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Registration / Late pre-registration
November 23, 2017, 09:51:59 PM

Normally I'm on the ball about pre-registering for fanime, but for some reason this year, I totally slacked!  :'( Anyways, I was wondering if I could get other people's advice/opinions on pre-reg. If I pre-reg today(Nov. 23), or tomorrow(Nov.24), how much of a difference do you think it will make for my hotel room choices? As a general note, I typically like getting a hotel  as close to the con center as possible.

tl;dr: Fucked up on pre-reg and am wondering my chances of getting a good hotel close to con without waiting list and with waiting list at this point in time. Thoughts?
Who bought what? What'd you do today? Me? I haven't bought anything yet. I've got my eye on a few things, but not bought them yet.
Registration / Re: Thursday pre-reg badge pick up
May 21, 2015, 11:36:01 AM
Quote from: Abyss1 on May 21, 2015, 11:31:23 AM
There was no line on Day 0 last year hopefully the same today 8) Fanime fixed up from the great registration debacle of 2013

I was there last year and the year before. There was a wait there last year, but only for those who actually showed up extra early. So far, it seems like fanime is already setting up their pre-reg, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Registration / Thursday pre-reg badge pick up
May 20, 2015, 06:07:22 PM
What time is everyone going to pick their badge up at? Anybody gonna wait in line? How long are you guys gonna wait?
Buy/Sell/Trade / Re: [WTS] Manga & Board Game
May 20, 2015, 02:10:44 PM
My list has been updated.

Everything is current and mostly complete. I have a few volumes missing, but it's mostly volume 2 of Our Kingdom, which I have to find, and maybe Rin! volume 2 I need to try and find as well. Other than that, the list is current.
Is it worth going to the swap meet both days? I usually go to Friday's, but I'm considering going to Thursday's this year. I just wanna know if people think it's worth going to.
Dealers Room / Re: Your Shopping List
May 17, 2015, 12:21:39 PM
Quote from: Ecchi ja Nai on May 16, 2015, 10:32:29 PM
What series/volumes are you looking for?  I'll be selling at swap meet both nights.  While my manga selection has been whittled down quite a bit from what I brought last year, I may have something you're looking for.

I'm mainly looking for the rest of the volumes of Yu Yu Hakusho, Black Butler and Loveless. I'm only completing those series otherwise I'm afraid I might start collecting One Piece.... As it is, I'm trying to sell manga, not buy more.

Quote from: airwickkim on May 17, 2015, 09:27:59 AM
This is my first Fanime and I'm scared I'm going to get overwhelmed with all the things that I want to buy haha

May the odds be ever in your favor....

Just so you know, they won't be. My advice? Hit the swap meets first. Go through the swap meets, haggle with them if they're willing, and then buy everything else from the dealer's hall. But try to realize too, that there might be ONE item that's like $165 and you have $200 and a million other things you wanna buy+food money. Don't blow it all on the things you SORTA want....Cause then you'll end up broke at the con with no money and starving. Especially if you spend it all on friday/saturday...<< *cough*

So as an updated list... Cause I thought of more..Hahhahahahaa:

  • Yu Yu Hakusho manga(The rest of the series that I don't have)
  • Loveless manga(whatever volumes are out that I don't have)
  • Kuroshitsuji manga(whatever volumes I don't have)
  • One Piece figures!
  • Yu Yu Hakusho figure!

That's it. That's my list. I don't have any other plans.

I'm planning to go to the swap meet(Hopefully both nights) and just picking up whatever I want/can from there. I'm hoping they'll have stuff I'm collecting/looking for and I can haggle it down for a decent price.

Whatever I don't get from the swap meets I will buy at the dealer's hall......

But I really need to stop buying manga/collecting them. I'm already trying to sell my volumes because I have too much. If I thought I would have recouped my costs, I'd have gone to sell it all at the swap meet. <<

Anyways, that's it. That's my main buying goals for Fanime..... And praying I don't buy another pillow. Almost every year I've been at Fanime I've bought a pillow or a body pillow. << I don't need another pillow.
Dealers Room / Re: Your Shopping List
May 16, 2015, 02:51:42 PM
I'm mainly going to be scoping out the Dealer's Hall for One Piece figures, and whatever random urge inspires me that I have to have. Mainly though, I'm going to go through the swap meet to /try/ and pick up manga to complete my sets, and if they have figures there that I want. In short, mainly figures and manga to finish my collection. I'll explore the artist alley, and if a particular print strikes my fancy enough, I'll buy it. However, I'm mainly just aiming for figures and a couple volumes of manga.
Buy/Sell/Trade / [WTS] Manga & Board Game
May 16, 2015, 02:46:41 PM
Hey there!

