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Title: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: therokito on November 12, 2014, 06:17:23 PM
Looking for room for 2!

Myself(35yo male) and my daughter(12 years old) are looking for a room for fanime.

Preferably in the Marriot or Hilton, thursday-monday(the whole weekend)

we will not have alot of baggage with us, we just need a place to be able to crash when we are tired or retreat to when we need a breather.

Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: ryanisntanerd on November 15, 2014, 07:41:19 PM
+ Introduction: Hi! I'm looking for a room for my friend and I. We are both males 20/21. We are pretty agreeable guys and can pack light.
+ Hotel Information: Preferably as close/cheap as possible. We'll probably want to attend Thurs-Mon but that is very flexible depending on who offers a room.
+ Requirements: Literally just a rood over our heads.
+ Contact: shoot me an email at if you would rather text shoot me an email asking for my number. (I also have facebook again just send me an email)
+ Miscellaneous: Giant nerds seeking room pls help.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: SigmaGC on December 09, 2014, 09:20:23 PM
Intro: Hi my name's Dani or at least my preferred name, I'm looking for a room to stay in I'm 18 and live all the way in santa cruz I'm willing to negotiate a split price, originally I was supposed to go with some friends but they don't have stuff figured out yet so I've come here
I'm gonna be going for the full weekend, oh and feel free to call me Dii or something 

Room Pref: Gender neutral or female.  Roomates must be okay with cross dressing/transgenders because of the fact I am trans and plan to crossplay

Contact: You can contact me via email at

Planned cosplays

Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Kirtro on December 10, 2014, 02:23:53 AM
Introduction Hi! People call me Kirtro (before anyone asks the name isn't based off of Kirito ^_^; ) Im looking for anyone who would be willing to let me room with them. The folks that I normally room with don't have a space for me this year so i've been desperately trying to find someone who will let me stay with them for fanime this year... oh right, my stats! Age: 28 Gender: Male also, I'll be packing light.

Hotel Information Preferably one that is walking distance, as I don't have a car >_>.... I'll be staying Friday to Monday

Requirements None whats so ever! The most I would possibly ask is a pillow but I DON'T need a bed or anything!


Miscellaneous This is far from my first convention. so if needed I'm certain I can point you to people to confirm that I stay out of trouble and that im ALWAYS good when it comes to paying my share of the room cost. Hope to see you guys at the con : )
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Jemes on December 26, 2014, 01:50:59 PM
Intro: Hey I'm Jamu!!! I'm looking for a hotel near the convention center with my friend Chun! We are both planning to table at artist alley so it would be very convenient for us to have a close hotel :O I am (going to be) 18 before the con and my friend Chun is 21 >< (and is coming from Holland!!!)
Jamu: Chun:

Hotel info: Our hotel preference would be as close to the con as possible.... and preferably a low cost per person since we are trying to save some money due to table and printing costs...//

Req: Please if its possible we would like to room with girls only?? Since we are both girls we would feel more comfortable that way// sorry//

contact: Please if you want to contact me my email is or my twitter is @bintailo!!!

misc: we like anime and we both play ffxiv
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Caleb Riemer on January 02, 2015, 06:03:47 PM
+ Introduction: Hello Im looking for a room for my girlfriend and I! Im 18 and she's 19 and this would be the third Fanime we attend I believe!
+ Hotel Information: I just need something thats fairly close and reasonably priced and were fine with sharing a room or sleeping on the floor! We'd like to stay from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon/night!
+ Requirements: I dont really know? Just a place to stay and put are stuff while we go out and about?
+ Contact: You can contact me at or here at my facebook account
+ Miscellaneous: Were both pretty big homestucks(sorry.-.) but we also like Gravity Falls, KLK, Gurren Lagann, Marvel and Dc Comics, and just a whole bunch of stuff! We'd really appreciate getting a room and we'll even bring snacks!
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Seressita on January 04, 2015, 01:26:20 AM
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: deadpool on January 05, 2015, 10:45:40 PM
Hi I'm Robby, just call me deadpool. I'm looking for room for 2 ! Please help us out !! I really want to go this year since last year I was sick! My friend and me are really hoping to have a room but since we spend so much at consplaying we bearly have any left. Please email if anything have a great day !!! Oh we both guys by the way ;0 ok bye take care !!!!
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: oshimayuko on January 09, 2015, 01:38:49 PM

+ Introduction: Hello! Im Meme. Im 20 years old and I'm a cosplayer that is looking for a room to stay at.
+ Hotel Information: I want to stay from Friday to Monday. Preferably at a close location to the convention
+ Requirements: I prefer to stay in an all girl room but I dont mind 1 or 2 boys
+ Contact: you can email me at or message me on here
+ Miscellaneous: Im really into idol anime haha! But Im also into magic girl anime and anime about cute girls lol.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: mewmewann on January 13, 2015, 01:13:00 PM

+ Introduction: I'm Ann, It be my second year attending Fanime, I'm 28 years old and enjoy anime/manga/video games and i also do a bit cosplay. I'm shy at first but i'm told i'm a fun person and outgoing. I been going to Anime Expo , but i love a chance to go to Fanime this year.
+ Hotel Information: Any hotel , mostly walking distance from the con as i'm going to cosplay this year and i dont know how the train works in SJ area.
+ Requirements: I just want a key to the room, anything else i dont mind any requirements.
+ Contact: my email is  if you need a facebook/instgram/twitter  i have all three and paypal.
+ Miscellaneous: Anything else you wanna know , just let me know :) i'm really easy to get along with and i would love to meet new people this year around my area.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Z-R0E on January 14, 2015, 07:30:35 AM
My girlfriend & I are looking for a bed in the Marriott or Hilton for Thur-Mon.
We're 26 and 32 (respectively), and are quiet non-party types, and will primarily stick to ourselves.
We'll be cosplaying, but won't have any huge props or anything, just a couple garment bags to hang up in the closet and a suitcase.
We're coming up from San Diego, but I lived in San Jose for years. I've probably been to Fanime ten times or so, but it's been some years since I last went. This will be her first time.

Any questions or to discuss price, feel free to email me at z-r0e[at]atZinc[dot]org
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Anon on January 15, 2015, 06:47:46 PM
Looking for a room:

+ Introduction: Anon, or Chris. 36 y/o male. I will be driving down from Sacramento.
+ Hotel Information: Hilton/Marriott/DoubleTree preferred, flexible on days to be there, either Thursday(preferred) or Friday - Saturday or Sunday, maybe even Monday if need be.
+ Requirements: Depending on if I decide to participate in the swap meet on Thursday and/or Friday, will be arriving back to the room around 1-2am
+ Contact: PM here on the forums or email me at vioia_ai[at]yahoo[dot]com
+ Miscellaneous: Long-time Fanime attendee and swap meet seller. I will also probably do other things over the weekend besides the convention, so if you need a ride to anywhere in the area, I can hook you up.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Miharuchi on January 16, 2015, 06:41:52 PM
+ Introduction: Hello! Im Mary but you can call me Miharu. I am 18 years old and I'm a female cosplayer from Sacramento that is looking for a room to stay at.
+ Hotel Information: Looking for a close/walkable distance hotel from and to Convention planning to stay from Thursday/Friday (depending when i am arriving) to Monday. Preferably at a close location to the convention.
+ Requirements: I would perfer to stay in a girls room, but it would be okay if there is 1 or 2 guys, as long as there will be a girl in the room. I might be bringing my scissor blade and dead scythe(if i finish) so i might need some space, but I will try not to take too much room.
+ Contact: you can message me here or email me at
+ Miscellaneous: Im really into various types of anime but really into Kill La Kill, Madoka Magica, Black Rock Shooter, Kuroko No Basket, Durarara! and Bleach.

Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: JaySmile28 on January 20, 2015, 09:36:19 PM
[/color]Introduction: Hi! My bf and I are trying to find a room nearby the convention center. He is 23 and I am 21. I am graduating from college the day of the Fanime. Yay!!! My boyfriend is a 6'4" big guy, who loves video games and animes. We might cosplay, we might not, but we'll keep our stuff clean and out of people's stuff.[/font]
[/size][/color]Hotel Info: We would prefer one in Hyatt or Fairmont from 22-25, possibly $100-150 in price but negotiable.[/font]
[/color][/size]As for requirements, we don't really need much. Maybe a bed for us to share and our own key, if possible. We won't bring much stuff but if it'll make the stay fun, we can bring game consoles, games, and what not.[/color][/size][/color][/size]Contact: send me an email, please.[/color][/size][/color][/size]Miscellaneous: Please help us! We're really nice and friendly couple.[/color][/size][/color]
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: tuksuna236 on January 20, 2015, 11:05:45 PM
We are booked at the Mission Inn which is quite a ways, but it's better than nothing right? I'm looking for ages 18-26 who are responsible and respectable!
If interested contact here
Facebook- Parryn Hightower
Skype- tsunsuke.asakura
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Bridget_BHOJ on January 29, 2015, 02:08:37 PM
Need a room:
+ Introduction: Hello. My name is Ken. I am age 33. I'm looking foraward not only get a room to share with, but to make friends with. I'm hoping to pay at least $100 for the hotel costs.
+ Hotel Information: Either Hilton or any  hotel that is close to Fanime
+ Requirements: I perfer someone trustworthy, and not have anyone to take my stuff while in a hotel. Other than that, I'm trying to learn how to be social with someone who enjoys anime, video gaming, exc. I want to have a good time there, and hopefully walk home happy with a friend bond with phone numbers, but someone who I can usually contact as a good friend.
+ Contact: Facebook site:
+ Miscellaneous: I'm into yugioh, ddr, Cosplay, gaming, exc. I hope they  have better stuff to buy at the swap meet. Not to mention looking for good cosplayers.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Jebus on February 07, 2015, 01:12:18 AM
Introduction: Name's alex. 26. Sup
Hotel Information: Willing to stay at the hilton, marriott or anywhere within walking distance. I will plan fri-mon, but thurs-mon is also acceptable
Requirements: Will pay when I get there. I've not had good experiences with paypal. Will probably want to have some drinks in the room during downtime. Would be willing to kick in a little extra for a bed
Contact: Pm me or skype-anojebussan
Miscellaneous: I would prefer to room with a bit of an older crowd (20+) since I'm a bit older myself but as long as there's some mature restraint it's not an issue. I'm also a bit of a night owl so I may wind up awake and on my phone at 4 am. Willing to make some new friends so maybe we can hang out around the con too. Less interested in typical shounen. More interested in stuff like tatami galaxy, rahxephon, akagi, outlaw star, kara no kyoukai, GITS, etc

2/21, still looking. Ideally would like to pay 100-150 or less. Willing to pay more if I get a bed and there's less people in the room
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Jayisok on February 10, 2015, 07:41:19 PM
Need a room!

Introduction: call me Jay. I'm 20 years old.
Hotel Information: Preferably a hotel within walking distance, and would like to stay between Friday and possibly Monday.
Requirements: if you want to borrow my toothpaste or something, ask first
Contact: message me here, or email at I also have Facebook, message me for it..
Miscellaneous: The main things I like are Kingdom Hearts, Avatar/Legend of Korra, Ghibli, and Pokemon. I enjoy cosplaying Korra and Katara.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: lupin89 on February 11, 2015, 04:19:57 PM
+introduction: Hi!! My name is Robert Bunag and I'm try to find a room for my friend Ismael (Male).
+His favorite series are:DBZ, Kill La Kill, Attack on Titans, JoJo, and currents ones that people are into.
+ requirements: He is looking for a room to stay for the whole fanime weekend,
+contact: You can contact him at 415-710-1250 or if he does not answer contact me at 650-278-9982
Misc:He is into DC and Marvel comics and into video games. He is a very down to earth guy and very laid back.If you want to know anything else just ask
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Coconutty93 on February 18, 2015, 07:40:40 PM
Need a room:

+ Introduction: Hello, my name is Colleen and this will be my first year attending Fanime! I don't smoke and I don't really drink either, although I will be 22 at the time of the convention.
+ Hotel Information: As close as possible to the convention center for the whole con, plus day zero if you have it. Not required.
+ Requirements: Co-ed is cool, but if I'm sharing a bed I'd prefer it to be with a girl.
+ Contact: or reply or message me here.
+ Miscellaneous: Can't think of anything else I might need to say besides that I'm really into manga and anime, as well as comic books.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: rickyluu123 on March 03, 2015, 12:31:44 AM
Hi my name is Ricky luu! i am looking for a Hotel that is close to the convention! am willing to pay up to $175!
I am 19 years old.
My favorite anime is AoT,SaO,DBZ,one piece and detective conan.

please contact contact me VIA email : or my facebook rick luu tomoyo sakagami

thanks and have a good day
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Amarok on March 04, 2015, 07:28:36 PM
Reusing my post from last year 'cause I'm lazy!

Need a room!

+ Introduction: Hi there!  My name's Mark, and I'm a dude in my mid-20s who lives in Portland. I'm a cosplayer, gamer, artist, fan of animu/manga, and I'm really easy-going, friendly, clean, and responsible. I had such an awesome time at Fanime last year that even though I moved to the NW since then, I'm coming back again this year...

+ Hotel Information: I'm looking for a room from Thursday until Monday if possible! I'd like to be in a hotel near the convention or on the shuttle line.

+ Requirements: I'm not very picky! I'm fine with rooming with people of a variety of ages/genders--just no kids, please. I just need space for my cosplay stuff (no big props this year!)/a spot on the floor to sleep. I hope to room with people who aren't so excited for Fanime that they forget to bathe. If you're a night owl/early bird or whatever that's fine and I can totally work around your schedule! I plan on being at the con except for when sleeping for the most part, so it shouldn't be a big deal.  ;D

+ Contact: You can send me a message here or via e-mail (amarok.tristalli(at), although e-mail's best as a last resort in case your mail gets stuck in my spam folder. I can give you a link to my FB if you want or try to talk to you on a messenger as well!

+ Miscellaneous: I can pay in advance, and if you have any special rules I can do my best to follow them (assuming there's nothing crazy!)

