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Ideas and Suggestions / Age Restricted Activities
January 26, 2017, 04:56:11 PM
I know Fanime has a current (and in my opinion inefficient) method of enforcing 18+ events, but having seen how other events handle their enforcement, I think Fanime should adopt the Anime Expo model.

At anime expo people who want to attend 18+ (and for their event they also offer 21+ events) attendees line up at a particular booth with identification, and are given one of those concert wristbands, the different color denoting 18+ or 21+

To make this even more efficient, Fanime could offer the wristbands at Pre-registration/registration upon badge pickup, this way the only thing attendees need to show when entering an 18+/21+ event is to make sure their wristband is visible and untampered with.

I think this would work better than the previous method requiring to check badge and ID at EVERY age restricted event.

I also think its a nice identifier for people wishing to meet others of an at least similar age.
Im not particularly interested in running a Fire Emblem Gathering, but Im interested in attending one as well as wondering if anyone else will be doing a Fire Emblem cosplay (I'm contemplating doing either Hana or Hinoka from fates: Birthright). If others are interested in attending, but not necessarily running, I'd be willing to I would just prefer not to if possible (cause school n work n stuffs)