I'm looking to sell my manga and one board game. I'm looking for cash only transactions, and would be willing to meet up during Fanime weekend to make the exchange. In fact, that might be the preferred method for me. HOWEVER, if you would rather go through paypal, depending on where it's shipping, I will be charging extra for the shipping. I won't charge you extra if I haul it to Fanime, just please show up to meet me and collect it. I don't want to be lugging around all these heavy volumes if I don't have to.

As an added note: I am open to negotiate pricing provided the buyer is buying at least 8 volumes of manga.

Dragonball Z Fusion Sega Battle Board game [$30-$40]

List of Manga

Alice 19th by Yu Watase vol. 1-7 [$50]
Crazy love story by Vin Lee vol. 1 [$7]
Dark Angel by Kia Asamiya vol. 1 [$7]
D.N. Angel by Yukiru Sugisaki vol. 1-3 [$20]
FAKE by Sanami Matoh vol. 1-7 [$50]
Gravitation by Maki Murakami vol. 1-4 [$30]
Hana Kimi by Hisaya Nakajo vol. 1-6 [$40]
Kingdom Hearts by Shiro Amano vol. 1-4 [$30]
Liling Po by Ako Yutenji vol. 1 [$7]
Line by Yua Kategawa 1 volume [$7]
Mars by Fuyumi Soryo vol. 1-2 [$12]
Negima by Ken Akamatsu vol. 3 [$7]
Oh my goddess! by Kosuke Fujishima vol. 1 [$7]
Peach Girl by Miwa Ueda vol. 1 [$7]
Prince of Tennis by Takeshi Konomi vol. 1 [$6]
Psychic Academy by Katsu Aki vol. 1-2 [$12]
Ouran High School Host Club by Bisco Hatori vol. 1-9 [$50]
Ragnarok collector's box set vol. 1-3 [$20]
Rave Master by Hiro Mashima vol. 1 [$7]
Real paranormal investigators manga book vol. 1 [$7]
Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino vol. 1 [$7]

YAOI MANGA- If you are interested, I am selling several volumes. However! If you buy a volume that is '18+', please be prepared to show me a valid, government-issued I.D. verifying that you are indeed 18+.  Thanks.

Eerie Queerie by Shuri Shiozu vol. 1-2 [$14]
Kissing by Teiko Sasaki and Shoko Takaku [$10]
La Esperanca by Chigusa Kawai vol. 1-2 [$20]
Our Kingdom by Naduki Koujima vol. 1 & 3 [$20]
Princess Princess by Mikiyo Tsuda [$10]
Rin! by Satoru Kannagi vol. 1 [$10]
Stolen Heart by Yukine Honami [$10]
General Convention Discussion / Re: Hi, i'm new
June 16, 2014, 12:46:45 PM
Hi Klaus.

You do need a ticket to get into fanime. It's not free. You have to register for a weekend pass and a hotel room. Since you're flying in, I would recommend booking a hotel room for the wednesday before fanime weekend until the next wednesday, so a full week's hotel stay. That way, you can do early badge pick up if you pre-register for the full weekend, and you can also get yourself acclimatized to the time difference. The extra days, tuesday and some of wednesday, would be to help you calm down from the excitement of the convention.

You can take any cosplay you want to fanime. One Piece included. You just have to make sure the costume will fit in with Fanime regulation and airport/TSA regulations.
Quote from: Nina Star 9 on June 09, 2014, 10:02:25 AM
One. I also wish there was a way to lay down ground rules.

Two I can post a few things on tumblr to remind people about how to act at cons, but I'm not sure if that would really help when it comes to things like people stealing from local businesses.

Three I think that massive internal teaching campaigns from within the fandom and people getting called out on their behavior in-person would probably help some, but this kind of thing is probably going to happen no matter how much people try to prevent it.

Four (I also don't think that other fandoms of comparable size and composition are really any better or worse, it's just that HS is more visible...and more body painted) This would be for the more general childish behavior, not the really major stuff like theft.

Five It's not like all Homestucks are like that.

I just highlighted some of the points I wanted to address.

One. ---- Well, maybe before each fanime, in the homestuck gathering thread, some rules of conduct by the one hosting the meet up should be posted. Something as a 'friendly' reminder. Maybe it's also time to talk to fanime about addressing this issue on their website itself and in the forums. The hosts of the gathering should also kindly remind everyone at the gathering too. Be like "Hey guys, as a fandom, we know Homestuck's got a really bad rep. So, this year, let's try and set a good example so that next year, when we come back, businesses won't be as wary of us." Or something like that. That would be a poor way to word it, but, you get the general idea.

