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Couldn't join 2013, but 2014 I shall most happily debut my Ran Mao!!! :D

General Convention Discussion / Re: How far are you traveling?
« on: May 22, 2013, 07:49:17 PM »
Wow, nice mix!

I'm fortunate enough to live a 15-minute freeway drive away. : )
Super excited!!

EEP! Emil (Markirs) can't make it to the gathering anymore!  :'(

But definitely will be stopping by to take pictures of (AND WITH!!) all you lovely TO cosplayers!! <3 <3

My kid sister (Markirs), pending which day this pulls through, will be Emil Castagnier!

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Tell me about the Hyatt experience
« on: April 15, 2013, 07:43:14 PM »
Stayed there last year, and I have not even considered booking any other hotel.
Location is perfect--the convention-side entrance spits you right to the crosswalk that connects with Hilton's side entrance.  I felt perfectly comfortable walking to & from convention center at night by myself.

Parking is perfect--compared to what I paid for parking at Fairmont, no complaints with Hyatt. Can't guarantee what'll happen this year, but I was able to find plenty of parking space checking in Friday. 

Room is spacious.  I should have taken a picture, but we had a large couch-thing that had a slight wall partition that one of my girls used as her "room", lots of CLEAN floor space which I declared my domain, large comfy bed that my other two girls staked as their territory, etc.  And with 4 girls and multiple wigs, we were able to utilize the many (turned off) lamp shades as mannequin heads.
(Our room had a window facing the convention center so that in-itself was SUPER awesome!)

Customer service from staff was great and friendly -- didn't get a single judgmental eye from them, and was able to check-in early (10/11ish).  For check-out, they just slipped a statement under the door so didn't have to deal with physically going downstairs and checking out. 

Elevators were kind of busy at peak times, with no stairs to the 1st floor!  But if you're smart, you can avoid all this by avoiding busy times.  And either way, you can take the time to make friends! : )

And price? I feel that Hyatt Place offers the best price for supreme location & quality -- sure you'll get slightly better things at say Fairmont, but THAT's a bit of a walk that can get annoying and significantly more expensive.  And Hilton/Mariott may be connected, but I cannot emphasize how CLOSE Hyatt Place is -- the map threw me off too, and I expected a 5 minute walk -- nope. : )

Planning to bring Vriska god tier! : )

I'll most happily bring Aomine Daiki, if a gathering of any size occurs! :D

as soon as i saw coco i was like,"OMG IM SO COSPLAYING AS HER" I'm so excited! I'll see ya there~  ;)

ETERNALLY awesome!  Cannot wait to meet you! :D

should I bring a bullhorn?

That'd be helpful, but I don't know if they're allowed?  If anything, maybe someone can acquire one of those cones that cheerleaders use.

My friend and I were Natsuki and Yuki (respectively) this year at Fanime, so I'm pretty sure we can reprise them for next year!

SUPREME!! I shall put you two down.
P.S.  You guys were SO awesome this year. :D

And do you mean you were/will be Natsuki?

General Convention Discussion / Re: Missed Connections Fanime 2012
« on: August 04, 2012, 12:13:26 PM »
1.  Any & all Hei (Darker than Black) cosplayers who mysteriously avoided me, I don't know if you were just really in character or terrified/disgusted of me for various reasons--I will try again next year, I just wanted a picture!!!

2.  Male Sebastian (Black Butler) cosplayer who was staying at Hyatt Place, you were perfection.  Have a blessed day.

3.  Yuki, Yuki, & Natsuki (Tsuritama) cosplayers; you were essentially the highlight of Fanime for me.  Thank you for the sheer awesome that you all were.  Enoshima Don! <3

4.  Official Fanime Photographer for Hetalia Gathering - You were wearing a coral shirt.  Thank you for being in the middle of ALL my pictures.  -__-

Yay~ Tsuritama gathering! There's a pretty good chance I'll be able to finish Haru by Fanime~ so I hope to see you all!! ^^

Wonderful!! :3   I'll put you on our list now then!

Haru is boss, no matter the outfit.  Fact.

[Oh gosh, if someone comes as Urara, I'll eat a rainbow and then throw it back up.]

I'll be haru hopefully! ^ u^

YAY!!  I'll put you down anyways, because the more aliens the better! :D

Coming as Germany!

Sister (Alice) will be Korea again.  Cheers!

Oh, I didn't even think of the dance! *duh*  Good one to include!

Cool!  Trying to find a Tapioca myself, and it's not easy/cheap!!

Hotel and Facilities / Re: The Fanime 2012 Hotel Feedback Thread
« on: June 06, 2012, 05:32:03 PM »
Stayed at Fairmont on Thursday, then Hyatt Place rest of week.  First time at Fanime.

Hotel Name:  Fairmont
Would You Book Next Year:  Not first choice, but not last.
1.  Superb service (but maybe just because I checked in while President Obama was in the building?).
2.  Location has lots of quick service food right outside doors. (Johnny Rockets, some Chinese fast food, Tandori Place, etc.)
1.  Valet was $26 per night.  Fast service, but pricey compared to my second hotel. *down*
2.  High $100-a-night deposit, compared to my second hotel.  *down*
Special Notes to Share:
1.  I've stayed in further hotels at other conventions, so this walk wasn't terrible.  But for someone who has many gatherings & costume changes, it can be a bit irritating.  But it certainly isn't a deterrent.  5 minutes tops, including the two crosswalks.

Hotel Name:  Hyatt Place
Would You Book Next Year:  Yes, first choice.
1.  Location, location, location.  Just 1.5 minute walk (in high-heels!!) tops, to enter front or Hilton side entrance.   
2.  Parking (self) was just $9-ish per day, and they did not charge me extra for the hours I parked after checking out and spending Day 4 at convention center.
3.  Elevator was not dismal.  Waited about 5 minutes at most on a Saturday afternoon, but that is because 1 elevator out of 3 was out.  Check out was not terrible either, because I planned ahead and checked out early before any rush.
4.  Price was superb!
5.  Room wasn't as tragic or tiny as I was expecting.  Don't know if they secretly upgraded me, but I had a mini-fridge and full sized couch that one of my girls slept on.
6.  Was able to check in immediately early Friday morning (10AM?).
6.5.  Management slipped bill & check-out statement under door early morning, so I didn't actually have to do anything such as call in or wait in a line.
7.  As for noise, our room was close to elevator so you could hear attendees coming back at night, but it wasn't enough to bother me.  I'm sure it's worse at Hilton/Marriott?
8.  Unless I was not paying attention, I don't think they charged a deposit.  If they did, it was not enough to corrupt my debit card account. : )
1.  None worth complaining about. Maybe except that the stairs supposedly start at the 2nd floor and are closed for emergency use only?  But we can blame fire marshal or structure engineers on that. 
Special Notes to Share:
1.  I think the only thing that might be a downer is the elevator situation, but honestly, if you just plan ahead and avoid the rush times, you should be fine. 

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