Hope to hear from somebody soon, and thanks in advance. :]
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: digipokefan on March 05, 2015, 01:35:37 PM
Hi, Kelly here,i'm 22 and I'm in need of room - yeah, I realize it's pretty late in the game, but I was waiting for confirmations from people that never came through so... yeah, that was a waste. anyway, if anybody else is a staffer - in need of room, we can get a discounted staff room together (we need at least 4 people :/) but since this is looking grim, I'm also on the hunt for a general room. I'm neat, orderly, and down for some fun - however, I will be working 12 am shifts in anime programming, so i'll still need sleep
Need a room:

+ Hotel Information: anywhere - preferably walking distance from the convention center and i'll need Thursday through Monday
+ Requirements: other than a place to sleep and bathe, nope, nothing - I can get my own food or do splitsies with a group meal like pizza
+ Contact: or facebook: /kelly.munroe1
+ Miscellaneous: anything else you wanna know, ask :) - really appreciate any last minute help here

Hi, name's Kelly, went to Fanime last year, got a room had a blast staffing.
This year, I'm in a bit of a pickle: I either need to share a room with anyone who reserved a hotel, or start a staff room with some staffers.
I'm fairly orderly and polite. I work full time and go to school year-round, so I'm fairly responsible. That being said, I'm down for a party, but I'll be working 12 am- 8 am shifts, so I gotta sleep sometime. other than that... anything you wanna know, ask away. Looking forward to a fun Fanime this year.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Kpmonkeygirl on March 06, 2015, 02:35:53 AM
Roommates Wanted:
+ Introduction: Hello, my name is Cat. I been going to fanime for about 3 or 4 years now.
+ Hotel Information: The hhotel is Arena. From Friday-Monday. That means we gotta be there on Friday, and leave Monday.
+ Costs: Depends on how many people are going.  If we can get two more people to join us, it will be 100 each. Three more, 90, and so on. It is kinda debateable. We are just trying to make sure the room is paid for, and that we don't have to completely pay for it ourselves.
+ Requirements: From my experience for the most part, you people of fanime are pretty mature that I have no need to set rules. You guys are already respectful. So that is all that matters to me. :)
+ Contact: You can pm me. Or find me on facebook under Caitlin Frances Therese Ford. Don't add the Caitlin Frances Therese Ford CMT. That is my business page. Or email me at
+ Miscellaneous: None. :) Me and a friend are the leaders I guess of this room. Idk if I will go, but he never has started a room before. So we are teaming up, and I am showing him how.... aka doing it for him. :)
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Elimeno on March 06, 2015, 03:03:33 PM
Looking to take over an un wanted or unfilled room.  I have a good amount of people coming in from out of state and the robs were booked solid while I was at work.  none of us will be smoking our drinking, I doubt we'll be in the room much at all.  we're long time veterans of Fanime some of us for 10 years now.  Feel free to pm me if you need any further information!
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: airwickkim on March 09, 2015, 11:54:57 AM
Looking for a room!

Introduction: 23 year old male. Though I live locally in San Jose, this is my first Fanime and my friend recommended getting a room because it's more fun! :) I'm super chill, respectful, amicable, and would love to meet new friends!

Hotel Information: I would preferably like to stay the entire weekend (Thursday/Friday - Sunday/Monday) and for the hotel to be within walking distance.

Requirements: For the most part I'm good with anything, though I'd like to have a bed and my own room key. No roommate preference!

Contact: My email is You can email me at first and I can send you my number/Facebook/etc if it's easier for to communicate with.

Miscellaneous: I kind of don't know what to expect, but I assume I'll be going out and returning fairly late going to the events and probably go to the bars. So I guess someone who is cool with that (or join!) would be best!
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Darren Brimhall on March 12, 2015, 03:52:56 PM
Need a room.

I am Staffing Clockwork Alchemy for the first time, but have been a longtime Fanime Staffer since 2006.
Am 50 years old and quiet.  Can sleep on floor if nessicarry.

Hotel preferred is the Doubletree, but wont say no to the Marriot, Hilton and Fairmont.

Will be up Friday afternoon/evening from the Fresno area.

E-mail is

Thank you.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Default on March 19, 2015, 08:51:15 PM
Me and my Girlfriend are looking for a room, preferably the Fairmont but one close by is all that matters. We are bother around 30 and very nice and respectable. I'm a game artist  and she's a nurse so we will be able to pay the hotel fees. Please message me at
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: dranzoid on March 28, 2015, 07:58:56 PM
Roommates Wanted:

**Spots are still available, but they are going fast. Please email me if you are serious and want a spot at the Hilton  ;D

+ Introduction: My name is Polly. I am currently staying with other females, so I prefer to have females for roommates but males are considered if you are nice and keep to yourself. We are all over 21 years of age (21-23). Prefer 21+ but will consider 18+ roommates. We are friendly and easy to get along. One of the roommates have been staffed before  :) We are looking for cool and chill roommates to be friends with, so if you want a good con experience, consider making friends with us  ;D

+ Hotel Information: We are staying at the Hilton (SUPER close to the convention) for the entire event: Friday-Monday(checkout) .

+ Costs: The cost will be $120-150 per person so far. Depending if we can get more people, your cost may go down. We would prefer if you can pay in advance (as soon as possible prior to the con) just so we know that you are committed to staying with us and for us to secure a spot for you in the room.

+ Requirements:    No smoking please. Alcohol may be present as we are all heavy drinking. Please take care of your hygiene - we don't want to have any weird smells. No drama please, we just want to enjoy this event.

+ Contact: email me at if you are interested with the subject title for fanime 2015. Please email me with an introduction of yourself. If you have FB, let me know as well.

+ Miscellaneous: The beds will most likely be filled up, so bring your own blankets to sleep on the floor in case we run out! It would be a plus if you are a night owl & laid back  :)
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: FutureJaneCrocker on April 04, 2015, 07:14:23 AM
Looking for a room:
+ Introduction: Hi there, I'm Keith! I'm 18, ftm, and this is my 4th year (and possibly last) at fanime! My facebook page is here: ( and my cosplay page is here: (

+ Requirements: I'd prefer stay in a co-ed/female room. I am a night owl and will mostly be out of the room. Looking for a non smoking/drinking room. I'd prefer a floor space.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: TheLovelyJubilee on April 06, 2015, 01:21:40 AM
Need a room:
+ Introduction: Hello I am looking for a room for me and a friend.
+ Hotel Information: Need a room for day Zero till the last day. Really want a hotel with in Walking distance so Hilton, Marriott, Sainte Claire, Hyatt, and The Fairmont  would probably be ideal.
+ Requirements: Just need a bed for my self, my friend is adjustable.
+ Contact: Please send a private message through here.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: CT Chibo on April 06, 2015, 01:39:08 PM
Hi everyone, I'm from way out in NJ. For any of you that happen to be in the Super Smash Bros competitive community, I run CLASH Tournaments live streaming and am a avid competitor. My work needs me in Santa Clara on the week after this con, so I had them fly me out early so I could make this!

I just got my flight situated for my girlfriend and I, but unfortunately it looks like every hotel is sold out. Does anyone know of any way I can get a room within walking distance of the con from Friday until Monday or Tuesday? Didn't know if there were any waitlists or reserved blocks of rooms for attendees I didn't know about. Hopefully not having to pay more than like ~150 per night, but I'll consider whatever. I just really don't want to fly here from NJ and be completely stranded lol.

Worst comes to worst I suppose I can get a hotel in Santa Clara and take the Light Rail between there and the con each day, but I was hoping to not have to rely on that since the Light Rail doesn't seem to run between like approx 1am and 5am, and I wanted to take good advantage of the 24hour-ness of the con.

Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: SpiritOfKairi on April 06, 2015, 06:10:48 PM
Hi everyone, I'm from way out in NJ. For any of you that happen to be in the Super Smash Bros competitive community, I run CLASH Tournaments live streaming and am a avid competitor. My work needs me in Santa Clara on the week after this con, so I had them fly me out early so I could make this!

