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Hi all,

We are generally unable to bring music equipment in or out of the Convention Center. Acoustikaraoke is a purely "bring your own gear" show, although we can plug line in to our existing soundboard if you bring long enough cables. We generally just adjust the microphones in the room to suit acoustic instruments. Think of it as an open mic stage with no backline, but a few power outlets. The on-the-fly vibe is a very important element of the contest. =)

Hope this answers your questions!

Got it! Thanks! Really looking forward to meeting other musicians. See yall sooooooooon.

Planning on doing Acoustikaraoke for the first time ever. What gear is provided for guitarists? I have a single 12" amp that has built in FXs. If the house provides gear, I'll bring my pedals instead.

Is there a list of gear provided?

Also, how many songs are we allowed to perform? I have 3 anime songs, if that's not too much. :D

General Convention Discussion / Re: 2019 Weather Report
« on: May 20, 2019, 04:50:13 PM »
Looks like sunny and in the 70's!

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