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Title: Supreme Pro Wrestling
Post by: thepharaohinleather on January 09, 2018, 08:14:10 PM
Hello all! I just came back from Sacanime up in Sacramento and found something oddly interesting that they had available as a panel. Supreme Pro Wrestling. It didn't really have to do with anime, cosplay, or anything, but it was highly enjoyable to watch! I know there's been some type of wrestling at Fanime before, so I'm not sure if this group has attended before, but I think they would be a great performance to have at Fanime. I'll add some links below to their official page and facebook page. If others are interested in seeing this, maybe they could come for a panel in San Jose! ( (
Title: Re: Supreme Pro Wrestling
Post by: Amanojaku on January 16, 2018, 04:18:31 PM
At the summer SacAnime, they incorporated the winners of the Cosplay Wrestling Federation panel into their main event, which was pretty cool.  I didn't catch it this year at Winter though.
Title: Re: Supreme Pro Wrestling
Post by: Hakaru_chan on January 18, 2018, 11:01:13 AM
Hey Amanojaku and thepharaohinleather! Thank you for your support for SPW and CWF at our SacAnime Winter show!

To briefly introduce myself - I'm Trisha Angelique - CWF backstage interviewer and personality. Since 2013, we've been bringing anime cons across the west coast an entertainment show that always gets you riled up for more! 

We continue to strive in finding ways to incorporate new talent and ideas as we want to always make this show like Fanime's motto - by fans for fans!

We've definitely been in talks with Fanime for a while to pursue projects of collaboration such as the show you saw at SacAnime. The local south bay wrestling communities have continued to show interest for this as well - its just a matter of logistics - basically, "Will Fanime let us have a ring inside the con?" lol.

Please follow us on our FB page as well for more updates. We are always looking for new talent and we are always available to help you build your character if you want to join us (BASICALLY WHAT IM SAYING HERE IS -- DOOOO ITTT!)

IF YOU WANT A RING FOR FANIME, IF YOU WANT WRESTLERS AND A WRESTLING SHOW FOR FANIME - PLEASE LET THEM KNOW AS WELL! We will continue to do our part in the next four months. Until then, we can't wait to see you guys and we will also see you guys at SacAnime Summer!