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Should be able to go! At least for the intro portion. I'll be there as Ruby

Ahk! We can't go after all...the Homestuck gathering is the same day :c

My friend'll be there as either Jake or Maid!Karkat and I'll be Roxy c:

hehe hey, I noticed you placed my friend and I wrongly on the list. I'm going as Chini!Romano and her as Chibi!Italy xD everyone makes mistakes sometimes

Hi! My friend Rose and I are planning to come as Chibi!Italy and Chibi!Romano and we're super excited! (Both of us are willing for fan service pictures. Her with Germanys and me with Spains ;3)

My little brother's is the 26th of May :3

Hey everyone, I'm not going to be joining the gathering afterall...not sure if I already said this or not...but yeah...sorry

I'm not gonna be Petilil anymore D= I'm gonna be Cilan now c: so excited!

Yes! Finally someone brought it up! I'll be there as Dave with my awesome little brother as God Tier John. We're so -Excit-Ed!!

I'm going to try and be Madam Red~ I'll give any information on which outfit later on~

I was Marik from Yugioh on Saturday! I was walking around with a asian Bakura. We had our senin items with us~

Sunday I was Mafia!America and I went to the Hetalia gathering! Pictures would be lovely.

Hey guys! I wasn't able to go to the 2011 gathering but, for 2012 I'll be Petilil and my brother is going to be N. Can't wait to see you all in 2012.

Everyone thank you for a wonderful end to Fanime! This gathering went just as I wanted~ this gathering was much more fun than last year was...though it would have been more fun with pairings but, went did happen was perfect~

I would like to post so everyone knows that on saturday night at about 11:45 p.m. people are free to line up for Hetalia After Hours! An 18+ panel hosted by me (as Hungary) and my America!  Also on monday at 11 a.m. I will be Rehosting (as belarus) the Ask Hetalia Panel from last year(now called Hetalia Q&A)!Hope to see some of you there!!

aww Monday this year? Wish I could go! Last year was amazing. It was the perfect end to Fanime 2010.

I'll be there as revolutionary war!England and one of my friends is going as Romano. I still have to paint my musket orz

yay! Rev!Iggy~ I shall hug you beware >3

I'll be there as Mafia!America! My friend is going as Mafia!Italy.

aw darn. Wish I could go but, I have school.

Though I will be cosplay Marik Ishtar from Duel Monsters on Saturday ;D see ya guys in the hallways.

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