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It's some new safety thing. As far as I can tell badge-less folks can still be on the first floor or outside the convention center, but if you want to go to the second floor you'll need a badge.

Hotel and Facilities / Re: hotel confirmation
« on: May 25, 2016, 10:40:12 PM »
I got this email as well and was wondering about this. Email said it was about "changes" made to my room, but no changes showed up in the hotel summary? Hopefully it was just a side-effect of the info being transferred from Fanime to the hotel, but I can't help but be worried that my reservation was canceled somehow. I'm thinking of calling the hotel tomorrow to check but I don't want to bother them!

Oh no! May I ask on what date you registered and what hotel? And did you receive just a call about this, or did you receive an email as well?

It's one (annoying) thing to inform you that you'll now be in a far-off hotel, but I would be pretty steamed if I was told I'd be charged the same rate as the close hotel (assuming they aren't the same price anyway).

General Convention Discussion / Re: Your plans for FanimeCon 2016
« on: May 22, 2016, 05:11:37 PM »
My favorite part of Fanime is definitely the people-watching! I also really enjoy the food in the area (San Jose is about an hour away from me so I don't go there very often) especially banh mi sandwiches.
It's only my second year cosplaying so I told myself I'd do more posing and smiling in any pictures. I never take selfies or other casual pictures, so I always feel really awkward in photos. @_@
I'm not a big panels person, but I enjoy ones about history or culture so I'm making sure to go to the panel about Osaka.
Finally, I don't really buy any merchandise at Fanime (all my spending is on the hotel and on food) but there was a seller in the Dealer's Hall last year that sells punny rabbit plushies so I might pick up another one this year.

This sounds really interesting. Informative panels about culture or history are always my favorite. The only things I can say that I know about Osaka are takoyaki and the Kansai accents (often compared to the US's New York accents). Unfortunately, other than that I'm pretty ignorant! I'll be there. :)

I would love to play Shenmue as it definitely seems like the type of game I'm in to (the NPCs have schedules?! ;D) but I never owned a Dreamcast. Hopefully with the new game coming out they'll re-release them on newer consoles...

Awesome, looking forward to it. That time works out great for me. :) You can change my "tentative" to definitely attending!

General Convention Discussion / Re: Fanime Weather
« on: May 11, 2016, 10:01:25 PM »
Rain would be terrible! I hope it'll be relatively colder like it was last year. I do so much better in the cold than in the heat. @_@ Getting all sweaty while wearing a wig, ugh!

Oh, I would have loved a Yakuza panel! Those games are great. Well, maybe next year. :) My friend loves Kojima and is interested in attending that one.

If it ends up being more towards noon, I can always be Kyubey for the meetup and then change into my other cosplay after the PMMM gathering is over. I would really like to attend this one, so I'll do my best to make it work!

If this ends up being later in the day (the Facebook page said 5 PM last I checked?) put me down as a tentative "maybe" for Kyubey. I'm planning to do another cosplay on Sunday, but if this meetup is more towards the late afternoon/evening I'll have no problem changing back into Kyubey. :)

One of my friends definitely plans to come as Drifloon, and another will be Bellossom if they can finish in time for the convention! (They don't post here so I'm doing it for them, haha.)

Hi, I did genocider syo at the gathering, if anyone has any pics on Facebook and wouldn't mind tagging me, I'm Crafty Kitten Cosplay on facebook. (Especially any pics with Byakuya :))

The gathering was suuper fun, so cool to hang with other fans :D

I have a few pictures I took (not many as I'm a terrible photographer), including one of you and the Byakuyas. I'll upload 'em to my Tumblr tomorrow and post a link here so you can see!

I'll be coming as Peko as well. I'm a bit nervous as this will be my first gathering and cosplay. Any tips?

No worries, this is my first-time gathering/cosplaying as well! I'm extremely nervous too, as I'm really awkward and shy..but I'm also excited to see everyone's outfits. Less than one week now!  :)

That date and time sounds good to me. Can't wait to see everyone there.  :)

I'll be going as Monomi (first time cosplaying). Any day but Monday works for me!

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