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Hello! My girlfriend and I were Aziraphale and Crowley (from Good Omens) last year. We'll definitely be attending again as them, so feel free to put us down! U uU
I was hoping youd both come back uwu
Because of you both, I sawted reading Good Omens ;w;

Gathering/Event Name: Fanime Homestuck Gathering 2014
URL from Fanime Forums &/or Cosplay.com Fanime thread:
Fanime Post: http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,18915.msg470650.html#msg470650
Tumblr Post:  http://bayareastucks.tumblr.com/post/74995236807/fanime-homestuck-gathering-2014
Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/events/1459585867594159/?context=create&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming
Your Forum name: Tsubasakissu/Cyanidecatnip

Gathering/Event Name:  SuperwholockGathering 2014
URL from Fanime Forums &/or Cosplay.com Fanime thread:
Fanime Post: http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,17927.0.html
Your Forum name: Tsubasakissu/Cyanidecatnip

Hello, everyone! With the blessings of PhantomShadow, the one who has run the Homestuck gatherings for the last few years, I will be hosting this years Homestuck gathering.

This gathering has a new Thread Organizer. Please see the new thread for more info. http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,19071.0.html

Someone just suggested I do older Amy Pond from 'The Girl Who Waited'.  Can I sign up as well?

So, I have a very much ignored Draco/Tom Riddle cosplay and I figured I'd get some use out of it and I was wondering to get a general feel to see if anyone would be interested in Harry Potter gathering? You could cosplay a canon character or just come sporting your House robes/gear!
Thoughts? Would you be interested?

Gathering/Event Name: SuperWhoLock
URL from Fanime Forums &/or Cosplay.com Fanime thread: http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,17927.0.html
Your Forum name (for both forums if different) : Tsubasakissu

Panels and Workshops / Supernatural or SuperWhoLock fan panel
« on: September 04, 2013, 09:51:18 PM »
Im thinking of putting together an in-character ask panel for either just Supernatural or Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock (Superwholock). This would be half an in-character ask panel and half of an "discuss theories for past/upcoming seasons, plot-holes, etc." and talk about possible spoilers (towards the end so people could walk away if they wanted to) about each shows future.
 In either case, I would be Castiel and have an idea about a Sam and Dean, does not mean that you cant apply (incase they arent comfy with doing panels)
But I would be looking for about 3-4 characters per show!

Main characters I'm looking for:
  • -Sam
  • -Dean
  • -Possibly another angel or demon?
  • -One or two of The Doctor
  • -Companion
(depending on the Doctor)
  • -Maybe Jack?
  • -Sherlock
  • -Watson
  • -Possibly Irene or Moriarty

Needless to say, people would need to know their series pretty well! And, currently, this is just a thought Im toying with in my mind! But, I will probably submit something....
Feel free to message me.

Registration / Maybe some sort of "limited" badge?
« on: June 10, 2013, 10:44:00 PM »
Every year at Fanime, I only ever do two things: Dealers hall (like twice per weekend) and the Artist Alley (maybe 2-3 times?) and 5-65 dollars for just those two things is quite a bit of change. (NOTE: I also host 1-3 panels, but I never go and see other panels)
So, maybe a possibility of a "limited access" badge could be a thing? a badge that only allows you into the Artist Alley, Dealers Hall, and maybe the game room (I dont go there ever, but Ive heard of some people spending like  80% of their time in this room) at a bit of a lower rate? Like $45? Still pretty high up there, but still 20 dollars less than 65~

Just a passing thought~

NOTE: inb4 fanime would lost money: I see thousands and thousands of people who go to at least once concert, rave, dance, panel, or signing or karaoke or whatever. And most people probably want to make better use of their 65 dollar badge rather than just go to the AA/Dealers hall, so the percentage of people who only go to dealers/AA probably isnt that high. And, right now, fanime is LOSING money because lots of people are not buying badges, these people go without badges and just borrow a badge when they want to go to the AA or dealers, meaning that fanime is currently losing money because of badge swapping. This could be an un-tapped resource.

also.. technically.. there was another hotel you could pick up your badge at..

Would that have really helped, though?  If half the people at Fanime went to pick up their badge at Clockwork Alchemy, then both of them would still have a 3-hour wait.  Actually CA's would probably be way more than 3 hours because I can't imagine they have as many people working registration.

^  unfortunately, that's a good point because of Japan Expo, FanimeCon has competition. Fanime has historically been one of the last dying breed of conventions that lasts more than 15 years. I don't want to have Fanime end because of lack of attendance and losing ground to JX. The happenings of this year does not help in the long term.

Not to mention SacAnime, which is really becoming a force to be reckoned with.  It recently moved to the Sac Convention Center and has a guest list as big as Fanime.

