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Ideas and Suggestions / Re: FanimeCon 2010 Feedback Thread
« on: June 02, 2010, 11:30:45 PM »

Heavens no I didn't act rude or anything. But the awkward time i spent when they called me over and I stood there waiting was to me alittle violating. Having two people talk about you and you just stand there. Awkward much.

The only good thing about it was the guy who excused me, and actually bothered to explain a whole 2 hours later that one of them thought I was drunk. Why didn't they just say? Oh sorry just checking, it was a.

" Oh Nevermind,you can go "

Me ".. What?... what was that about.."

" It's fine, you can go,"

me "..... uhhh.. Okay.."

But half kudos to the guy who told me why I was first stopped in the first place. If I ever see you again I will pat you on the back ;> Maybe.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: FanimeCon 2010 Feedback Thread
« on: June 02, 2010, 05:21:50 PM »
I'd like to add to the comment about the lack of a dealer's hall map. There wasn't even a list of dealers aside from on the website. When I tried to talk to staff in the dealer's hall, they weren't very helpful. One staff member snapped at me and the other treated me like I was a brand-new con-goer that didn't know what I was doing. I couldn't help but be a bit offended that she seemed to assume that I was clueless. She said I could "use the exercise" of walking through the hall searching for the booth because certainly I wouldn't be eating healthy during the weekend. I am in my mid-20s and have been attending anime conventions for 10 years now; I know better than to fill my con weekend with a diet of Pocky and Ramune and nothing else.
As somebody else mentioned, that idea would just not work for me. My Fanime weekend was full of event participation where I had to be somewhere at a certain time every day, and I couldn't really spend the time walking down every aisle memorizing where every booth was.

Maybe the Rovers just need to be nicer? & More courtesy. I work in costumer service, and I know it's not always fun to sit there well everyone is having fun. I know it's easy to snap at someone, but I DO NOT. Maybe next year ;/ the rovers should just be better trained to handle people. Sure no one wants to bug anyone, but if you are lost or want a map, want info etc. You should be able to ask for it and not be treated like a 5 year old.. ;/

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: FanimeCon 2010 Feedback Thread
« on: June 02, 2010, 01:54:02 PM »
Dance: The dance was great and fun me and my friends had no issue. But the one issue I did have was one of the rovers tried to stop me because they thought I was under the influence.. Now the only reason they'd think that.. was that I had lost a friend so I was running around back and forth looking for that person. But I didn't stumble or do anything to make myself flat out look stupid. I was not under the influence and honestly did not believe I gave them any reason to think I was either. ( Aside from running back and forth down the hall, xD not actually running btw.)

So my complaint was, that out of all the actual high/drunk/messed up people there, they stopped me. One of the other rovers excused me which made me happy of course cause I would have been really unhappy to be bothered about being drunk. When I passed him later after I was leaving he said " Oh sorry, he just thought you were drunk, but you're just really tired I saw you :>" Thanks I guess? I dont know, Fanime was great. But honestly if you are going to stop people who you think are drunk.

MAKE SURE THEY ARE. Maybe have a new or different method of checking people and leave the ones who are fine alone. It's extremely awkward for someone to say " Hey, we need to speak to you for a moment," then a 5 second awkward pause discussion between him and his friend then I'm excused.. Yeah..

mod edit: event name

Me & My friends too ;D I was hanging out with a much larger man named Omari who had green contacts on and is african american ;D

I was the girl wearing succubus horns with a blonde wig wearing a Arch Bishop costume ;D ~
 With my friend Katara, well she cosplayed as her.

This is also a shout out to you all who played Ninja all sunday ;D !~ I'd love to keep in contact with you, especially the younger boy with purple pants who did the michael jackson crotch grab to himself

Or the guy dressed up like a team rocket member :>

PM me on here x3 I'd love to talk again!

xD Thanks and that means I must have your pic somewhere!

Damn I ment to get a picture of you but my friends were dragging me :>

Ya I did get good pictures. Just met up with Random people and found others along the way. So it wasn't a total loss...

I'm just pissed off cause it's been said that it was suppose to be at 12:30 FOR AWHILE NOW. yet when I got there at 12 to go check in at the desk the gathering was already coming to what it seemed like an end. So I stayed for a few then went off cause everyone was doing their own thing.

Then when other avatar cosplayers asked me what happened and why the gathering started at 12 when it was suppose to be at 12:30 I felt like banging my head into the wall. <<

On a brighter note ;> I was the Azula carrying around the fire ball ;D ~!

No ;/ I was suppose to but my friend arrived late cause his car broke down so I had to get him at the greyhound. Think my friend Katara went though. /pif

Yeah << G od knows what happened.

I went to start the gathering and people had already started it so I just walked off.

Thanks to whoever decided to start fridays gathering early i had other people ask me why it started at 12 instead of 12:30 as listed.

Aww, a shame. Oh well always next year :>




Odd Pairing you guys xD

I was going to make my Boyfriend be Zuko, but since i'm cosplaying as Azula.. I Figured it'd be gross if we were caught kissing or hugging...

Unless you are.. odd and like incest..

Woot! I'm excited   ;D
Lol, okay xP Dork ;D

General Convention Discussion / Re: SLeeping schedule?
« on: May 23, 2010, 04:54:21 PM »
Go to bed around 2 on day Zero

wake up around 9 on day 1

:> go to bed around 3am on every other day xD and wake up at 9 unless I die.

Similar to what I had planned out. I could go to bed around 3 to 4am.
Then you and I should be friends :>

Ohh show me ;D

and yeah, no one wants to shave their head.

Good, you like my Map? :3

& alright I'll update the list.

Oh, and did anyone realize we have no Aang?

General Convention Discussion / Re: SLeeping schedule?
« on: May 22, 2010, 02:43:53 PM »
Go to bed around 2 on day Zero

wake up around 9 on day 1

:> go to bed around 3am on every other day xD and wake up at 9 unless I die.

;D There everything is updated. As for the meeting..

THERE, It'll be alittle past that, because there is a dirt area by there.

So Basicaly, meet up at the ledge, and just hang out at the blue point ;D

I'm sure once there is a Fire Lord Character & A Katara you will notice :> Thanks


Okay, sounds good.

@ Wremble

Whoops, xD My bad. Got it, got it.

There we go, updated. Take a look and contact me :>

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