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where is favorable site to upload the pics i took?

I'm pretty sure any site that's reasonably quick, accessible, and safe is fine -- people seem to favor Facebook for its social features.

I saw a giant penguin walking around. Did anyone catch that?

Was it Grape-kun? http://imgur.com/XORg9uj

If so, I'm pretty sure there were a few pics on the Instagram tag

Hiya! Quote (Cave Story) on Sunday and Monday, with a little blue Nerf gun for a Polar Star and black sleeves -- first time at a con and first time cosplaying as well. Thanks for the awesome time, guys!

If it helps, here are my props:

Fanime has been changes their prop policies a lot recently. I'm not an official but from my experience that should be fine so long as you get it peace bonded. I'd say go ahead and bring it so long as you are ok with them saying it's not permissible when you go to get it peace bonded (in which case you will have to put it in your hotel room or car).

Alrighty, makes sense to me.

The blue might not be bright enough. Also make sure that you can't even pull the trigger. It doesn't matter if it does anything, if it has a trigger it has to be glued in place.

Ah, cool, I'll see if I can paint/cover up the main plastic and put a prop into the trigger to make sure it's nonfunctional.

Thanks for the help, guys!

Hi, I was wondering whether this Nerf gun would be con-legal:

I've stripped all functioning mechanisms based on this thread from 2015 that specifically mentions the brand (http://forums.fanime.com/index.php?topic=19864.0), but I know that the policy has changed since then. Is there enough safety coloring on its surface to be allowed? If it helps, the main body is a royal-ish blue that's a little lighter than the picture, and I plan to leave some of the branding exposed to make clear that it's a toy gun. Also, I'm aiming for a cosplay from Cave Story, with the Nerf as a stand-in for this pistol:

Thanks for the help!

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