I just got my flight situated for my girlfriend and I, but unfortunately it looks like every hotel is sold out. Does anyone know of any way I can get a room within walking distance of the con from Friday until Monday or Tuesday? Didn't know if there were any waitlists or reserved blocks of rooms for attendees I didn't know about. Hopefully not having to pay more than like ~150 per night, but I'll consider whatever. I just really don't want to fly here from NJ and be completely stranded lol.

Worst comes to worst I suppose I can get a hotel in Santa Clara and take the Light Rail between there and the con each day, but I was hoping to not have to rely on that since the Light Rail doesn't seem to run between like approx 1am and 5am, and I wanted to take good advantage of the 24hour-ness of the con.


Hate to break it to you, but getting a hotel that's close by for a good price is going to be easier said than done at this point.  Right now you have two options: first is to post your email and hope that someone in this roommate thread messages you with space for two in their room.  For the second option, yes there is a waiting list, but you have to book a room through Fanime Housing before you can get on it.  So you'll have to find a hotel that has a vacancy for one night, book it, and then get on the waiting list for the whole weekend.  (Go to Registration from the Fanime homepage, follow the steps to get your admission badge, and after that you'll be prompted to book a room through the system.)  I'm not sure how good your chances of getting something that way are, though.  Also, if you go on the waiting list but can't get anything in time for the con, know that you need to cancel before April 24th to avoid a fee.  So if you get on the list but they can't get anything for you, you'll want to cancel the room you used to get on and just book elsewhere.  (Hopefully that made sense.)

There are many other hotels near the CC, but they likely won't be as close as the Fanime Housing hotels, and/or they likely won't be as inexpensive.  You might want to do a Trivago search or something, see what's available, and book through there if you want to get something immediately, vs waiting for a roommate or getting on the list.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Tigerprawn on April 07, 2015, 08:04:54 PM


It's all about safety when traveling! If you do decide to stay with me I will give you the address and my cell phone number before hand. Make sure your emergency contacts know where you're staying. I'll also include proof of residency in form of a picture of my California's DL, and link you to my Linkedin profile. If you need further assurance we can discuss additional information that I can release to you.

Local HERE!

I was born and raised in SJ and I've lived in DTSJ for 8 years now. This year I decided to sublet my living room (quite large) to 1-2 people, possibly 3 people max. I'm looking to make a little extra cash, house some hopefully cool and down to Earth con goers, and overall just have a good time.

Please read below and PM your email address if you're interested.


+ Located right next to San Jose State University in a Victorian home converted into an apartment complex. The location is literally   across the street from SJSU and is about a 5-10 minute walk to the convention (maybe a little longer depending on how elaborate your cosplay is :P)
+ Free use of the facilities; Restroom/Shower, Microwave, Refrigerator, Wifi, TV, Etc.
+ I have a pug. May not be the place for you if you're allergic to dogs or cuteness.
+ As noted below, I'm also providing a free shuttle service this year so if I'm available I don't mind giving you rides to and from the      convention.
+ I'm a local! If you need recommendations I have them!
+ Prices are negotiable and I guarantee will be cheaper than what the hotels are asking. We can discuss details via email or over the phone. Preferably over the phone.


+ Ages 21+ please! Nothing against the younger con goers, but I prefer people who are generally more mature and stable.
+ Valid driver's license
+ If it's a party of 2-3 people, all people within the party must know each other.
+ Drama is not welcome
+ Alcohol is welcome, but no heavy drinking, know your limits, and be respectful.

I'm also running a FREE shuttle service within DTSJ (at my own leisure) If you need rides to and from the con and I'm free I wouldn't mind. Otherwise it's a very nice and short walk.,19933.0.html (,19933.0.html)
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: jediFrank on April 08, 2015, 12:43:02 AM
Looking for a Room
+ Introduction: Hi, I'm Frank, I'm a 30 year old male from San Francisco. I'm pretty laid back.
+ Hotel Information: I'm looking for a hotel within walking distance (preferably Fairmont or Hyatt) for Friday through Sunday night.
+ Requirements: I just need a place to crash at night that isn't terribly expensive.
+ Contact: PM me here.
+ Miscellaneous: I will be cosplaying most of the weekend. Also I am driving down from San Francisco Friday morning and may be able to give people rides from the SF area to the con.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: oneoftwo on April 14, 2015, 12:59:51 PM

Need a room:
+ Introduction:Hey everyone! My name is Julie Wright (one of two) and I'm an artist who will be participating in the alley.
+ Hotel Information: Close to the convention is best since I'll be flying in.  I'll be coming in Thursday and probably be leaving Tuesday morning the 26th.
+ Requirements: Since I'm an artist I don't want to be staying up till 4 in the morning every night. So if you're hours are decent I'd love to room with you!
+ Contact: Julie Wright:
+ Miscellaneous:
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Red_Eye on April 15, 2015, 10:14:45 PM
Need a room:
+ Introduction: Hello soon to be Fanime 2015 attendees!  Safe to say housing this year has been crazy, huh???  Anyway, in hopes of sticking to my usual standard of finding a close by lodging for the weekend, I'm seeking a potential room and roommate who wouldn't mind some added company during the fun and festive Con Fanime always is!  I'm a 28 y/o male and for a portion of the weekend am expected to be accompanied by by girlfriend, 27 y/o female.  I come with a big bag, but promise to not take up too much space!  Ready and willing to share/split cost as I'm sure it'll be a good deal cheaper than what I'm paying now while booked at a less favored location for the time being...

+ Hotel Information: Either the Marriot or Hilton are my 2 top picks.  But any hotel within a relatively close by walking distance works!

+ Requirements: I'd like if possible at least one spare bed to have for me and my gf.  She'll most likely only stay one night.  Also one room key for myself.  Am an average down to earth attendee, and follow a typical sleeping pattern usually between Midnight and 7-8AM.  So no wild party rooms or late night owls if you please.  If these are simple enough requests, we'll get along just fine.  ^_^

+ Contact: PM this account please.  Or email me at  Please link to your reply here if you've posted looking for roommates.

+ Miscellaneous: Am a BIG retro fan.  Both in anime and video games.  Just to name a few: Sailor Moon, DBZ, Tenchi Muyo, Pokemon, Digimon, Sonic, Mario, Streets of Rage, Columns.  If you're a fan of the same, you've just made a new friend for sure!
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: amiko on April 19, 2015, 03:10:51 PM

Looking for room space for one. I'll be attending the con late Friday (heading down sometime in the afternoon from San Francisco) and heading back late Sunday. I'm hoping to find space to share a bed (I'm old and have back problems), but other than that, I'm very respectful of space. I'll probably be out late one night hanging and drinking with friends, but won't bring anyone back to the room period. I can pay my share of the room in cash once I get there. You can check me or on instagram @amikothecat.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: meliza09 on April 20, 2015, 11:24:17 AM

I'm looking for a hotel room! I need a one or two bed room at the Fairmont, Hilton, or Marriott. If you have an extra one or thinking about canceling your reservation before the deadline (4/24) please contact me first!


Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: AlohaKekili on April 21, 2015, 10:26:42 AM
So I didn't want to make a new thread for this but I'm trying to figure out how to work the Fanime forums.

So hi everyone I'm Desiree (21) my friend Damari (25) and I are looking for roomates. We are both active duty Marine from Camp Pendleton. Not really the party type. I found a hotel that's a 2 bed for $95 a night and is 3 miles from the convention center.

We prefer people who are clean and neat. 21+ please.

If you are interested please contact me at
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: SuddenlySocks on April 22, 2015, 09:23:00 PM
In need of a room!

