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Updating on the behalf of my buddies:

My Wreck-It Ralph crew will no longer be able to make it to the Disney gathering, so please remove the following from the list:

Sgt. Calhoun ~ SilverSkye on coscom
Vanellope von Schweetz ~ JustKiwi on coscom
Fix-It Felix ~ mutual friend

I'll still be there as Ping though! Looking forward to seeing you all :)

I've got another request!

Eros and Apollo by the Studio Killers -

Edit 5/17/2013: And another! (Apologies for the request spam... I'm starting to get really excited about Fanime and the Ball!)

Sing, Sing, Sing by Benny Goodman -

Ah great so there IS an official Tales meet up. I will be cosplaying as Luke and my friend will be there as Tear for sure.

Because we didn't know about this meeting up until today Tear is hosting a secondary meetup on sunday at 1:30 (left of the main entrance under the trees) for a cosplay picnic if anyone else wants more Tales.

Oh my gosh more Abyss cosplayers how exciting! All we need is a Jade now and we'll have all the playable characters! And I think I'd definitely like to drop by for the cosplay picnic if that's still happening :) Where can we find more info?

Also on the topic of additional meetups, there will also be a gathering hosted by American Cosplay Paradise at the Toys Logic Booth at 2PM:

Is anyone planning on going to that one as well?

@maikiritori: From what I see on the poll results, there are at least four votes for 1:30PM as of now.

Great to know! Thank you!

Great, thanks! We were actually able to change our schedule around a bit as well so an 11:30AM time works fine for us now. But I still think a poll is a good idea for finding out what works for others. Thanks again!

Much appreciated, thank you!

Woohoo~ Thank you so much for organizing, maikiritori! I was getting nervous about whether or not this was going to happen. I will be going as Ping/Warrior Mulan, and my friends will be going as characters from Wreck-It Ralph. They don't have Fanime forum accounts so I will be posting on their behalf.

Ping/Warrior Mulan ~ PurePlummet
Wreck-It Ralph:
Sgt. Calhoun ~ SilverSkye on coscom
Vanellope von Schweetz ~ JustKiwi on coscom
Fix-It Felix ~ mutual friend

Also is the time up for discussion at all? Would it be possible to move it half an hour later to 12PM?

My friend and I were going to cosplay as Natalia and Guy from Tales of the Abyss in their formal outfits, but we're worried about her skirt length. The cosplay is her formal princess dress, but part of her skirt is above her knee ( ). It is a formal cosplay, but the front of the skirt isn't below/at the knee, so would it be allowed at the ball?

My friends and I will be doing cosplays from Wreck-It Ralph and Mulan on Sunday! I didn't go to the gathering last year, but is it about time we start nominating people to host the gathering? It's getting pretty close to the event and I want to start finalizing schedules!

Out of curiosity, at about how many bpm does a 3-count song begin to count as a Viennese waltz rather than a "regular" waltz?

Waltz Song Suggestions:
Don Bluth's Anastasia - Once Upon a December -
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (Vladimir Dashkevitch & The Leningrad state philarmony orchestra) - Beryl's Waltz
Tsuritama OST (Kuricorder Quartet) - Tsuritama Jinta -

Other songs I think might be fun to dance to at the ball but am far too inexperienced to categorize:
Vocaloid - Rolling Girl -
Zelda Ocarina of Time OST - Gerudo Valley - <-- 10-minute version; I figured it would be easier to cut a long audio track short than extend the short version
Zelda Wind Waker OST - Dragon Roost Island - (6/8 song so East Coast Swing maybe?)
Salt-N-Pepa - Push It -

Edit: More songs I thought of:
David Bowie - Just Dance -
Baccano OST - Guns & Roses -

Yayyy! Thank you so much for organizing!

My cosplay group and I will be going as Guy Cecil, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, Anise Tatlin, and Asch from Tales of the Abyss.

