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Gaming / Re: Naruto Bingo
May 23, 2008, 04:29:50 PM
I'm SO there.
Gaming / Re: Rock Band Tourney
May 23, 2008, 01:49:18 PM

I was really hoping to compete in the Rockband tourney :(

I guess I might stop by and wail a few ridiculous rockband songs, at open mic, anyhow....  :/
Just for JTChinoy, I'm going to think up some female assistant scenario for either me, or my lovely co-panelist, the amazonious ginger haired 'Lita'. Some live-action examples couldn't do any harm, right?

Whether you're there for the advice, the laughs, or wanna share your OWN advice/experience, come by and contribute to our cause:
Getting fanime-boys dates.

And, if any of ya wanna say hi, I'll be red by then.
See ya at Con!!! :D
Hey all!

I decided to make a new topic/thread for the HTG panel, so you don't have to scroll through 8 pages of comments that begin with a confused me from last year trying to find out and announce when panel was happening due to some scheduling mishaps...


Most of the panel hosts just got their time slots for panel so I thought I'd announce it!

It's subject to change if our beloved Panel-master has to rearrange things for somebody, buuuut:

6pm - 8pm Panel room 1
(on the Hilton side)

Lookin' forward to seeing you all at panel / at the Con!
Make sure you say 'hi' if you see me frolicking around! :-*

<3                   <3                    <3
Quote from: PyronIkari on April 01, 2008, 05:17:23 PM
I've done counseling at a high school for two years.

The major point your missing is that, people need someone to talk to, not a panel to tell them how to talk to girls once a year.

The major point is instilling that confidence per person, and each person gains confidence in a different way. That's why a blanket style panel that addresses a problem doesn't solve anything, because all that can be offered on such a non-personal level is a basic answer, and a basic understanding of the answer. Essentially this doesn't help people with their problems, nor really understanding the problem, only a way to bypass it without full overcoming the problem. You're telling them how to accomplish something without understanding how and why you accomplish it.

I can teach someone to pick up a girl, but they won't know why it worked, or how to continue on pass that point. That's what this panel does.

We're only given two hours once a year. What do you expect us to be able to do with that exactly? I'm just glad that guys have found ladies through getting the courage our panel is designed to promote. That's all I need!
oh, internet.
Quote from: JTchinoy on April 04, 2008, 03:08:24 PM
The hell are you talking about I'm getting a pity party off you?

I asked you the same question I asked Mikey AND manwithdoor.  It's an unbiased question that has NO relation to me.  I could care less what works according to that article, but I am looking at people who feel they have a good grasp on the subject whether or not they refute it.  The question is purely to satisfy my own curiosity of whether or not 3 reputable individuals will support or deny a scientist's finds; nothing more and nothing less.  If you think I was trying to get any pity out of you, sorry but you're extremely mislead.

I don't condone using any pity to get girls and I DO believe having confidence in yourself and having a strong sense of self identity is important to your image.

If you think I need your pity or that I'm BSing something about my life (possibly hiding my inner loathing of still being single or what have you), feel free to say so here or message me.  If not, then have a good day and see you at Fanime. :) I hope your panel will help many people but I won't be there to find out as I have my own responsibilities to attend to.


I would never suggest something offensive like that...

Anywho, I respect Pyron's opinion though not much in the initial delivery, my point was that I wasn't trying to imply all the things he was taking from my specific advice on that one question. That's all.
P.P.S. that whole spiel on assuming guys are trying to get pity and this or that. ONE: untrue TWO: jt-chinoy : you trying to get a pity party offa me? ......I didn't think so. 

Definitely some personal hangups on pyrons side that make him see the world and his peer males in such a light. I'm sure there are SOME guys that do this, but like NOT MANY. Girls see right through that crap like 80-90% of the time.

I call bullshit on YOU for that one.



Can we take this off thread? I don't think it's doing anyone any good to sprinkle these bickerings here.
p.s. Simply the fact I AM a girl, that knows enough on the subject to speak on numerous panels at various conventions over the last 5 years should imply that MAYBE I know a LITTLE about what I am talking about?