My roommate disappeared on me and hasn't been answering any attempts to contact her, so I'm in a real bind!

I need a place to stay throughout the whole con, though I don't mind if I have to sleep on the floor, I just really need a place to crash and take a shower. I'm willing to pay even if I have to sleep on the floor, any payment you would require is fine as long as it's reasonable c:

I'd really like to have a room as close to the con as possible (but who doesn't?) because I'm somewhat disabled, but anything in a 2 mile range or with easy public transportation to the con is fine. I'd also like to have a hotel key of my own so I don't have to bother you to open the room for me when I get too winded to walk anymore.

I don't have a car so I can't drive myself places (I'll be getting a ride to and from con at least), but I am over 18, so if you're nervous about housing minors that shouldn't be a problem unless you're looking for 21+ only.

You can reach me through my email at, or call or text the number 775-217-3871. My name's Elaina, and I'm available anytime.

Thanks so much!
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: danny faygo on April 22, 2015, 11:26:59 PM
Roommates Wanted

+ Introduction: My name is danny. 29 year old bay area resident and have been attending fanime sporadically since about 2002. big anime and video game fan. i am a friendly easygoing person excited to enjoy a great few days at fanime and hopefully fit in attending a concert or local wrestling event into the weekend.

+ Hotel Information: got a 2 queen beds reservation booked at the Ramada in downtown san jose. stayed here the past 2 fanime conventions and the low price, 5 or so minute walk to the convention center, and various breakfast items served in the morning has kept me coming back. i am hoping to find one person or 2 people who are looking for a room together with a friday check in to monday morning checkout.

+ Costs: total cost of the hotel booking from Friday check in to Monday morning checkout is at about $250. i will be taking one of the beds. if i find 1 other person to take the other bed the cost would be $125. i am also okay with paying half the booking cost if i can find 2 people looking to room together willing to share or alternate between the floor and the 2nd bed. with 2 people it would be $62.50 per person.

+ Requirements: female or males roommates okay. not looking to overstuff the room with people so i am only looking for one or two other people to split the room with. not really into it turning into a party room. definitely no smoking in the room but okay with drinking if its doesn't get out of hand. just clean up a bit after yourselves and be respectful of other people belongings and things should be alright.

+ Contact: message this fanime forum
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: oliveee on April 23, 2015, 01:28:26 AM

Hi, I'm attending Fanime for the first time this year and will be participating in their Artist Alley. My helper (20 year old male) and I (24 year old female) are looking for a room/bed to stay from Thursday to Sunday. We'll be gone for most of the day at the artist alley and will respect any quiet hour rules.

Contact at
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: pandakittystudios on April 25, 2015, 03:46:41 PM
Looking for 2 roomates. One free bed. Fri-mon.
Holiday inn. Not by the convention center but it is right next to the light rail station, which goes straight there. I think it's $2 to take the train.
18+ no partying, we are vendors and are working all day so if you come back late please be quiet.

$80 per person for three nights of we get 2 people, or your fair share.
It's just my boyfriend and me. We are very chill and easy to get along with.

Please email
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Ashen_Star_Mage on April 25, 2015, 10:56:31 PM
Looking for 1 or more roommates. 1 free bed. Thursday through Monday

Introduction - Hi, I'm Alice. This will be my first Fanime, so I'm rather new to the hotel booking process and all that. I'm looking for one or more female roommates to share a 2 bed room with me. The cost will vary depending on how many roommates I can find, but it would be roughly $50 a night for your own bed, less for floor space or sharing a bed. You don't have to stay the whole time I'm there. I'm open to roommates who only want to stay a night or two as well.

Hotel Information - The hotel is Doubletree by Hilton, roughly 4 miles from the convention center. It's on the shuttle line, and is the location of Clockwork Alchemy.

Requirements: Female roommates only. No parties please, as this is not a party room. Also, please do not trash the room and be respectful of the space and others. LGBT friendly please. Also, please do not touch the mini-bar unless you talk to me in advance and agree to pay for anything you take. No drugs or smoking please, and no underage drinking. Also, please be respectful noise-wise at night when others may be trying to get some sleep.

Contacts: You can contact me at

Misc: I'm a fan of anime and manga, especially the magical girl genre and various fantasy and sci-fi works. Right now, No Game No Life, Rozen Maiden, and Gurren Lagann are my favorite animes. I'm also an avid gamer who loves the Tales series, Pokemon, Disgaea, and Fire Emblem. I also write original fantasy sci-fi fiction and am rather fond of creating new worlds. My cosplay lineup for Fanime includes fem!Kirito (SAO outfit) from Sword Art Online, Shiro from No Game No Life, and Archangel Flonne from Disgaea.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Spookt on April 28, 2015, 10:08:52 AM
Yo! First time to Fanime, looking for a room to sleep in. In walking distance to convention center is best. I'm 32, male, and will be very sleepy at the end of each day! Hoping for Friday-Monday. Let me know if you got a place and what price:
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: bxtler on April 28, 2015, 10:44:01 AM
Room space available at Saint Claire. c:

It's getting close to that time, about four more weeks~
&I still have some room available for those seeking a safe &close stay at Fanime.

The price remains at 175.00$ per person,
&if you're serious on the spot, I am welcoming 50.00$ paypal deposits until the end of this week to guarantee your space. (You can simply pay the rest upon check in &acquiring your key. Then again this is totally optional upon your p r o m i s e d attendance.)

Hotel: Saint Claire (Precisely one block away, right across the street.)
Room type: Double bedded room.

Check-in: 5/22/15
Check-out: 5/25/15

This post is only for those of a responsible, respectable &friendly nature. c:
Any shady business, dishonesty or offensiveness is to be taken elsewhere.
Keys will be given to those wanting them.

Age is not a problem, nor is gender, etc.
Fandom friendly, cosplay friendly.
Vendors also welcome! (Organization is highly preferred.)

If anyone is interested, please email me at-
I am 100% active on that from my phone.

Any questions at all, please write.
&I Hope to hear from potential roomies. c:

(Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler fans are a plus in my book, btw.)
Happy hunting!
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Spence_tricky on April 28, 2015, 11:11:12 PM
Need a Room!

Hey all. I'm Spencer…if I attend, this will be my first Fanime ever. I recently got into anime conventions…in large part because we don't really have them back home on the East Coast. Anyway - I'm 22 years old, male (if the name didn't give it away), and pretty cool. I love reading manga and watching anime; I'm hoping to make my own cosplay outfit as either Roy from Fire Emblem (one of my favorite game series) or Future Trunks (my favorite anime character). I'm pretty cool and outgoing; I'm looking to go out and party at night, but at the same time I'm not looking for drama or headaches either. I guess this goes without saying, but  I'll say it anyway: polite, respectful, good personal hygiene. I don't mind sleeping on the floor at all, especially if it lowers the cost.

Hotel Info: I'd like to stay at either the Fairmont, Hilton, or Mariott (in that order). Price is not necessarily of object, but I hope people won't try to price gouge me just because I said that :/ I'll be looking for room Friday through Saturday nights.

Contact: Please text or call (but text is preferred) at 347.288.3612 ASAP!
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: FanFicGuru on May 01, 2015, 07:01:18 AM
WANTED: Room at the Fairmont/Hilton/Marriott

If you have a room at the Fairmont, Hilton or Marriott and missed your cancellation deadline, please reach out to me. I'd be happy to take the room off your hands so that you don't have to pay a  cancellation fee. :)

(I already reached out to mlarad above, looking for the lower rate rooms. I'd hate to take a Junior Suite up all by myself!)

Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Chidrack on May 01, 2015, 05:19:46 PM
Currently looking for a room in either the Marriot or Hilton. Accepting anyone who has missed their chance to cancel and can't make it.

If you wanna talk about the details, please contact me via Skype, email, or phone. Contact details will be sent to you via PM.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Sora on May 03, 2015, 02:05:08 PM
Roommates Wanted

Introduction: I'm Sora, and I've been attending and offering room spaces since Fanime 2005. I'm very responsible.
+ Hotel Information: I have a room at the Doubletree Hotel with two beds, which is on the free Fanime shuttle line. It's from Wed-Tues.
+ Costs: I would prefer cash when you come, and it'll be $113 per person. Looking for two people.
+ Requirements: gender doesn't matter, but no smokers or drinkers. Actually, if you drink, do it elsewhere (not in the room), but come back sober please. Also, if you decide to back out, please inform me no later than the 20th, because otherwise, I will still expect your share from you, plus a penalty fee, and this will also apply if you are a no-show. I don't tolerate stealing, so please don't do it. Also, trashing the room is a no-no. I know it happens, but please try to keep the room as orderly as possible. Of course, no vandalism is no-brainer. If you decide to charge anything extra to the room (such as phone calls from the room using the room phone), please take care of it yourself. No one else should be liable to your extra charges.
+ Contact: You can PM me, as I check it constantly, or answer this post. If you'd like talk more outside the forums, let me know also. I will provide contact info through PM.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Dyzzi on May 03, 2015, 11:52:19 PM
Roommates Wanted:

+ Introduction: Hi, I'm Cortney! I've got a facebook here: (

+ Hotel Information: DoubleTree, single bed room, Friday- Sunday (check out on Monday)  renting out Floor Space only, but... rest assured it will be very comfy and refreshing floor space. Quite possibly the best floor you have ever slept on. A floor fit for a king.

+ Costs: Between $55 and $65 pending how many people want in!

+ Requirements: Looking for two more roommates to bring our total person count to 8 and our prices to dirt cheap  8)

+ Contact: via Facebook. I won't be checking this thread much, most likely.

+ Miscellaneous: Alcohol is totally cool. Prefer no drugs (sorry rave kids.) Bring your own sleeping bags / pillows and if you want, we can totally coordinate on bringing some snacks and drinks to share with the whole room. Or not! Your choice, yo. Anyways, yeah, come crash in our room. It's going to be cool as heck.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: LostKyouma on May 04, 2015, 03:14:41 AM
Have Room, Looking for Roommates!

Heyo! My name's Kevin, a university student. (
Notable interests include: Steins;Gate, Log Horizon, Fire Emblem, Dota 2,

Hotel: Ramada SJ (5 minute walk from the convention)
Dates: Friday 5/22/2015 - Monday 5/25/2015
Room: 2 queen beds, Non Smoking
Base Price: $50

Looking for up to 3 people, I have a 2 queen bedroom and essentially looking to fill the other bed. If you want to take the bed by yourself or only share it with 1 person, talk to me and we can discuss. Floor space available as well. Currently, its gonna be $150 for the bed, so splitting it 3 ways will be $50 each.

Some base rules:
1. No Smoking of any kind
2. Alcohol is OK, assuming there will not be minors here. I will not be bringing any.
3. Please respect your roommates and keep it down after 11 PM
4. More roommate respect: Please don't invite more people into the room and dont go into your roommate's stuff. Just general courtesies.

If you're interested, just message me on my facebook. Cheers!
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: 7onyMustDive on May 04, 2015, 11:06:19 PM

I'm looking for a room near/at Fanime 2015. I'm pretty late on the hotels but was wondering if people still needed any roommates! I will pay mad $$$ and pay anytime. Promise to be the best roommate ever.

This will be my 2nd Fanime
Instagram: @7ony_yang

Age: 23
Gender: Male
School: Berkeley & USC

Please let me know,

Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: fusica on May 05, 2015, 02:07:40 PM
Want cancel your hotel? your friends bail out on you? emergency cant go to fanime?
Let me take your hotel.
I will email\call you once you reply this thread or PM me and we go from there.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: cheez on May 05, 2015, 03:58:28 PM
Room spots available at the Marriott, connected to the con!

Heyo!  My name's Jamison.

I'm a Fanime veteran and bay area local.  I live pretty near by, but I prefer staying at the con to maximize fun times.  I have two or three spots available in my room, and I'm hoping to find some chill roomies to fill them.

The Marriott is directly connected to the con.  No shuttles needed!  It's the best.  The room has two double beds and is currently occupied by two males and one female.  We're checking in Friday, May 22 and checking out Monday, May 25.  We'll be checking in as early as possible on Friday, so the room will be ready for you when you arrive.

We're night owls, so ideally you are too.  Drinking is fine (we probably will :P), and smoking is obviously not.  Males and females are both welcome.  We're very respectful of personal property, and we expect the same from you.  Take care of your hygiene.  Cosplayers are absolutely welcome, just let me know if it's anything crazy.

We like the room to be a fun place to hang out in between con events.  We'll probably have Mario Kart and other games there, as well as plenty of snacks and drinks to share.  It's gonna be pretty sweet.

There are currently two floor spots and one bed spot available.  I'm asking for $80 each for the floor spots or $150 for both.  The bed spot is $110 and you'd be sharing it with me.  If you have two people and really want a bed together, we may be able to work something out.

Hit me up if you think we'd be a good fit!
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Freight on May 05, 2015, 08:24:08 PM
We have a last second opening in a shared bed at the Marriott.

One more $100 spot has opened up in a room at the Marriott.  We are staying from Thursday to Tuesday.

Name: Freight
 Hotel: Marriott
 Dates: Thursday, May 21 to Tuesday, May 26 (6 days/5 nights)
 Rate: $100.00
 Spaces Available: 1 (Updated 5/14/15)
 Room Type: Standard - Dual beds
 Smoking or Non-Smoking: Definitely non-smoking
 AIM: blackfreight03
 Twitter: TheRolling20s

 Details about me: I'm a 38-year old male who will be attending Fanime for the 5th time. I've gone to the Anime Expo from 1993 to 2010 and 2012 to 2014, and ALA from 2010 to 2014, AM2 2011, and Fanime in 2011 to 2013 with other odd conventions here and there.

 My simple philosophy about rooms is that if you go, you should only have to pay the money requested and show up. I'll take care of getting the rooms squared away. At AX 2005, the Hilton at Anaheim said they were overbooked and I had to take a set of smaller rooms. I managed to talk them into giving us a suite parlor to replace one of the rooms for no extra cost.

 I've also led a suite full of otaku at AX 2006, and I still look at that as the most fun I've had for a convention. If I can get enough people together to do that again at another hotel, I would do it in a heartbeat.

 I'm bringing my Xbox360 with me. I have several games including UMvC3, Halo 4 and Anniversary, X-Men Arcade, and Castle Crashers.

 I'm called a fair and attentive leader, and I will be available for any questions.


What rooms do you have? Double bed room at quad occupancy.

How long is the stay? Day 0 to Day 5.

Are the rates per night or for the whole stay? It's for the whole stay. I do not have a per night rate.

When would payment be due? I ask that payment be sent about a month prior to the convention. This gives me time to turn payments into cash for the hotels, as well as weed out any last second drop-outs. Besides, it makes it easier to keep other people's money separate from mine until necessary.

