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Staff & Volunteers / Re: Looking for SOS/Rover staff for 2009!
« on: July 01, 2008, 01:09:48 AM »
However, do not assume 24 hours can be done on thursday and not show up on friday/saturday/sunday.

Seriously, if you have committed to working for SOS/Rovers, do your shifts through Friday/Saturday/Sunday. If you want to work extra shifts and hours (Like I love to do) then feel free...but don't leave us screwed certain days cause you decided you were done for the weekend.

Just something we have talked about...

aint that the truth i love working the extra shifts like on sunday all 17 hours i worked were awesome and got the most enjoyment out of it all but man i cant wait for the bouncers to be in full  attack mode again looking forward to seing you soon.....oh and steve p.m. me soon

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