Me thinks you're the type to jump to refute people often, especially sporting your freshly "unbanned" status.

I'm just saaaayyyiing! ;)

But seriously, I appreciate what you're saying if you weren't trying to crap all over the good advice I was giving.
Let's talk more about it OFF the thread, and let the thread be more about people interested in the panel itself, not just the advice I gave to one random person here.

Though I am the host, I am one of three very opinionated panel hosts, and sometimes we bicker and have slightly different takes on the issues... I would never say I'm always right and everything I said is exactly how it is, WHO COULD SAY THAT?

But I also would never say anyone else is COMPLETELY wrong and bullshit. That's just taking misunderstood or different opinions to an offensive.

Email me! :)
Pyron -

Nothing you have said has refute what I wrote, because never did I state that looks don't matter for FIRST IMPRESSIONS, infact the opposite, I said that's ALL they are good for.

ALSO, I SAID ALL THOSE THINGS WERE "IN *MY* CASE" for the first paragraph. I know what's true for me, and you can't possibly know my lovelife of yore and the men I've found attractive.. I also mentioned that alot of guys I met AT FIRST I didn't think "oh yeah that's my future bf" but they won me over in different ways.

But, either way, girls will sustainably fall for the one they feel comfortable with that has the humor and wit and relation they're looking for, and that it's a girl to girl basis, and that one can't presume an athletic girl or a feminine figured girl is going to be more forgiving. Considering that point ALONE, as it was the topic of the question, what I wrote is truthful and to ENCOURAGE one to be open-minded about the girls as they would like to have themselves judged in an open-minded facet.

In the panel, we go over the approach, hygiene, what turns girls off from the FIRST MEET a thousand times over. I felt that the question really seemed to be self deprecating and that THAT needed to be addressed as well as that no body type can be KNOWN to be more receptive to what's underneath the surface than the other. (though I will say Drop dead gorgeous girls have higher standards in looks TYPICALLY, because they obviously care bout theirs so much and are used to being approached by the broad spectrum of men)

I think your personal-experience filters disallowed you from seeing the good advice I was giving about the topic at hand, NOT ABOUT APPROACHING WOMEN IN GENERAL. That'll be covered in the panel, in full.
But I'm just guessing so, I wouldn't go so far as to call all you say bullshit, because unless you're absolutely crazy nothing you say is outright bullshit. :P

LOOK GUYS, I JUST got this thread to STOP being a flamey bitchfest with nitpicking and silliness, so if you wish to speak to me more on that, I invite you to:

Looks matter, but in the END they don't. No matter what some magazine statistic says, it's actually not going to help your search for a ladyfriend ANY to be focusing on one physical bodytype, that was my ULTIMATE point. That and to not be so self deprecating and to be openminded in hopes you run into those that do the same for you, in the end.

Rena>superstar  ;D
I had put something here, and can't seem to delete here's some emoticons for ya

:) ;) :D ;D :o :o :o ;D :D ;) :)

The original host was this regular guest of honor from back in the day, Steve Bennett.  *shrugs*

Something tells me Sean is trying to take over the world, one panel at a time... *quirks a brow*
There was a super-poorly done how to talk to boys panel about two years ago.

My friend, and one of the Industry guests, Sean McCoy, who will be helping with how to talk to girls this year (as well as doing some animation panels) was thinking about hosting a How to talk to Boys panel also... If there's enough pull for it here (???), I'll remind him and see if he's still intent on hosting one.

If there isn't one, we certainly wouldn't omit our two cents on approaching boys if a question on doing so is raised at the How to talk to girls panel...

Questions at the panel can be not only general, but specific. Maybe it's easy to approach the opposite sex for you but you have a specific problem with a specific situation you'd like some nonpartisan advice about. We're all ears.

Feel free to drop in!

The time of the panel has yet to be determined by our lovely panel manager, Mizz Rena.