How do you like payment? I prefer checks or money orders. If cash is sent in the mail and the postman loses it, it's lost for both you and me. Checks or money orders can be traced by the sender, or cancelled and retrieved, if necessary.

Do you accept Paypal? Yes. We have to be careful about that since they can take a chunk of the hotel monies out in fees.

What do we do about food? I have three things I'm doing to help with that:
1.First, I'm arranging optional group dinners so everyone can meet, sit, and eat. No one has to attend, but it's a great way to meet other fans and make friendships. I'll do my best to avoid major gatherings and events when I schedule them.
2.I also have an optional $30.00 buy in for communal water, chips, Chex Mix, Pretzels, Kool-Aid and other things. For that $30, you'll also get a personal supply of Pocky and Ramune you don't have to share. That money will also help buy shampoo and soap for the rooms.
3.If you don't want snacks, but water sounds good, I will accept $5.00 for water only.
4.Finally, I am also offering a $5.00 buy in which is used for communal water only.

Aren't you a bit... um... old? That's a fair question. Simply answered, my inner child and I get a long pretty well, so I still collect anime and comic books, watch professional wrestling, cosplay, and hang out with a lot of younger people. If you see me talking to a bunch of 20-somethings, I'm not having a mid-life crisis. I just relate well.

Is there a Girls Only room? Yes! Mention that you are interested in this room specifically when you message me, and we will talk.

I'm under 18... Can I still go? Sure. I'll take people as young as 14, but if you are between 14 and 17, I HAVE TO SPEAK TO YOUR PARENTS FIRST. This is non-negotiable. It sounds very over-bearing, but if you're a minor, you lie to your parent/guardian about where you are, and you're found with me and/or my friends, that's a potential kidnapping charge on the adult(s) you're found with, and that's a great way to ruin a convention.

What is your cancellation policy? I totally get life happens and unexpected things pop up like money troubles or friends suddenly inviting you to go. If you can decide if you're cancelling by the end of May, I'd appreciate it. Though, I'll accept your cancellation up to a week before the convention. However, it's very hard to guarantee a full refund within a week of the convention. The reason for this is there's other people counting on everyone paying their fair share.

What's the rule about drinking? I don't mind social drinking or fun drinking, but I don't condone getting fall-down drunk. Also, NO MINOR DRINKING, PERIOD. If you're an adult who gives a minor alcohol, we'll have a few unkind words, and I won't hesitate to involve the authorities.

Someone in the room is getting on my nerves... Bring anything like this to me. I'm a decent negotiator and I will handle all issues like this. Few things can make a weekend more tense than people irritating each other and drawing lines in the sand. Even if it doesn't get to fighting, you're giving the cold-shoulder to someone else, and everyone else in that room will get frustrated and caught up in it. That's not fair to everyone in that situation.

"Um... I broke something in the room." This should be a no-brainer, but be prepared to pay for it. I also inspect rooms quickly before I check them out. The reason for that is if these things are reserved with my credit card and something comes up broken, I have to pay for it. I limit my risks by being careful.

What happens if I break "the rules?" I escort you out. Not out of the hotel or the convention, but out of my room block. No refunds and no arguments. You're out.

 Any other questions, please feel free to ask.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: marisuga on May 06, 2015, 01:40:56 AM
Roommates Wanted
+ Introduction: Hello all! My name is Molly and me and 3 friends are looking for a few more people to room with us! We may party, but not in the room. We all keep ourselves clean and are very friendly! Looking for 1 to 3 people.
+ Hotel Information: Fairmont from Friday-Monday
+ Costs: Total is roughly $420. 1 more person would be $84 per person, 2 more would be $70 per person, and 3 more would be $60 per person.
+ Requirements: female only, preferably close-ish to our age.
+ Contact: e-mail me at or PM me here.
+ Miscellaneous:
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Mira-pup on May 08, 2015, 01:06:33 PM
Hi all,

My partner and I unexpectedly found ourselves with days off for Fanime, but it was late enough we couldn't book a room. We would be so grateful to room with someone.

Our plan is to arrive late Thursday, and stay through the event. While a bed would be appreciated, it isn't as important as having a room.

We will definitely contribute to the cost of the room.

Please and thank you!!  ;D
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Pika_Thor on May 10, 2015, 09:25:08 PM

Hi everyone! My name is Jeremy aka PikaThor. Looking for roommates for the con. I have a motel about 5min walking distance away. There are two beds and floor space. Last year we had 6 people. The room is for Thursday and friday .we can work out a price but it will be cheap.

Instagram: Pika_Thor
Facebook: Jeremy Koennel
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: captainvontapdat on May 10, 2015, 11:53:27 PM

Hello everyone! I know this is extremely last minute but I had a few people drop out of our room so I'm hoping to compensate and find new roommates here.

- suite at the Fairmont reserved from Friday-Monday
- will be sharing the room with 8 other people
- only one king-sized bed and sofa available which people will probably rotate each night
- there will be a lot of floor space for costumes and props as well as sleeping bags if you decide to sleep on the floor
- cost for the whole weekend will be $80

- majority of us are third year UCSC students
- we do drink however we do not go crazy. Rules can be established for this if need be.

If you have any questions or you're interested in rooming with us, you can shoot me an email at

Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: TronCat on May 11, 2015, 12:54:34 PM
+ Introduction: Heyy Im looking for a vacancy for me and one other friend of mine. We are both males 25/26 both really laid back and are both packing relatively light. I'm bringing a spidey suit and splatoon cosplay for the weekend and shouldnt take up to much room, as for him a B-Mo suit.
+ Hotel Information: The closer the better would be preferable and price at this point in time would be second to distance. I work Thurs and will be headed to the con that night around 9:30 My friend will be there either thursday or friday and we were both hoping to stay until monday, hopefully i can find a room whos plans line up with mine best as possible.
+ Requirements: nothing fancy just a spot in a room with cool people and a hot shower XD
+ Contact: Email me : or Facebook
                 Instagram me or him Me: MellowMondie
                                                  Him: Breaksofresh
+ Miscellaneous: (idk) XD
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Swagbender on May 12, 2015, 10:29:19 AM
Hey there, I'm currently on my phone so I apologize if the formatting for this is weird. I have a room for Fanime from Friday through Monday (3 nights) at the Fairmont that I no longer need since a friend of mine is giving me her Marriott room.

So I'm pretty much giving this room away, whoever replies first I'll go ahead and nab the info for them and change it to their name. All I ask is of course for you to update the payment information to your own. If you need more details I'll provide them to you, just PM, comment here, or email me.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Gattazzack on May 13, 2015, 08:41:13 PM
+ Introduction: Hello, my name is Julian and I am looking for a room to stay in for Fanime. I am a 16 year old, male, second time goer to Fanime. I like to think myself as fairly laid back, and honestly once I get to the room after a day at the con sleep sounds great, so I won't bother anyone.

+ Hotel Information: I'd like to be in a room/hotel as close as possible to the convention center, and if not next to/part of it then a short walk is completely fine.

+ Requirements: Reiteration, close to convention center as possible. Obviously you all seem like cool people or at least want them so that shouldn't be an issue (but cool people preferred). I haven't noticed anyone saying they want/have a party room, so that shouldn't be an issue as well(No party rooms please).

+ Contact: PMs/email ( are the best ways to contact me if you have room space available.

