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Title: Anime car in Grand Theft Auto Online
Post by: Giantsgiants on January 28, 2016, 05:18:06 PM
This morning, I was browsing gtaforums, and found out there was a new update for GTA Online that came out today. This update allows you to have an anime themed car.

To get the anime car, you need to get a Karin Sultan and take it to Benny's. Then upgrade it and you should see an option for the anime design under the livery section.

When you upgrade the car at Benny's, the name of the car becomes Sultan RS.

The name of the anime is Princess Robot Bubblegum. This thread is in the "Everything Else" section because the anime only exists in the GTA universe, not in real life.

Here is my Sultan RS. I made the car blue with black rims because I want the Carolina Panthers to win the Super Bowl.

And here is my Sultan RS's theme song: (