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Although I love having it as Marvel vs. DC, I think a split might be what we need. We could at least try it for one year and then see how it goes? Or like others suggested, do 3 gatherings.

btw, I was the Stephanie Brown batgirl! I had a lot of fun at the gathering but ultimately I did give up and left because it was just so crowded and hot, I thought I was going to pass out.

Also hahahahahaha laughing forever at my cape falling off in the middle of the bat family photos. GOLDEN.

I will be there as Stephanie Brown's Batgirl!

the time says 1:30 AM right now, might wanna fix that! teehee.

Woooo finally! I'm excited.
I'll be cosplaying as Tinkerbell and I'll also have a Peter Pan, Wendy (I think), and Iredessa! Might have some of the other faeries, but not sure yet!

Hey guys, usually I cosplay as Bride Witch but I'll be Female Red Sniper this year!

I'll be there as Kim Pine!

Also I have a friend coming as Ramona and I'm pretty sure she doesn't have a fanime forum name. c:

See you there!

Hey guys! So this year I'll most likely be going as Fem!Sniper, Red Team.
If it changes, I'll let you all know!

Oh my goshhhhh, fanime is so close!
I'm so excited for this gathering. c:

Also, reminder, my friend and I are having a fake L4D Wedding from 11 - 12:30 ( Sunday, before the gathering) at the fountains infront of the con if any of you are interested. It's between Keith & The Bride Witch. c:

facebook event page can be found here:!/event.php?eid=185739821464586

can't wait to see you guys again! 8D

My sister will be going as Keith ^^.

Also, I would like to ask the zoey's on here.

I am female; and I'm assuming at least one Zoey will be female. Would it be ok (As I will be Ellis) to 'claim my love' to one of you? I thought it would be quite fun to catch on video, but I would never want to fighten or offend one of my fellow cosplayers.
No odd touching will be invlolved, of course! More of a horriblely sung song in a hick accent and perhaps a rose.

Thank you very much <3

I'm sure my Zoey wouldn't mind. I'll ask her. c:

Just a heads up, we might move it to AFTER the Valve gathering, that way any valve people who didn't see it here could be invited.
Depends on what the groom says hurhur~

Actually, I've made changes to my schedule so now the gathering time is perfect.

I want to invite any Valve cosplayers who are interested, to come to the fountain at 11:00 a.m. till 12:30pm before the Valve gathering to see a wedding between The Bride Witch (me) and Keith (yes, we do have a Keith). It's definitely just a crack wedding for fun, but if any of you are free that morning or need something to do, come on over!
You don't have to be Left 4 Dead cosplayers, so no worries there. -actually it would be really awesome to have some spies there and stuff lol-

I made a facebook event page, so here:!/event.php?eid=185739821464586

I hope this post wont upset the maker of this thread, if so I can remove it and make a fanime thread myself.  ;D

Does the change of days of the cosplay spectacular & black and white ball (Now on Sunday) and the music fest (Now on Saturday) interfere with people???? I've assumed that our gathering is early enough to not interfere but please let me know so that we can change it if need be!

Kind of, as I stated before, but I'll work it out. (:

I wont be attending as Vanille again this year, I have to many other costumes planned for the weekend. But have fun guys!

Oh gosh, I was looking forward to Saturday. D:
Because the ball is on Sunday, so get out of zombified gore and claws takes a bit. And I was planning to do my night shoot the same day as the gathering so I wouldn't have to change out of it for something else. But I have plans for the ball this year, unlike last year. D:

I'll still be going though, it just makes things really complicated now.

So right now my friends and I are planning to be the Legendary Beasts (Suicune, Raikou, Entei).
It's a maybe, since one of them hasn't confirmed it yet.

Carmel-pop will be Raikou, I will be Suicune, and our Entei doesn't have an account on here.


I'll most likely be attending the 2011 gathering as Oerba Dia Vanille again! (:

I'm so glad they decided to do Left 4 Dead twice, because I missed the first one (along with my whole group).
I was the Bride Witch, and I had a lot of fun!
Everyone at the gathering was so nice, and I met a lot of cool people there. (:

I'm going again next year, probably as the bride witch again. :D

I'm so incredibly excited!
My Vanille cosplay isn't perfect yet, but I did my best in the time I had. (Started making it late due to lots of school events and things. )

But, it'll look great! :D

I plan to attend the gathering as the Bride Witch from The Passing (L4D).

I'm bringing along Zoey and possibly a Spitter.


I'm possibly bringing some of my friends to this gathering as Noctis, Vanille and Snow.

I'm artisticpsyco's friend who is cosplaying as Vanille, so you can add my username to the list.

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