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23 days to go - is there any chance of getting up update as to when we can actually pay for our tables and/or begin the table selection process? Most of us are half expecting to show up at con with our payment in hand.  :-\
I know nothing has been released yet about Artist Alley registration, but since we're getting down to just 3 months before the convention I was hoping to get something addressed?

Even though there were a ton of things wrong with the South Hall last year, I thought the amount space was amazing! Fanime's largest AA to date I believe! But, I'm worried about how Fanime is going to be moving forward from then till now? Mostly, concerning the space and the number of tables available.

We used to be hosted in Exhibit Hall 1 at 43,000 sq/ft of available space. Last year, we had a great expansion with the 80,000 sq/ft. Unless we're being planned to go back into the big blue tent, that means we're taking a substantial hit to available space for artists and tables. The convention center's expansion website says the new ballroom is only 35,194 sq/ft, so if we moved to the newest location, we're at even less space than we had in Exhibit Hall 1.

Do we know yet where we're planning on putting the Artist Alley for 2014? And if we're moving out of the South Hall and back into the convention center, how is Fanime planning on addressing the lack of space? Or are tables simply going to be cut back down to 2012 numbers? If we're staying in the South Hall are the problems with the black dust from the air vents going to be fixed? Or the lack of advertising/direction for attendees to know where we are?

I know that's a lot of questions and I guess I'm not really expecting a detailed plan and answer right away. I just know that if I'm worried about it chances are other people are worried about it too. Help? :(
I didn't see this posted anywhere else, and I thought it'd be a nice tip to pass on. Anybody with a 3DS in the United States can go into the Nintendo eShop and download The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition for free! It's currently running from Thursday, Jan. 30, at 9 AM (PST) until Sunday, Feb. 2, at 11:59 PM (PST).

Who can say no to free games?! :D
I really don't usually like to be the one to stir the pot, but this waiting game is getting ridiculous. Especially when there is no communication being offered in return. Yes, I understand that the staffers have full time jobs, personal lives, some things come up that can't be accounted for, and construction at the convention center comes with delays, but there comes a time when waiting becomes ridiculous. It's not just waiting either, we're not being given ANY answer. The Twitter is going unanswered, the Facebook groups for both the con itself AND Artist Alley are unanswered, and there's no answer here on the forums. Even the "Soon" or "Thank you for your patience" stall tactic has gone away.

This time last year, AA had already opened (1/28), confirmed (2/8) and payments were being completed. We're now almost a month later than 2012, and we have heard nothing. It almost begs the question if Fanime is even going to host an Artist Alley at all?

When there was an uproar about no Pre-Reg, or Hotel-Reg, you staff made a wonderful blog post and an apology:
Quote"It is not a delay that should ever happen, and it should go without saying that we will continue to try our best to make it up to everyone."
Yes, you also say not every post gets answered and they're all read, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks it's about time we had SOME answer? Especially since there are less than 3 months before Fanime starts?

If you meant what you said, and you're really trying to make it up to us for all these delays, can someone, ANYONE please tell us what is going on?
Yay! I want to say right off the bat, WOOHOO! REGISTRATION'S FINALLY OPEN!

Now my next question is, when do they normally open up the sign up's for tables in the artist's ally? This will be my first year trying to claim one (or two, depends), and I want to be sure I don't miss the chance. I'm sure they fill fast.

Any ideas? Or is this another one of those wait in the dark kind of situations?

This is going to sound totaly odd, (not the request itself, but the material...) but i'm looking for a picture that someone took. :0

My group of friends and I were walking around with grey capes from our guild in GuildWars. For a moment, i was kneeling down by the window with the red fox tail i happened to be wearing and some random guy stopped and took a picture of us sitting there, then walked off without saying anything. xD

I know chances are slim, but if it's at all possible, i'd like to get my hands on that picture. :) Thanks for you help in advance!

-In notice, the tail i was wearing was a natural one. So it wasn't the solid red/white tails that were being sold in the dealers/artists room. Bought it at a ren-fair so it looks like a real one. thanks! -