and downs of the new location:

- Much better seating!  No more folding chairs, and no more struggling to see over the people in front of you.
- Comes already equipped and staffed for lighting and sound.
- Newer facility, possibly a better stage/etc.  I preferred watching the Masquerade at Santa Clara over San Jose because of the above, but seating was limited (only ~600 seats) so it was always hard to get in.

- Smaller.  About 400 fewer seats than the Civic (~2600 vs ~3000)
- No video projection system, or at least not available at a price Fanime could afford (I'm assuming this will end the long tradition of showing the AMV winners during cosplay judging.  This is definitely a big minus for those of us who don't go to the AMVs otherwise).

I guess we'll just have to see how it works out.  Still, I'm totally up for the better seating after being stuck behind BART BOY (aka "Light Rail Boy") with his giant sign a couple of years ago.

-Mike, who hopes knowledgeable staff will correct the almost certain inaccuracies of this post.
It's not quite 'across the street' (that would be the Civic, where the Masquerade was the past 3 years) but it's only a block away -- it's the same place the Masquerade is going to be this year, so it's not that far at all.
I've been coming to FanimeCon since 2001 (I missed '03), and this is the first year at the SJCC that didn't feel at least a little "empty" to me.  I know last year Fanime had somewhere in the 7-8K range, and I heard another 2K were expected this year.  

Does anyone at Registration have any info on how many people actually showed up that they would be willing to share?