+ Miscellaneous: I'm into anime (duh) of most kinds, notably animes like FMA, SAO, Soul Eater, etc. I will however be cosplaying Homestuck characters, and will require a shower for most likely the first night in order to wash off the grey. The other nights I should be clean of grey so you don't need to worry about that.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: yarudake on May 17, 2015, 08:17:47 PM
This is the first Fanime I'll officially be attending, but I'll be going solo.
I do have a few groups of friends going, but I haven't coordinated with anyone and I'm doing this all last minute.
I work for a chain of hotels and the nearest ones I can get at good rates at 35$(1 King Bed)
and the locations would be no more than 6 miles from the convention center.
I wouldn't mind extending my employee discounts for a couple of rooms for anyone interested to chill and show me around the con a bit.

Here's a little about me:

26 y/o male, Bay Area born and raised.
My all time favorite anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion & Samurai Champloo
Current Interests: Kill la Kill, HS DxD, Tokyo Ghoul, NGNL, Ace of Diamond, Trinity Seven, Nisekoi, Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo...
(tbh, I watch too many series at one time and forget names, characters, and plot lines until the next time I watch or talk about it)
I'm pretty chill and easygoing, keep to myself for the most part, kinda shy-kinda not, but I like to think I'm an all around cool person.

Reservations would need to be made within the next couple of days (from the original date of this post) or else I wouldn't be able to book them anymore, so hopefully a few of you would be interested, if not I'll just make my commute from home, it's not that far away, but I wouldn't mind having a full con experience.

No gender preference, 18+ up only, not interested in drama or petty bs. 
Of course we'd split costs equally,
if you're down to party that's cool with me, if not... that's cool with me too lel

Email me!
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: OtakuMessiah on May 18, 2015, 08:06:11 PM
Room with bed available at Fairmont hotel.

Hello there you can just call me DTron. Because of last minute flakes, I'm looking to see if I can get up to 3-4 people in this room. There are two beds; one for me and my girl, and another for who wants the bed. You can put up to two or three people on there or someone can sleep on the floor. Looking for some cool chill applicants to share a room with during Fanime. We have the room until Friday-Sunday (Noon). We've been to Fanime since 2008 and always booked at the luxurious Fairmont hotel which is only 1 min away from the convention site. Again, since this is so last minute I will put the price bracket down so you'll know EXACTLY how much your paying.

Room Price with 3 (Me and my girl + 1)= $108.00 (For the Weekend)
Room Price with 4 (Me and my girl + 2) = $ 81.00 (For the Weekend)
Room Price with 5 *Ideal situation for me* (Me and my girl +3) = $65.00 (For the Weekend)
Anything more than 5 people I'll have to consider, but will be open to conversation about it. Male/Female must be +18 or older. We don't care about the shade of your skin nor sexual orientation. We're pretty open and a chill back couple.
If you're interested PLEASEEEE call or text me ASAP (510)-695-6143.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: PartyCat on May 19, 2015, 07:00:10 AM
i know this is last minute and all, but why not give a shot. i was thinking about going to fanime this year so i can meet up with some friends but unfortunately they dont have room for me to crash. i have a room but its going to be a bit further from the con... and thats no fun since i dont drive.. was seeing if anyone had a room closer to fanime?

found a room, thank you for this website <3 maybe

im 29 yr old male, i wont have much stuff since ill be buying mostly just shirts at the con.
im a quiet guy but i  can be social if im comfortable around everyone.
if a room is available, email me at
i snore, im sure everyone has that one friend who does anyway
i like to drink but only socially, so thats one way to get me talkin :p
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Hakoshi on May 19, 2015, 03:05:18 PM

Hi my name is Beanie and my and 3 other friends are looking for some roommates to join our room. We are looking for two more so that we can lower the price of 100 to 80 per person.

I am a 24 year old, male, and have been attending fanime for 7+ years!

+ Hyatt (a block away, close to Civic Center)

What you need to know:  We are a group of LGBTQ folk so bottom line f you have a problem with that we don't want you. We have a two bed room from Friday to Momday. As far as rules go we are looking for a person who keeps their mess to them self, does not trash the room! If there is a cleaning fee and you are responsible YOU will pay for it.

Alcohol is okay just no crazy parties in the room. In relation to crazy parties no other friends and roomies allowed unless I KNOW about it and who will be in the hotel. We are later sleepers and later risers so if you like going to bed early this might not be the right room for you.

Hotel cost is 80 for the full weekend. We are looking for up to 2 people to join is in the hotel.
If you want to get in contact with me fast PLEASE PLEASE email me at Or you can text me at 408-355-3922. Hoping to hear from you!
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Meido Miki on May 20, 2015, 12:35:20 AM
I have a Double Bed room at the San Jose Wyndham Hotel for Thursday until Monday.  The rate is $95 plus of course the security deposit of $50 a night, does anyone need a room, let me know!
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: crisgoeshard on May 21, 2015, 08:11:46 AM
Does anyone have a room available for 2 people? From Friday through Monday? If so please PM me thanks in advance.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: EJAY420 on May 21, 2015, 11:50:09 AM
Hello all. Im looking for a room Saturday night. Please hmu if you got one.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Kanameshito on May 21, 2015, 02:51:00 PM
Hello my name is Amy.I am in need of Roommates to help cover some of the costs for this trip. I have 1 free bed in my room at the Doubletree Hotel that I will be staying in from Thursday to Monday. It is a two queen room for a price of 25 per night. Please email me at if you're interested thankyou.
I'll also have some ramen and water bottles to share :")
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: LukeCalhan on May 21, 2015, 05:00:48 PM
Hello everyone!
I'm here looking for a room for a group of 6
including myself.
I planned to split up the group and find
a room for 3 or 2 of my friends per room.
Preferably, I want to keep at least a pair together,
so that my friends don't feel uncomfortable with
people they don't know.

All of my friends are well kept, clean, and well
behaved individuals.
We won't get into your stuff, as we expect the
same in return.

We can provide food and art trades as part of the
payment as well as money, or just money
if you prefer.
(we'd prefer a small trade of food, art, and money to
make it more affordable since, we are poor
college students lol )

But yeah!
Some of the things my friends and I like:
Yugioh, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, to
Disney movies/cartoons, Family Guy, and lots more!
We like to cook, sing, dance, act, and play card games.
One of my male friends are hardcore collectors or YugiOh
and Pokemon cards.
Who, will be bringing cards for trades.

But yeah! If you're interested, give me a holler!

(btw, I drew the icon that I'm using, and I'll be bringing loads
of arts! If you're interested in trades let me know!)

Either email me, message me here, or I'll give you my fb.
YOLO luls.
Look up Gina Mia MiakaLin on Fb.
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: JosephAsRobin on May 21, 2015, 09:29:00 PM
How much does it cost?
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: 4TheHotel on May 21, 2015, 10:54:18 PM

Need a room:
+ Introduction: Friend flake on you? Someone get sick? Need a new roommate to cover the cost? Then your in luck! I'm a 24 y/o male and this will be my 4th fanime. I'm looking for hotel to stay at from fri - mon (mon check out).
+ Hotel Information: Preferably one of the following hotels: Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, or Fairmont
+ Requirements: None
+ Contact:
+ Miscellaneous: Please send me the details as soon as you see this (Hotel, Price, etc.)!
Title: Re: Fanime 2015 Roommate thread
Post by: Silent Vengeance on May 21, 2015, 11:07:09 PM
didnt mean to write it here sorry