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1x steel tanto
1x steel wakisahi
2x Throwing knives
1x copy of Sensitive Pornograph
1x Tokyo Mauri Desert Eagle
2x Naruto Yaoi mangas
1.5 liters of CC leamon
and a commison of my fursona(LOL) from the artists hall. Thats my haul for this year and iam happy spent like $130 but iam happy ^^

this years con was defintly more low key and a bit smaller i was also noticeing alot more single day passes then pre reg badges =/ but i think over all the gathering was a success and the con was loads o fun yaoi night was kinda boaring but over all I loved every sleep deprived minute of it. Back on topic next year i will be anbu again but hopefully my cosplay partner for this year will actualy have his costume so the kakashi iruka anbu pair will be compleat btw i openly blame his Ex for his missing the first 2 days of the con :evil:

Quote from: "NaV"
HAHAHAH kiba orgy!!!

you mean twister XD anyway great showing this year at the gathering. I had alot of and fun dont forget to post those pics kiddys :D

mark me down for ANBU and my friend Mark will be going as Iruka in ANBU aswell  :)

oragami well kudos to you man if i finish but cardboard is alot simpler :P

last day before con hope everyones costumes are done or almost compleate :P

woot got my gloves today and finished up everything else last night heres a teaser of my costume till i finish my gloves

many good points here but i guess twister is the best option lol unless...they both know how to play guitar. A battle to see which Dosu can rock out harder now that contest i would pay to see :D

I think a break danceing contest would be alot more challangeing and amuseing whos with me on this :)

hmm ok ill raise 2liters of Coke name brand not genaric lol on Brett(he better win lol)

i cant act like it wouldent be funny if we got enough people to do this :P

if iam sleep deprived enough shure ill dance XD

thank yous all for the compliments ^^ this thing was such a pain to make and Iam glad it finaly worked out. I cant wait to see everyones costumes this year and good luck to those still working on theres best o luck  :)

also my bet is on Brett in the battle of the Dosu's :P

ok this should be one of my last pic updates :P iam running out of stuff on the list but EARS!! ^_^

lol yes he dosent look like jesus anymore though :P

we so need to get a photo together lol btw how did you make your ears? that parts still eludeing me

well thank you very much your picture was most usefule in makeing this thing ^^

yea that was you


yes yes shoes and mask down today, this year is going to kick ass  :twisted:

also many thanks to the girl whos mask i based the design on :)

grrr mask is being troublesome most troublesome

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