I am also posting on my group's behalf to say that unfortunately for our gathering interests we'll be doing a panel from noon to 1PM (an awesome posing panel that people should definitely check out if they have time, I might add!), so we won't be able to make a 12PM gathering. The four of us would prefer something in the afternoon between 2PM-5PMish if possible but 11AM works reasonably for us too. Thanks again for putting this together, Kell-chan! We look forward to seeing everyone :)

General Convention Discussion / Re: a few questions
« on: May 23, 2008, 10:11:47 PM »
Nf33's right; most if the information you're looking for can be found on

I think you only need a government-issued I.D. if you pre-registered. In the past few years, they didn't ask for any I.D. when I registered on-site.

You can buy full-weekend passes (Fri-Mon) for 55$, but I don't know about anything else.

Again, the main site is your friend. Go check it out :]

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: Help! >_<
« on: December 07, 2007, 08:54:12 PM »
The list of cosplays for girls with medium-length brown hair are endless, especially since your hair will grow by the time Fanime rolls around (and if you're willing to, you could always cut it). You should probably start with a list of anime/manga/video games that are appealing to you, and then from there, choose characters you can relate to, because that's what I think really makes the best cosplay :]

But don't take my word for it. Ask your friends if they're interested in cosplay, and maybe you guys could do a group cosplay. Those are always exciting.

Hey everyone. I was hoping some of you guys could help me.

I went to look for an L cosplay, but none of the sizes were what I wanted. I wanted long sleeves, but I wanted it to be relatively fitted for the torso, because in a cosplay as simple as this (well, any cosplay, really) the details were really important to me. I ended up buying a large shirt for the sleeves, though.

So I was wondering: Is it practical for me to "re-tailor" (I'm not sure about the right terms for this) the shirt, and if so, how would I do it?

Many thanks in advance.

Registration / Re: Paypal Question
« on: December 05, 2007, 08:23:14 PM »
Thanks very much! I was actually able to pay eventually, although I don't know what caused the problem in the first place. Thanks anyway :]

I have another question though, although if I messed up, it's probably too late: what age to you put when registering? Do you put your current age, or the age that you're going to be during Fanime? I put my current age, and I'm wondering if that's going to affect anything.

Registration / Paypal Question
« on: November 08, 2007, 10:47:31 PM »
Hey all, think you guys could help me out? This will be my third time going to FanimeCon, but this is the first time I've pre-registered. Since, as far as I know, you can't buy more than one badge per account, I made accounts for myself and my brother. I had no problems in the registration processes, but when I went to pay for them on PayPal, I ran into some problems.

I had no problem paying for my own badge, but it said I couldn't use the same credit card number for when I tried to pay for the other one. I'm pretty sure that's not normal, since it's unreasonable to have to use a different credit card whenever a person makes a purchase on PayPal. So what's wrong?

I wish I:

-stayed for more than one day.
-went to the DN gathering. Or any gathering, really.
-hugged more people.
-bought more stuff.
-went to the Dealer's Room earlier so I could've seen some stuff I really wanted before it was all gone.
-didn't sit around doing nothing so much.
-had a more enthusiastic cosplay partner that didn't study SATs the entire time he was there.
-took more pictures.
-acted more in character.
-went to the bathroom more to fix my hair. It got really saggy. Hah.
-took my nametag off during photoshoots. So many potentially awesome pictures were ruined because I forgot to take off/remove my pass.

....And that's about it. I still had a blast. But I WILL work hard to enjoy Fanime even more next year :D

Waahhh... I feel like I've missed so much. I probably did -__- I am SO going to the gathering next year, and nothing's gonna stop me. took us a while, but we've finally posted up some pictures from our Death Note photoshoot. If anyone's interested, you can find them here:

A couple more will be added soon. But for now, hope you enjoy~

Scyper, I can't see your pics D: Is there an html option I can turn on somewhere?

Edit: Ahm, just kidding .__.; I can see them now. Wowww your hair is really cool, Scyper *o*

In other news, our photographer hasn't sent me our pictures yet, but I managed to get a couple from my other friends' cameras:

Me, and a really cool Mello and Near >.ob Ero-Sannin, is that you? I couldn't really see your face in the air-hockey clip >.<

Our group and a friend who wanted to be in the middle XD

That's all for now. Please enjoy :] I'll post up more later.

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