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It's that time again!!

Pretty much the same rules as always!

- Post a variety of types of musical guests
- You can post suggestions for non-MusicFest guests here
- You can post your ~dream guests~, but keep in mind that not everyone is suitable as a guest for Fanime

Have fun~~!
Curious what programming is going on tonight? Swap Meet will continue in the Fairmont, and the entire Gaming Hall will be open in Exhibits Hall 3. We are working hard to get the the Pajama Party going in Ballroom F and it will open at 10 PM.

All of them will be UNBADGED and have the AC running!
The power has returned to the San Jose Convention Center (SJCC). HOORAY!!

If you are still in the Registration line, thank you for waiting through this all! With the power back, that means Registration at the SJCC is up and running, and yes, you can pick up your membership! Please note that the Reg line is now capped and thus, no more people can join the Reg line.

Registration does not have an end time set, because we will try our absolute very bestest to get through the entire line.

Thank you again for all your patience and understanding! <3
Hotel and Facilities / SJCC Power Outage
May 24, 2012, 08:25:26 PM
We apologize for the power outage at the SJCC. The reg line is currently moving with our amazing staff taking care of your registration by hand. You will still need to show your electronic postcard in order to pick up your badge.

The swap meet in the Fairmont Hotel is currently unaffected by the power outage and we are not checking badges tonight for the swap meet.

Thank you for your understanding.