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They have some good suggestions here ^^ (I know it's a thread for price ranges, but the discussion kind of led to printing websites lol)

I will be going as Tsuna, and I will have a Bel, Fran, and TYL Mukuro as well. I'm not sure if the Fran can attend, but we'll see!

I like how you assume everything lol /shot

KK then, tell me when you make up your mind. XD

What you talking about, I already did ;v; All the nendoroids other than Ryohei and Lambo. So that's ....$10. Will you be there Friday evening?

Well, she/he never said if they wanted them, just to see the photo. I'll wait for their response, I guess. If not by Fanime, I'll bring them for you. 8D
Maybe I can find a home for Ryohei somewhere...

She didn't claim them by PM or anything? Then you should totally just sell it to me right 8D /shot
Ryohei.... I'd take him but idk what to do with him o___o He'd just sit on my desk and collect dust QwQ (just like the rest of the figures I buy from you LOL)

Oh wow. XD Sure, of course, if cottoncandymuffin doesn't want them. If yes, I guess you guys can like.. duke it out or something HAHAHA (LOLWTF am I going to do with Ryohei and Lambo. .________. No one ever wants Ryohei or Lambo. ._________________. )

I'm so going to forget to bring these to Fanime. ._.

OTL Someone claimed them before me. QAQ I knew I shoulda said something earlier.
If she buys the others, I'll buy Lambo from you? ;v; Cuz I was planning to give one to a friend anyways. ....I feel bad for Ryohei.

LOLWTF How do you find me everywhere.

Cuz I'm your stalker 8D I stalk the fanime forums for AA stuff.

On second thought, I'd like to buy all the nendoroids other than Ryohei and Lambo :'D If they're still available.

... I feel mean for leaving them out ; w ;

I wants Fran -sob- QAQ
Good luck Hetchrome~ ;w; .... Idk what to call you orz

The gathering was pretty cool.... but im thinking... do any of the countries want to do a cosplay version of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jc7XnUnkd0 ?
yeah its late and all
im thinking next year we should do that or a massive hetalia caramelldansen too.... itd be epic

This year, Miyuran wanted to start a Caramelldansen line too ;A; But we did Love&Joy instead (Only 4 people, including me and Miyuran, danced it though D: ). If I'm cosplaying APH next year, I would love to do the Dance Dance thing ;u;

And I somehow deleted the video of that OTL ;A;
We should totally do a huge APH caramell dansen next year though ovo

My Romano can't finish her cosplay in time so she's going to have to cancel ;w;

ugh...I might miss this meet up. I'm suppose to rove until noon. However I will be roving as Russia probably most of the weekend.

Russia as a rover? xD That is epic.

Anddd I'm also not done with my cosplay either ;u; -panics- 11 days left till fanime

I'll be there as revolutionary war!England and one of my friends is going as Romano. I still have to paint my musket orz
yay! Rev!Iggy~ I shall hug you beware >3

Not if I glomp you first xD

I have 2 more friends coming. One as Sealand and another as Rev War!America :3

Yay! ;v;/ There are more Englands now~ -has more people to annoy- ;v;<33

8D I think I know who you are. *has stalked your dA acc before*
Hellos friend of my friend >D Hope to see you there! ;u; (sorryifIsoundlikearandomstalkerandcreepyouout-shot-)

I'll be there as revolutionary war!England and one of my friends is going as Romano. I still have to paint my musket orz

My friend is going as Ceil ^^ She doesn't have an account so I'm posting for her.

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