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feels real bad when you miss a gathering because you had a hangover >w<. Hopefully I can make it next year.
Goodness, I haven't even started mine >w< (although I have all the patterns cut out so I guess that counts as a start lol)
Please invite Rooster Teeth, or rather the animation department, since they run RWBY and have an anime related podcast (Fan Service). They could do their first on location broadcast!
Is this still going to be a gathering? I haven't really seen any updates about it... :P
I wasn't sure because I hadn't decided which skin I had landed on, but I will be attending as Warring Kingdoms Vi ^~^
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Age Restricted Activities
January 27, 2017, 02:46:47 PM
Quote from: Nina Star 9 on January 27, 2017, 08:56:15 AM
SacAnime uses plastic wristbands as their badges, and they're fairly durable, so they'll last a whole weekend.

I didn't bother doing any age-restricted events when I went to AX last year, so I don't know how their wristband system worked, and I don't usually attend age-restricted events at Fanime so I don't know how clogged the lines can get from ID checking.

But I can say, that as someone who attends SacAnime and has to deal with their wristband system, I don't like this idea, especially if it's pretty much expected that all 18+ attendees will wear a wristband. First and foremost, Fanime is a big con for cosplay, and having a wristband required makes that a lot more difficult for a lot of people, whether it's problems with the wristband being visible in photos or problems with physically wearing the wristband with a costume (especially things like bodysuits and armor). It's also not that effective of a system, since the wristbands are pretty easy to slip off. You can make them tight enough to not slip off, yes, but as someone with sensitive skin and poor circulation, I always request my wristbands at SA to be loose for comfort reasons. It would also make group reg difficult if the wristbands are handed out at registration, since reg wouldn't be able to simply hand someone a handful of loose wristbands and trust that they won't do anything illicit with them. I know that I wouldn't want to be expected to wear a wristband to prove I'm over 18 (probably not 21+ wristbands since this is technically a dry con...) or to advertise to others that I'm over 18 to other attendees.

I think that if something like this were to be implemented, it should be more like the AX system where getting a wristband is voluntary if you want to go to 18+ events. Even seems really easy to just slip off the wristband and hand it to someone else, but then again, I didn't do any of this at AX so I'm not sure how secure it is.

I was implying that it would be like the AX system, I only suggested that they could hand them out at the badge pick up so that they wouldn't have to make a separate booth for the 18+ wristbands like the do at AX (which was annoying, they put the booth for it on the opposite side of the convention hall) for the staff's convenience.

As for the cosplay concern, as someone who cosplays and primarily hangs out at cons with fellow cosplayers, I haven't had an issue or known someone to have an issue with wristbands while cosplaying (both at AX and SacAnime). I get that it might be annoying to some people, but based on inefficiency of the 18+ events (where you had to have your ID on you which is more stressful than a wristband while your cosplaying) I think a minor inconvenience to some people would be ok.

I know a decent amount of people who didn't attend the various 18+ events at Fanime last year (primarily the dance) due to the extended process it took to get in.
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Age Restricted Activities
January 27, 2017, 01:59:58 AM
Quote from: iAteTheRamen on January 26, 2017, 11:03:16 PM
Quote from: Barnes on January 26, 2017, 09:41:02 PM
Therefore, I don't think the wristband idea will work. Or am I missing something?

I think what LordDawn is talking about are those wristbands with the white sticker/adhesive parts that are hard to remove, like the ones at concerts and stuff.

Those would be the ones, its pretty easy to tell if those have been removed, and the staff could potentially put them on tight enough for someone to not just slip it off and give it to someone else.
Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Age Restricted Activities
January 26, 2017, 05:04:05 PM
I also forgot to mention that I think it would be a good idea in regards to the dance that their be an all ages portion prior to the 18+/21+ dance. Again similar to how AX did it, with the wristbands in mind, they had an all ages portion, then by a certain time they asked all attendees to leave momentarily (at this point they switched out DJ's, adjusted the lighting, and made other preparations. They then asked everyone wishing to (re)enter to have their badges and identifying wristbands to have them visible.

