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Title: Safety Game! XD
Post by: Kpmonkeygirl on February 28, 2013, 02:15:00 PM
So, lets play a little game. First person makes a topic of a concerned act of unsafety, and the next person makes a suggestion at what you can do in that situation that could make you safe.

Example; Person 1. I am eating a lot of cake at the con, what do I do?

Person 2. Cut it down, tie a ribbon around your waist so you are aware of your waistline, so you eat less. Question, I see a bunch of aliens, what do I do?

Yatta yatta. Get it? So I will start.

I am walking around the con a lot by myself, and a creep came and was bothering me. What do I do to make creeps not follow me?

Rules, you are allowed to reask the question and answer it if someone did not answer the question right, or enough. But you have to make another question.