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Hey, im looking for anyone that i may have meet during fanime 09 :|

I was cosplaying as Guts from Berserk. My sword was big and claimed to be oversize (it wasn't rely) It was 7ft tall.

I was seen hanging out by cosplay chess in the gaming room. I was at the raves every night, and after the black and white ball i was walking around with my formal clothing and my sword ^__^

I saw a blonde girl dressed as Misa Amane with a brunette girl at the masquerade. She sat next to a dude dressed as jesus. I couldn't get her out of my head the entire week following it. I'd love to contact her.
Jesus is on these forums

Think he could help?
Or would?

CAN Jesus help? dude... Jesus can do ANYTHING.. he is Jesus :3

Im looking for a photo I took with a bunch of sailor scout cosplayers. I know they didnt know what my cosplay was, but i had a fairly large sword, 7 foot by 1 foot, they asked if they can get a photo of me slicing all there heads off.. and tell the truth i want a photo of me decapitating salorscouts. So if you could send it to me :D

hay all this is one of the zoros that went to fanime 2009. i meet alot of people and if anyone wants to get in touch aim me or pm me
whichever works

(Image removed from quote.)

Omg! hey, its me Jon, i was cosplaying as Guts, i talked to you on and off every once in a while at the con. Also you took my photo (can i please have a copy of one, i had never taken one of myself) Do you remember? :3

That sounds VERY fun, it only depends when and where ;D

Happy Things in the Happy Universe / I like people: Fanime 09
« on: May 28, 2009, 04:09:18 PM »
I meet someone at the con that I liked (didnt tell her) but i did.

How bout all of you? ^.^

There were so many girls just sitting along the wall of the B&W while guys sat along their wall...come on people!  I'm stuck working the whole time, what's your excuse? =P

Excuse? i dont need one, i danced with alllllll the ladies :P

Yea, i was feeling rely down too on Monday. It was later in the day when they had started shutting everything down, and all my new friends had left :'(
But i got threw it and attempted to make the best of it javascript:void(0);

General Convention Discussion / Re: Cosplay Chess 2009 - Check-In!
« on: May 27, 2009, 03:08:46 PM »
I was the Guts with the giant sword, playing everyone in a while, but mainly Sunday night to Monday morning until about 2:30 am.


OMG. Dude, I remember you. You gave your sword to my friend David, the  asian kid with the green duct tape on. He ended up spinning him around in circles on the shield like a turtle. We called him "ninja turtle."

I was the asian dude with the black trenchcoat with the green duct tape plastered on with the fox hat and the safety pin pierced ears. I warmed the king's throne several times and the floor.

Duuuuuuuude, that was an awesome night. I remember at one point I was the Queen for the opposing side who strangled people with my phone charger. and my friend DayDayT was the guy who was the "MAN-FACED QUEEN."

I know our god at one point was the "Reno who would not Die."

I know him too. Can ya post a pic of yourself? My memory's a bit fuzzy from that morning since I ended up wiping out that night.

Yaaaay, I'm so glad you replied! ^.^
My memory's fuzzy too T.T dont remember who would be by the description, but im sure if i saw a picture of you, i'd know on the spot! xD
Well, so far im requesting anyone who got a good photo of me during the con. cuz i failed to take one even thou i had a camera with me the whole time T.T
But in the meantime, can you help me find the rest of our members we can all be reunited! :D

Did you guys get anything of me? I was cosplaying as Guts from berserk, if you did it should be easy to find, i was the only one and my sword was 7 feet tall :O

Monday morning after the black and white ball around 2:00 Am, Cosplay chess was still going on. Due to different coincidental events that had happened to me, i ended up on the Black army. Shortly our army began to win several times in a row, and me and my chess mates began to become friends as an ultimate force.

I have desided to attempt to keep connection with all of my army chess mates, and possibly make a online forum for us.

Please reply if you were or are a part of my previous army from that morning!!! I miss you guys!

such people as

Our Overpowered Bishop
Chair sealed league
White Knight (hello again :O iv informed you about this post)
Awesome Queen
Bush/Hedge Rooks (x2)
Who ever our god was... (jk. we love you god ^.^)

And everyone else who was in our glorious army! please help me find you so that we can make this even more strong for next yeaaaaaar!!!!

-Jon-Jon (The knight with a 7 foot Sword)

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