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Not sure how else to contact anyone else on this issue. I haven't received my refund and it's been 2 months. What in the world Fanime. I'm so disappointed in how this is being handled. Is there anyone else that can help me with this?

Hi Ben,

I've sent a few emails now in regards to my refund. Can you please get back to me on the process, ASAP? You mentioned 90 days, but from when, from whom, and how would I be able to track it?...

I'm becoming increasingly concerned since I've had no contact from anyone in regards to this issue. I wasn't able to sell on either days, and now I'm out $80!


Hi Ben, I've sent a couple more replies to your email and hadn't gotten a response. I imagine you have a ton to go through.. My main concern is my refund. Just wanted to know when to expect it. I'm really bummed I wasn't able to work something out... And the lack of communication on the refund from the finance staff concerned me. If I can't get a spot for either days, I'd really love to at least get my refund in a timely manner as to not be out of that $80 this whole con weekend. :/

I've also sent emails in regards to registration questions and verification. I'm hoping I get a response ASAP... :\

My main email was asking about registering with a Dealer badge. I'm attending with a dealer badge, which I do every year since I help out a dealer that vends every year (Fanciful Gifts), and this year I wanted to sell my own personal items the swap meet, that have been taking up a ton of space at home (and of course for much needed $$$). But I'm unsure if it is possible... I've actually already filled out all necessary forms and paid for 2 days. Just waiting on responses back.

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