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Somewhat copy and pasted from last year's thread...

- Ohashi Ayaka. Seiyuu and singer who has done OPs and EDs. She recently released a full album. Here's a link to the official album preview:

- Uesaka Sumire. Seiyuu who has done OPs and EDs in addition to her career as a singer. Here is one of her songs:

- SEIYUU FROM THE IDOLM@STER GAMES. If you could get a group of them, it would be incredible. im@s has done hundreds of songs in various genres. The concert would be fun no matter what, and you will get a massive group of fans to attend. Here's a link to one of the many im@s song:

As always to the staff, thank you for reading and for your hard work!

Figured it out as well and I'm actually surprised. Although, correct me if I'm wrong, they haven't done any anime related work, huh? While I'm slightly disappointed, it's nice to see this group after all the genres we've been hearing the past couple years. Hopefully they put on a great show.

I probably won't receive an answer on this, but will there be a second act? :P
Quote from: cesspooloflight on January 03, 2016, 08:52:55 PM
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I would love to see Bradio but I checked their website and they're going to be at an event the same time as Fanime :( I would also suggest Unison Square Garden but they'll be at the same event as Bradio haha. Oh well.

I had suggested a couple of people in the general guest suggestion thread but I'll repost them below along with a couple others.

- Uesaka Sumire. Seiyuu who has done OPs and EDs in addition to her career as a singer. Here is one of her singles: (It starts off slow but doesn't stay that way for long haha)

- Ohashi Ayaka. Another seiyuu and singer who has done OPs and EDs. I posted the PV to one of her singles in the other thread so here is the PV for one of the Comet Lucifer EDs (she did 3 in total for the show):

- 7!!. I've been a long time fan and seeing them at Fanime in 2013 was amazing. They're great performers and I would love to see them again, especially if they perform their ED for Your Lie in April.

And speaking of Your Lie in April....

- goose house. Not sure how hard it would be to get them to come, but their opening for YLIA was easily one of the best OPs of that year. They also seem to have lots of energy and it would be great to see them perform.
I agree with the person somewhere above that suggested Uesaka Sumire (Sumipe)! She is also Chuchu in Show by Rock and Athena in the currently airing Luck & Logic. She's also a singer and has done some anime OPs and EDs in addition to her solo work, so maybe she can be an opening act for Music Fest as well. Of course, you can't leave out that she loves lolita, so it would be cool if she could talk about that, too! She's quite an interesting person whom I think could cover a lot of areas in terms of panels, so I hope Fanime considers her!

Another singer/seiyuu who I'd love to see is Ohashi Ayaka. She is probably most known as the voice of Uzuki from the iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls, but she is also Felia in Comet Lucifer, Fleur in Eureka Seven Ao, and Kurome from Akame ga Kill!. Again, she could also perform as an MF opening act because she can perform her anime songs and her solo songs. (She's also super adorable. Please watch if you have a moment: &

I'd be overjoyed if I could see either Sumire or Ayaka!