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Please email to reach Marisa about your award.

Thank you jemz!

Excuse me for the double post... But it is now August and I still have not received any acknowledgment of this issue? Are there any Masquerade 2012 staff available to be contacted?

Hello to all the Masquerade 2012 staff! Thank you very much for all your hard work, and it really is an honor to win in Individual Performance.

However, it has been over a month since Fanime 2012 and I still have not received an award in the mail like I was told I would. I saw other people discussing their trophies and goodie bags, so evidently I'm the only one who has not received anything. xD Is there a problem I don't know about?

Marisa mentioned in this thread that I had already picked up the award... "That was the award you picked up at Con Ops with me there :) My friend just didnt know you had picked it up yet!" However, I had to leave right after my performance and didn't pick up anything at Fanime. On June 1st I emailed Marisa asking about this, but it's almost July now and I have not received a reply (nor an award, for that matter).

If someone could help me clarify what's going on, that would be highly appreciated. C: Thank you!

Big Event Showcase / Re: Recordings of the Masquerade skits!
« on: June 02, 2012, 11:23:33 AM »
SincerelyAimei- That was beautiful! I loved watching you!

Sorry for the OT post, but seriously.

Aaahhh thank you so much Mango! ^w^ You are too sweet, and it really means a lot to me. :3

(Again sorry for being off topic! Had to express appreciation ^^;)

Whew, thanks so much to Marisa and all the other coordinators, you guys made the Masquerade such a great experience! I had a smooth, enjoyable time, and I hope the audience enjoyed my skit too! =] I'm glad I got to work with you before you retire, Marisa, you really made my con and cosplay spectacular experience wonderful. <3

On a side note, I unfortunately had to leave the Masquerade right after my performance, but I heard afterwards that I won an award that I didn't get to pick up. Could I ask real quick if anyone knows which award this is? I was the Princess Tutu who did the Dying Swan routine, I found a video of me here:

Thanks in advance! <333

Big Event Showcase / Re: Recordings of the Masquerade skits!
« on: May 29, 2012, 05:04:45 PM »
I was wondering the same thing earlier! But I managed to find a video of me on Youtube that was pretty good, filmed by a member of the audience. :) If you look through the person's other videos you might be able to find yourself. Here's mine: (Thanks to whoever filmed me! <3)

Also, I believe ACParadise filmed all the skits, and they're online as well on their website ( For me, the ACParadise one was actually not as good as the previous one, but that was because I was largely hidden behind a speaker a lot of the time. xP Yours might be more worth checking out!

Big Event Showcase / Re: Lines for the Masquerade?
« on: May 29, 2012, 05:00:55 PM »
Thanks everyone for your input! My sister ended up not going to the Masquerade this year (she was manning her Artist Alley table) but your feedback was really helpful all the same! ^^ I was in one of the skits, so I got to sit in the front and watch as people filed in... it seemed really calm and orderly, not at all like the mad scramble for seats that I was expecting. And the auditorium really is big, people seemed to have no trouble finding seats. :D

So sorry I didn't manage to attend the gathering this year! :C I was managing a table in Artist Alley and couldn't get there in time. I was the Princess Tutu in the Masquerade though, if anyone saw me! ^^ Hope everyone had fun, and pictures of the gathering would be great! :3

EDIT: Oh, it's already on Youtube! Darn speakers and fuzzy camera picture, but ah well. xP Thanks to whoever recorded me! ^w^

Big Event Showcase / Lines for the Masquerade?
« on: May 10, 2012, 05:24:55 PM »
Sorry if it's been asked before, but I was just wondering how bad the lines for the Masquerade are? How early should you stand in line if you want a reasonably good seat? Are the lines really as bad as some horror stories say (several blocks)? Any help, suggestions, or advice would be really appreciated. C: Thanks!

I plan to show up as Princess Tutu, Swan Lake version! C: Also look out for me in the Masquerade, I'll be performing a short ballet piece, en pointe and everything. So excited! ^^

It's been said on multiple occasions now, but once again SCANDAL would be an amazing band to bring to Fanime! Multiple OPs for Bleach and FMA, not to mention some of the best music and live performances I've seen. ^_^

does anyone know if the BW ball is on the same night this year? I really hope not.... I'd really love to do both! but if i have to chose the Masquerade wins ^^

Well according to this post, it does seem like they're both on the same night. :C Which makes me kind of sad, as I was also looking forward to both, haha. But I agree, I'd choose the Masquerade too! :3

The Black and White Ball will be on Sunday. May 27, 2012 from 6p-12 midnight.  For the past 3 years, the BWBall has always been on Sunday night with dance lessons (from Friday til Sunday) leading up to the event.  I hope that helps.

- Jim

Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but the screens on the sides show a zoomed-in view of the cosplayer(s) if no video is submitted, right? As in, the camera view follows the performers around the stage?

Is there an email we can contact for asking specific questions about participating in the masquerade or should they just be posted here? I looked on the Fanime website and couldn't find one. :c

I would very much like to know this as well! :3

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