I believe it to be taking place in one of the main conference rooms on the Marriott side, Saturday, early evening... I'm hoping for 4-6 or 6-8pm, but we usually don't find out until it gets emailed and posted to the website..

There's totally the possibility that she can't work us in until Sunday, we just don't get to find out quite yet!

Quote from: JTchinoy on March 25, 2008, 11:58:51 PM
Quote from: Jane_HTGPanel on March 25, 2008, 08:20:37 AM

For guys who aren't exactly winners in the looks department... do you think they would have more luck with girls with more athletic builds or girls with a more feminine (typical hour glass type) shape?

It really depends on the lady in question. Personally, I've always found unique appearances to be more favorable than the standard of what's perceived as "attractive." I like quirky looking guys, and yes, I like the nerdy boys! A LOT of us ladies prefer that type these days, more so than ever before.

I know that, for me, intelligence and then humor and ability to have great conversations (really open, honest, witty, flowing sort of discourse) is what turns me on the most. A lot of my previous boyfriends, at first meet, I wouldn't have thought I was going to end up with them but it's the connection you make and how you relate (along with individual preferences) that makes that person suddenly the only one you've got eyes for.

My hopes with the panel, is to give tips and insider advice on how to hurtle over the obstacle of approaching and meeting these girls in a way that no matter how you look or what you think of yourself (because you guys are truly WAY too hard on yourselves! and deserve far more credit than you give)
You can show them the whole package, and get to know them in a way that doesn't have them apprehensive, or un-open to the possibility of something developing.

Everyone has something in themselves that they see as a fault in the romantic/dating scene sense.
I've been thrown into just-friend-world without a second glance or thought, due to my amazonious height. It's discouraging, but in the end, when you meet someone you can click with, you and they over-ride any superficial hold-ups you might have had. What you see as a flaw could easily be seen and accepted as a quirk or just another part of the big picture that you've totally fallen for.

So Long winded answer short: I wouldn't rule out or focus on ANY specific type of a girl's physical form, unless you naturally have a preference to and are attracted to that type. Don't be hard on yourself because most people who think less of their appearances are not seen by the whole world as they see themselves in the mirror.
Remember: We all have flaws, and we have the ability to forgive and even come to enjoy them in others, as they will with you.

So, yeah, I wouldn't worry too much about looks. Most girls can be themselves more easily around someone who doesn't make them nervous (like the typically "super hot" sort of guy tends to!)

and I've had the pants literally charmed off me by some unlikely fellows in my day!
Yep. No joke.

and Ninja-sama:  We LOVE any advice audience members wanna throw out there for the guys!
We might not agree with some of it or all of it and say so, but we're all about the audience starting up topics. !!!

Can't wait! ;D
Panels and Workshops / Can't we all just get along?
March 23, 2008, 08:55:13 AM
Damn people.

Hijacking and flaming have ensued since last I popped on here!

Yes, the panel 3 years ago we briefly mentioned pick up lines as someone asked us if there truly WAS such thing as a pick up line that worked. And guess what? it's true. We said "if you're doing it IN JEST, and it's OBVIOUSLY a joke to break the ice, and you quickly move on from there to be like "but, seriously... hi" it can work out. But the delivery is hard, gotta be super confident and funny to pull it off. But yeah we briefly amused ourselves with what lame pick up lines people have heard.

Doesn't hurt to go over the ABSOLUTELY WORST OF THE WORST approaches, just in case.

Anyhow. To answer one of your questions: YES, there will be a How to Talk to Girls panel this year, and it will be a fun little diversion from the typical panel antics of Fanime. It'll still be funny, but it's going to be a bit more advice focused and structured this year...just a little.

Hope to see you all there!


P.S. to that one dude:  Actually. "It" (the panel, at least) DOES work. I was informed by the head of guest relations that he received multiple emails from guys that actually ended up meeting girls/ got girlfriends at/from the con by employing our tips on approaching girls successfully. and I think that's absolutely awesome.  :D
Yay, this year's panel is going to be the best ever.

I can't wait to see you all and dispense my timeless tactics for ladyfriend-snaring!