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We were wondering if it is possible for hosting a Itasha/ Itansha Auto show exhibit like the recent Anime Expo or Anime Impulse on Fanime 2017 in the South Hall. By creating a car show that show cases the people who worked hard on their vehicles to the attendees who are interested or wanting to know the process of building one. Which will bring more attendees for the con because the most of the people in the anime scene are JDM car culture enthusiast.

We've created phases scenarios how we are going to host the Itasha/Itansha Auto show event at Fanime 2017:

Phase 1: Registration for the convention:

For the people who will register their vehicles in the Exhibit, they must complete an application in the main website for us and the staff's approval, pending on reputation that the person has. Following cars that will be approve must follow Fire Marshall and convention center policies ie: Fuel must be 1/4 in tank, negative terminal unplugged from battery, carpet underneath the cars, chalk for all 4 wheels and Bike Stands before entering the South Hall building. Also must volunteer for 2 hours a day in the exhibit.

Phase 2: Auto Show Set up.

Once entering the building, we'll give 1 hour for the owners to set up the cars for the exhibit.

Phase 3: Auto Show

We let attendees inside the building to view, photo or cosplay model for the cars on Day 1-3. But the attendees must not touch the vehicles and the props that comes along with it without the owners' consent.

Phase 4: After Auto Show

We'll let the owners pack up their stuff and vehicles after the convention closes.

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