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 I took his pic cuz not only am I an Anime fan but a comic geek as well any ways um does anyone know who he is?
i never got his name but he was with a batman cosplayer too
i wanna talk to the guy in the pic again because he was so adorbs and shy.
On September 11th at 12 PM All Cosplayers are welcome to come to Taxi's Hamburgers in Santa Clara
the address is:

3139 Mission College Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95054

It is in the Mercado parking center.
There is a theme for cosplay event, and it is Anime School Uniforms.
Please tell all fellow cosplay fans to come in the anime school uniform style and buy food at Taxi's.
If there are any artists who would love to draw anime portrait sketches of customers for a $5.00 donation, that would be wonderful.

They need $10,000 in 2 weeks to stay open.
So bring a friend bring whom ever get some food its for a good cause.
yep hes another year older make sure to wish him a happy b-day
or else the crossplayers and futa will come to your house and do bad things to you
and not with corn
General Convention Discussion / aughhhhh
May 29, 2008, 04:04:29 PM
 doesn anyone  know the name of that veidoe in the j-rock room with the guys in the wierd cat suits and the little kids in it if u do i would great ly appreciate the name of the song and artist thanks

-Ruby Moon III
ok like the title says its a shameless act of self promototion to get you guys to read my fan fics since they havent been doing so well
so please read my fanfics
and leave a review
Thank you i luv  u all

EDIT: Renamed topic and moved to "Incredible Stuff I can Make".