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Hello everyone! How has 2020 been treating you? It's time to bring back the sports! I'll be posting an update on this gathering shortly! See everyone soon~

Hello everyone! Happy 2020! I'm back and ready to roll! It's time to plan a gathering! Get Excited!

Hello everyone! It's 2020, I'm back and ready to ride!

As usually, there will be a poll to vote for this gathering's date/time - please make sure to check this thread and the pending FB event page for it.

Also - due to more FE stuff being available, we will definitely need to speed up the picture taking in order to accommodate everyone and requests.

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding!


Hakaru Chan

*bump* do you guys want prizes? I'm still trying to figure out what prizes to give... maybe i can just give some 1 month CR trials lol...

*bumping* its only a week till the con and I'm already sleep deprived....

Sorry I answered this so late, but in the future, if you need help in getting another person to run this gathering, I can do it. :)

Hey! Sorry it took me a while to get back to you on this! I'd definitely love the help and you can definitely help me out this year! (since I want to be a part of the pictures since I'm cosplaying from a sport).

See you at the gathering!

Hello there! Thank you everyone for your patience! Time, Date and Location has been updated! If you have any questions - please msg on the FB event page as I can get to you faster! (I will periodically check the forums here).

I will check in here again a few days before Fanime.

Thanks everyone! See you soon!


Finalized and Updated! Make sure to msg on the FB event page if you have any questions or need reach me faster!

I'll check in here again a few days before Fanime :)


Everything's been updated and finalized. Please make sure to check the FB event page for the most latest informational updates. If you need to reach me, msg on the FB event page cause its faster XD



Submitting this officially tomorrow for finalization! Now that the first list is posted, it makes it easier to figure out what other SJ titles are happening so I don't conflict :)

Make sure to keep up with updates on the FB event page!


I wonder if anyone actually reads this lol...

Anyways, now that I have a better idea of what gatherings are coming out tomorrow - this gathering will officially be submitted tomorrow for finalization.

Make sure to keep track of updates on the FB event page!

I saw Fanime put out a tentative gathering list on FaceBook, but I didn’t see Fire Emblem on it. I hope everything’s just getting sorted out, but I’m eager to find out the confirmed time >.<

Thanks for checking in with me and this thread. I'm closing the voting poll tomorrow noon.

From there, once submitted - make sure to stay tuned for updates (mostly on FB!).

Hi! I already filled out the poll for my preferred day (anytime Sunday), but I was wondering what day/time the gathering has usually been held over the years? It's my first time doing a FE cosplay and I'd absolutely hate to cancel because it conflicted with the gathering I'm running (Saturday afternoon).

Hey there! Thank you for giving me the heads up! I apologize for getting back to you on this so late!

It's usually been held on Sunday (it's been held on Sunday for the past two years). I've held it once before on a Saturday like three/four years ago.

Also from the looks of the poll - it's pushing for Sunday so hopefully, this doesn't conflict with any of your plans :)

BUMP! Updated and what not...

Because I might be hosting several other gatherings during Fanime... I'm not sure if I want to post a poll to vote for dates/times until we get closer to the con.

I can't have this gathering coincide with the Shonen Jump Gathering and most likely Fire Emblem (until I can find a person to pass this gathering off to officially).

BUMP! Thank you all for your patience!

Make sure to read the description and take the poll so you can vote for your preferred time/date.

See you all there!




Hakaru_Chan - Gathering Host Assistant


All Sports Gathering will be back for Fanime 2019!

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes from your Gathering Host - Hakaru :)

If this is indeed happening again next year, I might come back as Uryuu again, but in his Quincy attire. :3

yay Bleach! I love Bleach so much :3

If you're still planning to run this next year, I've got Kiba Inuzuka (Naruto) and Mello (Death Note) in my cosplay list. :D

Hey there! I'm back and YES! I will be running it again! Next year's 2019 anime line up is the year of SHONEN JUMP! Also I'm very happy because World Trigger came back after two years (crying happy tears). I hope to update this thread after the holiday season so expect an update soon!


Last time me and the other hosts will be posting here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please post them on the FB event page or go to the Cosplay Gatherings table.

See you all soon!

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