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Hotel and Facilities / St Claire?
May 06, 2014, 09:08:14 AM
So.. I'm starting to think that my request for the Fairmont will not go through.. c_c;  Which saddens me greatly..

That said, for people who have stayed at the St Claire before.. How many people would you say could comfortably fit into a room?

I have a room with a room with a king sized bed, and I'm looking at having 4 people in the room ( including myself)

However, I got a response for my ad for roommates, and well if I take it.. I would have 5 people in the room.

I've read that the rooms at the St Claire are ridiculously small.   Would 5 people be pushing it?   Or could it still be comfortable with some work?
Hotel and Facilities / switching hotels with someone?
February 10, 2014, 11:00:23 AM
Okay, so I would like confirmation from a staff member if this is allowed, and if so, what would be the best way to go about it.

I currently have a room at the St Claire from Friday the 23 -Tuesday the 27th.  However, my first choice was the Fairmont.  (Yes, I don't mind the extra walking)  Is it possible, or permissible to do a "room swap" with someone who may be willing to take the offer?

Thank you!
Hotel and Facilities / Re: Fanime 2013 Roommate thread
February 25, 2013, 03:47:20 AM
As of April 3rd 2013, the room is FULL.  I'll post here if a spot opens up.

+ Introduction: Hello! My name is Michele, though I also go by Michi as a nickname.  I'm from Colorado, and I've been attending Fanime for a few years now.  I'm 29, non-smoker, and a cosplayer.   If you want, here's my facebook:

+ Hotel Information: I'll be staying at the Fairmont hotel.  I'll be arriving on the 24th and leaving on the 28th.  So if you want to be able to enjoy the last day of the convention without worrying about packing, checking out, elevator lines, etc.. this might be perfect!  I have a room with a single bed reserved, though the beds are large enough to fit 2-3 people.  I'll also see about bringing an airbed, or getting a rollaway.

+ Costs: The cost will be $100 per person.  Payment must be in Cash before check in.  I will not allow payment after the convention, nor will I allow any "half now, half later deals" .

+ Requirements:
1. Roommates must be female.  Sorry, it's just what I'm most comfortable with.
2. 18 or over please.
3. NO SMOKING.  This is basically hotel policy.
4. Respect everyone's things.  This means no stealing, no touching your roommates GOT2B hair glue without permission, no throwing someone's wig on the floor to make room for your stuff.
5. NO UNDERAGE DRINKING.  If you're 21 or over, I don't mind if you have a drink or two.. just don't come stumbling in with a lampshade on your head and start puking. 
6. I'm fine with other people being in the room, AS LONG AS I'M THERE.  Note, this doesn't mean you can invite your friend to come crash for the night. But if you want to use the room to relax, unwind and visit.. that's fine!  Just run it by me first!
7. If it's past midnight, try to be quiet while coming in.  There's no curfew.. but try to keep it down in case someone is sleeping.
8. DO NOT TOUCH THE MINI-BAR.  Seriously. Unless you want to pay, don't touch it.  The thing has a sensor and will charge you if an item is moved.

+ Contact: You can PM me here on the forums, or through facebook.

+ Miscellaneous: I'll be flying in from Colorado, and I plan on being in San Jose around Noon or so.  I'll make sure to give everyone my phone number to keep everyone in the loop about when my plane arrives, and when I'm close to the hotel.

I'll be going to a store nearby to stock up on food when I arrive: (water, instant soups, fruits, energy bars, that sort of thing ) and that will be free to share with everyone!

Thank you again! If you're interested or have any questions, please contact me!

For Sale

Pandora Hearts, Alice White dress. $80.00

The dress is in great condition, and is made from a very thick silk I believe (Not the shiny cheap stuff) the only real flaw I can think of is the ribbon on the choker is held on by a safety pin (it came this way) and there's some minor fraying to the small ribbons.  When I commissioned this dress my measurements were as follows: Height: 5'8, Bust:41 inches, Waist:33 inches and Hips: 40 inches.

Wild ARMs XF for PSP $18.00

Digi Charat Wall Clock. $13.00


Payment: Paypal only. If you're interested in buying an item, PM me with the details of the item you want.

If you have a question about an item, or wish to make an offer, please feel free to do so. HOWEVER please reply in a timely matter. Basically if you have an interest in an item, I will put it on "hold" for you, but only for a couple of days at most. After that it goes to the person willing to pay right away.

Will I take offers? Yes. Reasonable ones. In other words, don't ask if you can buy the dress for $15 or something.

I will NOT accept trades.

After payment is received I will mail your item within 1-2 days.  If there is any delay I will contact you right away.

** If you wish for express shipping for any reason, it will cost extra.  How much depends on the item(s) you get.

Thank you!

So, there are plenty of suggestions on where to go to eat out.  But I was wondering, are there any places in the area to buy groceries?  I'll be flying in from out of State, so I'd rather do some shopping when I get to San Jose.  I'm not looking for anything major, just some simple things like cup o noodles, perhaps a loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter.  Non perishable stuff that can be kept in my hotel room so I don't spend too much money eating out.

Thank you!