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I am thinking about bringing out my Naruto Uzumaki OVA version.

I know I was posting too early for this gathering, but Ingo I'm delaying until I can find my hat and I live out in Houston, TX now.
I am debating between Red, the Legendary Trainer or N Harmonia from B/W.
Either way, I'm going to this gathering in 2014 as either one.

I'll just finalize as time draws near.

I'm more likely being my French Ingo for Fanime 2014.
I'll need someone to be my French Emitt though. (If someone wouldn't mind)

I'll be Ace from Final Fantasy Type-0 for this next Fanime. <3

I'll be the older Hinata from Naruto for the gathering. It'll be my first time going.

Bands/People I'd love to suggest:
Alice Nine, GazettE, Dir en Grey, SuG, GACKT (let me elaborate on Gackt) and Miyavi. :P

Now about Gackt, it would be really awesome if he could come to the US, but what people do not understand is that he is planning to come to North America in 2011. It has been "confirmed" by the man himself. While many of his fans patiently and yet some can be very impatient about his film releasing in the US. (Bunraku is what I'm speaking here.) Anyways, I do understand getting someone like him to come to Fanime could be rather difficult on behalf of he's very popular and a very busy man as several of you has mentioned.

If you would like me to link you guys to the interview that where Gackt himself has announced that he's planning on touring the US in 2011, feel free to drop me a mail. The other artists that I mentioned are some of my personal favorites as well.  ;D I'd be personally happy if anyone of those personally came to Fanime myself. (But, I really have been waiting and wanting to see a Gackt concert for a very long long time.) Besides, Gackt has a fairly large fanbase in California anyways.  ;D

Glad to have fixed the thread more. ;D
I am still uncertain about being present, seeing my KH cosplays are a bust that I'm afraid.
I am still going to be board organizer here up until the day of the Con. I wish everyone the best! ;D

Updated first post. ^-^
Might be going to the gathering since I am the board organizer for Fanime Forums this year. :3
It depends if I can fix a costume in this last couple of weeks...

Meep. I can't seem to run the gathering.
Things have came up for me at the last minute to where I can't phyiscally run it. I'm sorry. Dx

But, hopefully someone else will take over... at the last minute. Dx

Saturday is good, I'll set it for Saturday...

Alright, I updated the first post with everyone thus far.
I know it's really close to Fanime now...

@Riku: I hope you get the Fairmont hotel! Or even the Hilton hotel!
As for me, I'll be staying at Fairmont :3

@iKuraudo: Oh, date correction! Its actually May 29th that's the Saturday, not the 30th. Sorry! >3<; I remembered because my friend's birthday is on the 29th... and on a Saturday o3o;

Updated. Sorry, been kind of busy...
Date's fixed.

Hello, everyone! ^-^
For those who didn't know, I'm iiHanatsuki on Cosplay.com~ (the screen names are similar... LOL.)
And yes, I am the Xion cosplayer who will be the one to help out RikuCosplayer to make this Gathering a success :3

@iKuraudo: I'm sorry I didn't say (or see) this earlier, but thank you SO much for making the KH Gathering OFFICIAL Thread! <3
Its a big help for me and Riku~~ :3
It is also my first time organizing a Gathering, so I do appreciate the assistance you're giving us ^-^

Let's have a fun Kingdom Hearts Gathering, shall we? >;DD

It is no problem at all, glad to be of assistance. ^-^

Updated first Post. (:
For the date to be changed, RikuCosplayer is the one to be contacted.

Updated first Post. ^-^
Thank you for your approval, I'm looking forward to working with you.

Also, if you would like me to trash any photograph ideas, please tell me through Cos.com or here.

I am just a BOARD organizer.
Please Post here so, that you can get your username if you are attending the gathering and who you are going to cosplay as. ^-^

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