Two. ---- I would post a general 'code of conduct' on tumblr for conventions in general, and when fanime 2015 comes closer, tag fanime 2015 and homestuck. Make it a point to reference fanime 2015 and homestuck in general.

Three. ---- Exactly. But, even if it still happens, at least it'd be a minority instead of a majority. Having massive internal campaigns would help a lot. I think maybe at the next fanime, if homestuck even wants to have a meet up at a business place, make sure you have the head of the gathering/meet up/whatever, pass around a collection jar for people to put money into and at the end of the meet up, present it to the business place as a 'thank you' for letting the group use the place as their meet up point and as a way for the business to somehow recoup some of their losses incase something gets stolen/the faygo sort of incident happens again. That way your bases are covered, and you can at least show that you're trying to be sincere and responsible for the group.

Four. ---- I dunno about that. I'm in a lot of other fandoms/seen a lot of other meetups, and I'm pretty sure that Homestuck is by far the worst. Not saying a fandom is better, but I've never heard any other fandom do what Homestuck has done. Yeah there may be some psychos or nut jobs in other fandoms, but in comparison to homestuck, it's like comparing an orange and an apple. Maybe it's because, like you said, the homestuck is basically running on the young crowd and the dregs/bad apples of the fandom that homestuck has such a bad rep, but I've never heard another fandom have the same kind of issues at fanime as Homestuck has had and I've snooped around extensively.

Five. ---- No, but enough homestucks are like that, that the fact that someone has to say "Not all homestucks are like that." as a defense just makes me feel like saying "Yeah, all homestucks ARE LIKE THAT." Idk, to me, that kind of a defense is like try to put out a camp fire with a pea shooter water gun...not very effective. I think instead, it probably would have been better to maybe say "I know Homestuck has a bad rep, and even though it's got a bad reputation, the older fans, the ones who have either just gotten into the fandom, or have been in the fandom a long time, have disassociated from really interacting with the fandom in an effort to curb their association with the overall negative image of the fandom." Or something like that. I think what Homestuck seriously needs to do as a fandom, all over the world, is revamp their image. I know in the past that Homestuck had a can drive or something. But maybe there could be a charity party called "Homestuck for the Holidays" around christmas time that collects donations for a children's charity or something, and maybe see if it can happen all across the U.S. or something of the sort as a way to offer a better image for homestuck, or at least detract from the negativity the fandom seems to incur.

Over all though, I just think that Homestuck will get a better reputation after the series ends and a couple years go by. Until then, if I were in the fandom, I'd probably disassociate from the fandom entirely and only stick around to read fanfiction/admire fan art, or talk with a fellow Homestuck enthusiast who you know is closer to your age, and overall, just avoid the Homestuck fandom's majority. But that's just me.

Wow, ended up writing more than I had intended, but this is just my take on everything.
I know next to nothing about Homestuck to be honest. Never got into it and most likely never will. Not for a lack of trying, I might add.

But, I thought I'd interject my opinion. But first, I wanted to address something.

Quote from: tjimmy2 on June 03, 2014, 09:35:37 AM
Tumblr did a hate campaign on the original runners of the gathering, and that drove some away as well. idk why they did this, as it should be minor, but nope, the community drove her away, and that kinda urked me. the gathering was fine. why did you need to burst the person running that ship perfectly i have no idea.

If you are talking about the person I think you're talking about, she was accused of sexually assaulting numerous minors under the age of eighteen. Multiple accounts backed these accusations up, and it wasn't for something 'minor'. She sexually assaulted and harassed numerous people under the age of eighteen and a few over the age of eighteen. There is nothing 'minor' about that.

Moving on....

I think Homestuck gets a lot of hate because of the crowd. Homestuck cosplay is messy, the body paint gets every where, and it's a pain to deal with.

Not to mention that there are a lot of fans of homestuck, which is great, but when you get a huge group of fans together, you get mob mentality, and lets face it, that can be pretty bad. What I think makes it worse is that a lot of homestuck fans are hormonal teenagers, and when hormonal teenagers and obsessive fans band together, you get the wedding incident of "otp! otp!" Seriously not cool.