If I remember correctly it was something like 6pm-10pm was all ages, then from then until closing it was 18+ (obviously these times would be adjusted to the Fanime schedule, but this is just to give you a general idea)
Ideas and Suggestions / Age Restricted Activities
January 26, 2017, 04:56:11 PM
I know Fanime has a current (and in my opinion inefficient) method of enforcing 18+ events, but having seen how other events handle their enforcement, I think Fanime should adopt the Anime Expo model.

At anime expo people who want to attend 18+ (and for their event they also offer 21+ events) attendees line up at a particular booth with identification, and are given one of those concert wristbands, the different color denoting 18+ or 21+

To make this even more efficient, Fanime could offer the wristbands at Pre-registration/registration upon badge pickup, this way the only thing attendees need to show when entering an 18+/21+ event is to make sure their wristband is visible and untampered with.

I think this would work better than the previous method requiring to check badge and ID at EVERY age restricted event.

I also think its a nice identifier for people wishing to meet others of an at least similar age.
I was wondering if this gathering will happen again this year? (I'm planning on cosplaying a skin for Vi, I cant decide between demon and warring kingdoms)
If this is still a thing, Im cosplaying Raven Branwen (RWBY) at some point during the weekend (probably on the day of this if it is still a thing lol)
Hey, thanks for bumping this, I should be cosplaying Hinoka from Fates. ^_^
Quote from: KairuPhotography on June 15, 2016, 06:49:18 PM
    Best attempt to organize a list with band name in bold, followed by genre and how they might be related to Fanime (or best known)

    • Pillows - Alt/rock - FLCL soundtrack
    • One ok Rock - Rock/metal - Ruroni Kenshin (live action) and Captain Harlock
    • Baby Metal - Rock/metal - No anime relation, but would be awesome
    • Perfume - J-pop electronic - No anime relation
    • Uverworld - Alt/rock - Blue Exorcist soundtrack + more
    • Utada Hikaru - J-pop - Kingdom Hearts + more
    • Rip Slyme - Hip-hop/rap - Gantz OP
    • Dragon Ash - Rock/Hip-hop/Reggae - Battle Royale movie song
    • Base Ball Bear - Rock/pop - Bakuman, Gintama + more
    • Boom Boom Satelites - Electronic/pop - Kiznaiver OP + more
    • Porter Robinson - Electronic/dj - Anime and video game inspired show
    • Asian Kung Fu Generation - Alt/punk - Full Metal Alchemist song
    • Distant Worlds Symphony - Orchestra - Final Fantasy music performed with a full orchestra
    • Kreva - Hip-hop/rap - I just like him haha
    • M-flo - Hip-hop/pop - Appleseed: ex-machina

    A lot of these are pretty unrealistic, but I would do everything in my power to attend Fanime if any one of these artists were performing.

    A few of the more 'unique' ones are highlighted in red because they might bring a different feel to Fanime and broaden the fan base.

I would LOOOOOOOVE if Porter Robinson (and Madeon) could perform, and while they are just wrapping up the SHELTER tour (which if any of you for some reason have not seen the short film/music video I implore you to), Porter Robinson is a pretty active member in the anime community (as well as DDR/Stepmania) and used to perform at AX so its not unreasonable to think that he might.
Im not particularly interested in running a Fire Emblem Gathering, but Im interested in attending one as well as wondering if anyone else will be doing a Fire Emblem cosplay (I'm contemplating doing either Hana or Hinoka from fates: Birthright). If others are interested in attending, but not necessarily running, I'd be willing to I would just prefer not to if possible (cause school n work n stuffs)
I have so many idea's but cant land on a final list T_T

I'm for sure going to do a Sylveon, probably Demon VI and Arcade Ahri from LoL, and maybe Sheik from SSb4, or Hana/Hinoka from Fire Emblem Fates...and Maybe Ruby Rose alt outfit from Vol 2 of RWBY many things....

That and if there is a hotel pool party this year maybe a keijo!!!! Cosplay but idk what char cry...
Down like the temperature
Room Found!  ;D