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General Convention Discussion / Fanime 2014 Reports
« on: June 21, 2014, 11:52:52 PM »
There doesn't seem to be a thread about this, so I suppose I'll start one.

The Fanime 2014 Report from Dragon's Anime

You can get the torrent for the Masquerade in that news item.

It was a fun convention, and much improved over recent years.  I look forward to seeing what future years are going to be like.

Well, I'm not entirely sure if I or the other photographers in my group took photos of anyone here, but since there is no photo gallery thread that I can discern, I'll go ahead and post it here.

You can get the torrent for the Masquerade in that news item.

The pics for Fanime 2014.  We'll have more in the near future once the rest of my group report in with their pics.  If you get hit by the Age Check, hit Enter then hit Back to get directly to that that gallery.

If anyone sees a picture of themselves and wants a larger and/or raw version, let me know and I'll make it available.

Registration / Re: Press Applications 2014
« on: February 03, 2014, 10:49:21 PM »
I'm a little curious about that myself since, unless I've received incorrect news, that we cannot register for the Fanime Hotel block until we are properly registered.  Housing opens on the 10th as I recall, so that time is rapidly approaching.

I'm apparently blind, since I started another one, so I'll just post here as well, and see about killing the other one.

Still getting used to my Nikon D7000, so the post processing on these pics is reminiscent of the post processing I had to do on my Nikon D40x.  Also wound up having to drop a few since focus was a bit off, but in any event, here are the pics for Fanime 2012.  I should have the galleries for my compatriots up in the coming week.

Even with the technical difficulties, I'm rather impressed with what my new camera can really do, though it will be awhile before I master it fully.  A few of the pics at the end were taken with my Olympus EPL-1, so that's why they may look a little different.  As always I hope you enjoy them, and if any cosplayer wishes for larger, unedited, and/or raw versions of their pics, message me, and I'll make them available.  Finally, if you have one of my cards either side of that card has an email address I can be contacted at, so don't be afraid to use either.

Apparently, I'm blind since I just noticed, there was in fact a topic for this sort of thing.  Any chance I can get the mods to delete this one?

General Convention Discussion / Re: Photos from Fanime 2011!
« on: September 25, 2011, 07:05:48 PM »
After some serious processing, I now have Mayhem's pics from Fanime 2011 up. Also available are the photos from backstage of Fanime 2011's Masquerade.

As always, if you're a cosplayer and want a bigger and/or unedited JPG and RAW of your pic, just send me a message and I'll make it available.  Have fun, one and all, and apologies for the delay!

General Convention Discussion / Re: Fanime 2011 Videos
« on: June 06, 2011, 01:33:19 AM »
Having had to divide my time between covering the Black and White Ball and the Masquerade, I had to get a good friend, Pio Buenaventura, to record the Masquerade for me, which is what I now present to you here on the Nyaa Torrents site. Truly, I thank Pio from the bottom of my heart, this video would not have been possible without him.

Pio actually does a lot of impromptu filming at conventions of the various goings on, such as what you'll see of this year's Fanime.  He also links to other vids from cons as well. To find more of his work, hit up his Youtube channel.

I do know Momoi doesn't mind casual taping, and I know several in our Momoi group do tape, but they use a tripod set up in the back. These people also have the sense to NOT ask her permission to distribute their video, since they know this is illegal. For this reason, Fanime has sufficient excuse to ban filming.

I believe this is category error; having defined the problem in an incorrect way so as not to be able to actually solve it.  This is not illegal if the person being filmed gives her permission; as I'm very certain that Momoi has.  Having recorded entire events of her before (as press granted) I've actually been asked to distribute what I have if I have it.  Which I do, and I do without any monetary compensation, for this or any other video I've ever shot at an anime convention or otherwise.

The problem was more correctly defined by those in the front getting in everyone's way to take video.  This is rather annoying, and makes it harder for everyone to have a good time.  I personally do not mind video being shot, as long as it's out of the way.  The raised platform in back is a VERY good idea, for both press and for casual attendees (you'd probably need a long one).