The reason everyone rallies against homestuck is because homestuck seems to have taken over fanimecon. Fanime con's panels last year were mostly homestuck, which quite frankly, sucked. Fanimecon 2013 was basically homestuck. It didn't help that all those gray body paint with horns masses flooded the convention center. What made it worse was that, quite a few of the homestuck fans, as in, a good portion of the number I happened to talk to/over hear were nasty trolls. They said a lot of mean things and generally weren't nice people, or perhaps, petty teenagers. Either way, the fandom is the reason homestuck gets so much hate. I mean, I go to fanime to enjoy anime, and parts of the anime world that pull japan in, like the lolita, maid cafe, etc. I don't go to fanime to see a bunch of nasty people in gray paint and horns overrun a convention and like juveniles surround a wedding couple and scream 'otp!' at the top of their lungs, terrifying the couple on what should have been a happy day.

I think the reason the Doctor Who, MLP, SPN, and other non-homestuck fandoms don't get hate when they show up at fanime is because of how they act as a fandom. Homestuck is notorious for being filled with people who, quite frankly, are just not nice, whereas, maybe because the fandoms are older/more mature, DW, MLP, SPN, etc. are known to be nicer, and maybe a little more mature.

This is all my own theory, and thoughts on this. Not say it's right or wrong, but this is just my opinion and some things I've noticed.
Ah! I kinda want to go to the speed dating, but... I'm too shy. >w<

Can you still make it into the speed dating without going to the workshop before hand? Or are you just going to explain at the beginning of each round the rules/how it works?

Also, what if you come late to the speed dating? Or should you be exactly on time/early to wait in line if you're a girl, because from what I'm hearing there are more guys than girls at these things so girls have an easier time getting in.

May 22, 2014, 03:58:07 PM
I'm sure that this has all been said before, but I'm going to say it again.

Good Job Fanime on improving the pre-paid badge pick up, and badge printing. You are leaving me incredibly hopeful for this fanime. That said, thanks for making it so smooth too. I was really impressed with how quickly everything went by. I was prepared to sit around and wait until five pm for my badge. I'm thrilled that the line opened up almost four hours earlier than the announced time originally. Thanks so much to the fanime registration staff!
I don't know about the regular lines for registration, but pre-reg line was awful! Especially thursday! We kept getting moved(not fanime's fault), and people kept cutting, or leaving the line and just sneaking into the other room!

Next year, what fanime should do, to make pre-reg go faster is ask for a bunch of volunteers, and then go through the database and make all of the pre-reg badges ahead of time, then file the badges in boxes alphabetically by their last name. That way, when people who pre-reg come to pick up their badge, it's a lot faster, and you can just hand the person their badge and bag. Also, as a perk for the people who do volunteer to do this, they could get their badges as a 'thank you' for helping, but of course you can also stress to these volunteers that they can't show their badges off to other attendees until thursday, or pre-reg early pick up day. If we had something like this, I'd be more than willing to come out and help.
Did anybody happen to get a picture of this one roronoa zoro? He had on a green wig, that was long and styled back in a sort of windblown-ish sort of way. He had blue eyes, light/tan-ish skin, roughly 6 foot. He was dressed as zoro thursday, friday and saturday from what I saw. He was with a bunch of friends and as far as I can remember, he was the only white guy and cosplayer in his group of friends. When he walked, he walked with a sort of swagger. Any body?

I plan to pick my badge up on thursday, and the 'start time' is from 7-10. People usually show up roughly 2-3 hours earlier. So, assuming the earliest person shows up at around 3pm, how long do you think the line might be? I was thinking of possibly showing up around 2pm, or would that probably be too early? Also, will there be signs in the fairmont directing people where to go? Although assuming I'm there around 2pm, there might not be.

And finally, swap meet.
I may/may not have missed a notice about that, but I was wondering.... Where is the swap meet going to be on thursday and what time?
I don't regret fanime being over.

I just regret not buying some certain stuff that I didn't even know about until after I'd left.


I may never be able to get my hands on it again. *sigh*
Buy/Sell/Trade / [WTB] Jo Chen Special pack
May 28, 2012, 10:01:48 PM
Jo Chen, the Yaoi author had a small packet of her work for sale.

I think it was a 'In These Words' manga along with a prequel Doujinshi called 'New York Minute' Both or either were supposedly signed or something.

If any one has this, I'd love to buy it from you if you're suddenly regretting buying it. I just need to see pictures of it to ensure that it A] Has Jo Chen's signature and B] Is in the same condition you bought it in.

Please shoot me a message or post here to let me know if you're selling it and how much you're asking for it.
Alright, good to know, thanks. :)