For the record, I'd love Fanime, JX, and Sac to ALL succeed and I think that Northern California can definitely support three large, well-run anime conventions.
And Sac Anime always has a better guestlist than Fanime. Better industry/VAs and just as good or better musical guests.
And Sac Anime has a ball now.
And you know what? No waiting more than an hour.

Registration / Transgender individuals and badge names
« on: May 28, 2013, 08:27:26 PM »
Is there any sort of way to NOT have our legal name printed on badges, and instead have a preferred name? (with some sort of short explanation thing when reging for a badge?) As a transgender individual, I feel REALLY self-conscious and slightly ashamed of my badge when I have to have my legal, birthname printed onto it. In fact, I hate it so much that these last two years I'd had my friend group-register for me and have had them pick up my badge with my preferred name so that way I could by-pass the whole "you need an id to get your badge thing". I know its against your rules, but I really dont like my legal name being known by my friends.
Would there be any chance of Reg staff setting something up to help accommodate transgender individuals and their name/ID issues?

NOTE: The "fan name" doesnt work/do anything, since the legal name is still plainly visible by the fan name.

If the reason badges aren't mailed out is concern over the possibility of counterfeit badges, here's an easy solution: Put a holographic sticker on every badge, and look for them when checking badges at the door. That's what Otakon does, and it works just fine.
Honestly, with the amount of people who sneak into events without badges anyway, i'm surprised that they care so much about counterfeiters.
People counterfeit badges at the con anyways, so there wouldnt be too much difference.

Another option would be to go with a bar code system. Larger conventions are adopting this system, and it speeds up the process very much. You scan the bar code that is provided to you when you register, the printer prints out your name and badge type, the staff puts the sticker onto a badge, and you're on your way. The only problem is that this kind of system is costly, requires training, and is again relying on computer systems which for the past couple of years hasn't been kind to Fanime.
This too!
Furcon uses this (from what I remember this year) and it went by pretty fast~

Firstly: I'd suggest another separate line for those only attending the con for 1-2 days, that would cut down on traffic for both lines and it would, ideally, prevent those attending for only 1-2 days from wasting (yes, I used the word wasting because 3-9 hours in line is just that; a waste of time) most of their convention time inside a line.

Secondly: You've gotten this a lot, but it's still a very valid suggestion that should be considered, as Fanime is growing in size. Mail out dem badges!!! Other cons do this with little problem. I'd willingly slap another (optional) $10 onto my badge and avoid waiting in line just to get it in the mail. I mean, yeah, things get lost in the mail, but more often than not it will arrive to the appointed destination if its addressed properly. And, in the event that it IS lost in the mail, we could just simply bite the bullet and wait in line with our electronic receipt and just end up with a early-reg badge rather than pre-reg. (just slap a "if this is lost in the mail simply wait in line with your receipt" notice on there in red letters so people know what they are getting into beforehand). I mean, all youd need to do is time it beforehand so that the badges arrive a week-ish before the convention. Since I've had this brought up before: What if people lose their badges before the con? Answer: That isnt Fanime's problem. Simply put your badge in a safe place where you know youll find it before the convention. People lose their badges at fanime and it still isnt fanime's problem, so why would it be their fault if it was lost beforehand?
At this point, Fanime is a growing con with wait-times that are getting pretty insane, and this needs to be remedied. This year they promised us faster lines, the lines were just as bad as the last years fanime. And this was without a blackout to put all of the blame on. The fact of the matter is that Fanime is growing larger and larger each year, and there isnt a big enough space to really make a large, proper badge-pickup area similar to sakura cons (it only took me 5 mins to get my badge there).
Also, inb4: But waiting in line is part of the con experience. That's a really, really bad counter argument that makes 0 sense, since no one really likes waiting in line, and all it does is cause stress, anxiety, and causes people to be pissed at the people working the Fanime lines, even tho it isnt their fault.

Basically, your staff are overwhelmed by thousands of people and you lack the room to expand your registration operation and something direly needs to be fixed/changed from your current system. And every year you have computer problems, which only worsens the line problem. Something needs to be fixed.

Added: Also, if you wish to not listen to us AGAIN this year like every other year, heaven knows why you lot dont listen, then at least have the decency to have food/water vendors along certain points in the line. People get thirsty and hungry waiting for 3-12 (12 = on day 0) hours for one lame excuse for a badge (a sticker? really?).

Sooo I will also be attending, unless something goes horribly wrong. I'll probably be wearing my cancer shirt and a kitty hat. also i can't draw oops
Looking forward to seeing you c:

Time change will be noted on the list :P

Thanks B c:
Sorry about that, Reg coincided with the gathering uvu

Registration / Re: Question about badge pickup?
« on: May 17, 2013, 02:43:27 PM »
Such madness happens when you choose to have something start at a later time. 

Thanks for the good luck wishes:) At least hotels have generators if the power goes out:)
At least there's that xD

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