Someone here also made that tired argument about why would anyone want to record something like this; implying this to be an almost immoral practice.  To this individual, I say that some people get involved by jumping up and down in time with glowsticks.  Others sit in the back and soak the ambience.  Still others get up and shoot pictures and video.  I'll thank you kindly not to casually dismiss my way of involvement so long as it does not get in the way of yours and vice versa, and offers no harm to either IP (which is another argument) or inconvenience to (in this case) Momoi (which it does not as per her direction).

General Convention Discussion / Re: Photos from Fanime 2011!
« on: June 03, 2011, 10:44:12 AM »
So far, we now have the first of the Fanime 2011 pics up.  These particular pics were taken with my Olympus E-PL1 and so you may notice differences in the quality of pictures.  I'm not sure at the moment if I should isolate the pictures or just mix them based on date.  I'll have to give it some further thought.

In any event you can get to them by clicking here.

-Update- All photos are now available.  If you see your pic and want the RAW or higher quality/unedited JPG, let me know and I will make it available.  Have fun!

Registration / Re: FanimeCon 2011 Pre-Registration is OPEN!
« on: March 12, 2011, 05:58:21 PM »
As the last thread for Professional Registration was locked, I figured I'd post in this one. 

The original ETA was the end of February, but now it is the middle of March, and it still does not appear to be open.  Any word on the current ETA?

Could it be?  Am I sick?  Have I ceased procrastination?  Hell if I know, but in any event, the Fanime 2010 Report is up for viewing.

As in all the previous years, this one was a great convention, though I may have over-scheduled myself a bit.  Probably wasn't the best of ideas with the lingering traces of the stuff I was suffering from at ACEN still in my system.  Thankfully they'd opened up a Safeway supermarket right near the convention which was a great place for food, drugs, and other essentials which reduced so many of the problems we usually have to far more manageable levels...and then we fill up our time at the convention with other things to do, heh.  But why am I telling you here?  Click up on that link and check out all the fun stuff I saw and took part in.

Video Programming / Re: Hentai Music Video Awards at Fanime 2010
« on: June 24, 2010, 05:08:48 PM »
I admit, I had no idea this was on either.  Now quite a number do, so I expect turn out will be better next year.

Also, can you post a list of the Hentai AMV's you did play after the contest and possibly where we could get those?

Unless the policy has changed last year this isn't the case. HOWEVER... video taping the events is up to the discretion of the performing artist. I.E. 2 years ago when AnCafe performed, no video/photography of any kind was allowed, whether you are press or not. However, Momoi encouraged video and photos and even allowed the concert to be streamed on NicoNicoDouga.

I'm sure as the con gets closer and this matter is actually brought up within negotiations the convention will put out something about whether or not photography/video is allowed.

Thank you.  I'll keep an ear open then for further confirmation either way.

I can tell you that any kind of photography at the LM.C concert is not permitted. Any live stream is not permitted and comes with heavy fines. Union issues may also arise if any equipment beyond a camcorder is used as it could imply broadcasting. Recording in the concert venues is also strictly limited, mainly due to union issues.

Well, I don't expect concerts to allow such things, which is why I was pleasantly surprised that Momoi allowed what she did.  Back in '02 I think it was, Yuki Kajiura allowed it at an Anime Expo event.  Both of which I have recordings of, and since it was allowed, I have given the general public access to them.  The ban on concert recordings is understood at all levels, and not really what I was asking about.  The next part on the other hand...

More importantly why are you taping anything? Taping for youtube is not cool. Personal use is futile too because the quality is bad, no stable shot, no direct audio feed, and a likely bad vantage point.

Why you ask?  It's very simple.  Why do people take pictures?  Why do people have publicly accessible websites to showcase them?  Why do people write articles about what went down and share them with everyone?  Why has the internet grown up to allow such easy transmission of such articles?  Why do phones now have the capability of recording those fleeting moments and are then showcased on sites which have grown up to support such endeavors...Youtube for example whose use for such that you seem not to have much respect for judging by your casual dismissal in this context?  Why does American Cosplay Paradise exist?  Why do they film the masquerades at nearly every convention imaginable?  Why do they share it?

