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I'm being (happily) dragged to Fanime and hopefully the AC gathering. If I'm able to make it, I'll be Blackbeard. My girlfriend (username "shuraiya") will likely be Lady Black. I'll update later if we change our minds.

My gf and I were purgatory version of Castiel and Dean. Our friend was also dressed up as Naomi. We literally ran over to the gathering after arriving late due to CRAZY con elevators. It made my day to see so many other spn cosplayers, I'm glad we were able to make it. Also thank you to the girl who gave my Dean a pie!

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Convention Center Expansion
« on: May 29, 2013, 09:53:11 AM »
Driving by the front end of the construction, I really got a feel of how much extra space there will be once the building is done. My gf and I were having doubts if we'd be coming back to Fanime next year, but I feel like I have to at least give it a chance once the construction is done.

This was my second year selling at swap meet, and overall it went really well! In the future it'd be more helpful to register further in advance, just so I could prepare more stuff to bring with me. But I was happy to see that there was an easy check-in, spaces were already assigned and sectioned off, and that we had a good amount of time to get everything ready before people came in. Also staff was really helpful and generally awesome.

I'll be going as Castiel and my gf is going to be Dean. Not sure which version yet, it depends on how much time I have to finish them up! But hopefully we'll see everyone there!

Not sure which AT costumes I'm bringing yet, but I'll definitely be there! I'll update when I finally figure out which character I'll be. :D

It's 10 year anniversary for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, so I'll hopefully be able to finish fixing up Prince Mewt for myself, and Llednar Twem for my girlfriend!

My gf and I will probably be there as multiplayer characters. I'll be the Huntsman, she'll be ether Nightstalker or Sharpshooter.

Friday: Princess Bubblegum (pink dress, short curly wig, Peppermint Butler purse), Marceline (half shaved head, grey, axe bass)

Saturday: Ice Queen (blue dress and hair, long white wig). Prince Gumball (pink skin, hair, and prince outfit, with a giant black horse)

Sunday: Team Plasma (grey hoods, orange wigs, white tunics)

Sunday(2): Lenora (teal afro, pink apron), Burgh (green sweater, green and pink stripey pants)

If you have any pics, feel free to message me here or on, I'd really appreciate it!!

I'll likely make it to this and the Friday gathering, but not sure what I'll be wearing yet. :3

Need to fix up my armor of brutus for Ezio, but if I'm able to finish, I'll definitely try to make the gathering!

My gf and I will likely be bringing Harlock and Tadashi Daiba from the 1979 version of Captain Harlock!

I'll be there as Frimelda and my gf as Ilua, both from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2. Looking forward to the gathering this year!

My gf and I will likely be doing Harlock and Tadashi Daiba from the 1979 Space Pirate Captain Harlock version. We'll try our best to make it!

Planning to do a few AT cosplays for Fanime, so it really depends on how everything's scheduled! :3 No matter what, I definitely will show up to see the other Adventure Time cosplays.

Aphaestus - I figure that still counts as Altair, but I can add that there will be original modifications. Would that work?

demetria656 - No worries! I've had bronchitis so not much progress has been made on my Ezio costume either. I hope you're able to finish Malik and wear it to the gathering!

I'll be going as gym leader Lenora/Aloe and my gf (username - klayr) will be going as Burgh/Artie. This will be my first Pokemon cosplay, so I'm really excited!

I agree that we should be on a side of the convention building. I do like the right side, because there are trees there, and there's also that weird wall that offers a bit of shade. It'll also be easy for people to find us if they arrive a bit late, but we wont be blocking any main entrances.

Updated the first post with date and time for the meet up! We're still undecided on the location.

Just gonna reiterate that I'll be Tetsuro from Galaxy Express 999! Also, I was originally thinking we should have it earlier in the day, but a valid point was made. People arriving on day 1 will need some time to get settled and unpacked a bit. Maybe have the gathering later afternoon? 3 or even later up until 5 or so.

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