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i am not a photographer and these pics from my terrible phone camera suck in quality+everything else but here’s all of my photos from the Love Live! gathering at Fanime 2015!~
also lemme know if there're any pics you want me to take down, and I'll do it C:

Registration / 3 Group Reg Questions
« on: February 27, 2014, 06:42:45 PM »
1. Is it okay if I make someone else in my group the group leader even though I'm paying for everyone's badges? Because I don't have a Government Issued ID, only a High school ID (last year they let me get my group's badges with my school ID but I don't wanna push my luck for this year...). I'm the only person in the group with enough money to pay for everyone.

2. Is the Group Leader picks up the badges rule going to be properly followed this year? Because last year your STAFF was giving me a hard time when I was picking up my group's badges. I had the paperwork and everything to show I was the group leader but they wouldn't give me my groups badges because I wasn't the "owner" of their badges. Luckily my group came with me on Day 0 so we were able to pick up our badges, but I really don't want to have to go this problem again.

3. Does the Group Name appear on anything (like our Badges)? I'm just wondering since we're running really low on time and can't decide on a group name lol.

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