Same reason I do a lot of that.  Same reason so many, both amateur and professional, do that.  It does not matter if it's the best recording in the universe.  In all cases it's nowhere near as good as the full blown production that conventions have for their camera work...not that they ever share their recordings, and camcorder tech has come a long way from what it was, so even the 'not as good' excuse has little weight anymore (not that it truly ever did).  All that matters is that it WAS recorded and shared, that memories were captured, that the story can be told and experienced in a far more engaging way by both those that were there, those that were not there, and perhaps even more importantly, by those who put on the Masquerade who want to see what they did from the audience's perspective and without whose participation you'd NOT HAVE a Masquerade...or other event like a Battle of the Bands or an Idol contest (these guys REALLY starve to see how they did).

We do it because we're fans.  And we wish to share it with the world.  It doesn't hurt anyone at all, and brings joy to many.  FANime not sit-down-and-be-quiet-in-your-seat-like-a-good-little-boy-we-will-tell-you-where-how-and-what-to-enjoyime...right?

Just go to the events to enjoy them; taping them leads to a mediocre experience for you and a useless piece of junk for memories.

You're welcome to your opinion, though thankfully I'm absolutely certain that the vast majority of the congoers and staff do not share it.

This is correct. Most of the facilities that FanimeCon use require Union labor for just about everything. Dealers, for example, cannot carry their own merchandise from the loading docks to their booths. The ushers, the people running the sound and lights and video at the masquerade - all union.

I'm aware of some of the strange constraints concerning union rules at convention centers.  The entire can't sell food for example always cracked me up.

I'll point out that the public lies in something of a gray area here; it's why sometimes people get away with it. But there are complications that keep us cautious about letting our members do those things openly during our events. The four- to five-figure fees are one of them. ;D

I can imagine.  However, I've never had a real issue with the main events manager letting me set up a tripod and film the Masquerade, for example.  It sounded from what I'd read (and I'll be damned if I can find the discussion again) that there was going to be some sort of crack down this year.  If so, I'd kinda like to know what that I'm sure most who do what I do would.  I suppose it would be a way to cut down on press membership requests if that's the case, but then you'd be getting into Anime Expo territory there, and many of their departments are openly hostile to both press and their own press department.  Fanime has always had an exceedingly higher track record as far treatment of convention attendees and press goes.

As Eric and Pyron mentioned, though, FanimeCon does occasionally impose rules regardless of our own constraints - such as when an artist requests that no photography or video be taken. In those cases, even if photo/video were permissible, we'd still honor our guests' wishes.

I have no objections to this.  At the end of the day, I have no wish to force anyone to do anything they'd find objectionable in this context.  I would expect the same so I give the same.

And to echo Eric's sentiments... it's rare that the video comes out well. Trust me, I know.

Again, not the point.

Thank you all for your responses.  I'll be sure to keep checking as the convention rolls in closer.

I read something very strange on a discussion of this convention over on Facebook; figured I'd come here for confirmation.  There was some concern that the taking of any sort of video (much less the setting up of tripods for cameras and video) was being shutdown by the union that runs the theatre we typically have main events in...unless one were to pay some astronomical fee for the privilege.

The first question, from which all others would follow, is this truly the case?  Sounds pretty far fetched, all things considered since they've never had an issue with it before, but I figured it'd be better to find out now and see what courses of action would be available if indeed this turned out to be true.

Well, finally got the pics for Fanime 2009 up.  Like the ACEN ones, I've not gone through and culled them, that'll come later.  It's more important I get them up for everyone to enjoy.  Head on over to TFA Cosplay or just click here to go directly there.

I should have some video available in a few days too.  You'll be able to acquire them from Dragon's Anime.  Hopefully I can get some reports done as well.

If you see yourself and you want a full sized unedited or RAW pic, just contact me and I'll make it available.

Well no report yet, though that will be up on Dragon's Anime sometime after Anime Expo I expect.

However, the first part of the pics I have uploaded here at TFA Cosplay.  Previous years and other cons can be found via clicking on the link on the button atop the main page.

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