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I'll be showing up for tea as a Grell Sutcliffe.

Put down another Grell Sutcliffe <3.

The gathering was completely amazing, and so was our not!tea party after. My thanks to those who brought food. ^_^

Saturday and Sunday I was Grell Sutcliffe from Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler. The one with the silver/red chainsaw. Anyone have a photo of me?

Also, any Kuro gathering shots would be loved.

Haha! Hell, you're doing Vincent too? Raenef shall have 2 husbands then (we shall fight over her!)! Since we need motive to get our asses moving on cosplay work, I've been given the go ahead to say who well be cosplaying as for the gathering. Raenef = Rachel Phantomhive (manga); Chaosbark = Vincent Phantomhive (manga) [because, honestly, the anime colors were dreadful].

On a side note, Raenef and I are looking for a couple of people to do a shopping photoshoot with us. It shouldn't take more than a half-hour at most, and we won't require you to bring any props.

We'll need:
  • Shoppers:
    • 1 Ciel
    • 1 Elizabeth
  • Bag Holders:
    • 1 Sebastian
More shoppers/bag holders are encouraged to join us - would be fun to have Madame Red, Grell, Meilin, Tanaka (would be amazing if that cosplayer could join us), Soma, and Agni (would really like these two if possible). We'd like a count of which characters will be participating by May 1st so that we can get enough bags/tissue paper/props/etc together. If you'd like to bring some of your own, do tell us - Victoria Secret bags/boxes, hat boxes, frilly unmentionables (for Ciel), shoe boxes (heels), and anything else are more than welcome!

Also feel free to come join our shopping extravaganza even if you don't wish to join the shoot itself.

I think I can ask my Red if she's up for it...maybe if she says no I just sneak away...>>

Anyway, contributing to the location and being useful- I like the patio idea, it sounds quite sweet, and not hectic. Though I don't mind walking in heels either.

For my costume, I'm going to have a prop chainsaw. It'll be this, painted. Would I not be allowed to have this, or could it still be peacebonded? It doesn't appear to have moving parts.

And if I cannot, the next step is scissors, which I assume I'd need peacebonded. *sigh* No time for doll sewing...

...An odd question.

Where could one find black men's trousers with a 24"-26" waist, for someone who is 5' 5"?

I have been looking through so many things, but thrift stores tend to only have giant pants unless you look in boys', but then they are too short.
Does anyone have any references pics from Ouran High School Host Club? I'm trying to see how to get my hair to look like Mori's

Happy Things in the Happy Universe / Re: I like people: Fanime 09
« on: August 17, 2009, 07:34:55 PM »
...I was talking to a Kyoya Ohtori cosplayer at one point...utterly charming, and it doesn't hurt that Kyoya is my favorite person in the Host Club.

But then again, they could have just been IC. *sigh*

You still made me happy.

General Anime Chat / Re: What Manga Are You Reading Lately?
« on: August 17, 2009, 07:29:55 PM »
Reading and utterly hooked on Kuroshitsuji by Yana Toboso.

...Saturday? Really?


I was hoping not, because I'm doing a Kuroshitsuji group on the same day, and to be very truthful...if it came down to Bleach or finally debuting my Grell Sutcliffe cosplay, I go with my Lady Grell.

Which is sad, because I was going to be Wonderwice.

Its being held on Saturday because Naruto is being held on Sunday, and both gatherings are never held on the same day because
1)both are too huge to hold on the same day
2)both series share a similar fanbase
3)there always seems to be a rivalry between the two series

ever since I took over Bleach back in 07, Naruto and Bleach have flip-flopped between Saturday and Sunday. They're holding theirs on sunday this year, so we have saturday.

*big fat sigh then* That makes lots of sense.

If somehow the date is changed to Sunday for Kuro, I'll show on Saturday.

...Saturday? Really?


I was hoping not, because I'm doing a Kuroshitsuji group on the same day, and to be very truthful...if it came down to Bleach or finally debuting my Grell Sutcliffe cosplay, I go with my Lady Grell.

Which is sad, because I was going to be Wonderwice.

wah! it looked like a good time~~
i didn't get my cosplay done in time! (evil teachers  :-[)
hoping to get Drocell done for next year and bring cake that i said i would!



... :)

I love Drocell so much.

Big Event Showcase / Re: Masquerade feedback?
« on: June 25, 2009, 03:50:48 PM »
laaate feedback.

I think the Masq was pretty good. True, some things didn't work out, but overall it was decent.

Major props to Miss Marisa and everyone else for keeping everyone organized!

I am so coming back next year.

If we are already starting to talk, I'm going to jump in.

I'm very likely to show up, as Grell Sutcliffe, our ever charming psychopath. My friend (known as Kawaii Spider) will be the glorious Sebastian, her younger brother our Earl Ciel (teal greatcoat version), another friend as the debonair William(as shinigami), and yet another participant as the late Madame Red (hopefully).


Looking for my drag Nnoitra Jiruga cosplay from Sunday. Reference:  I'm in the middle. Princess Tutu cosplay from Saturday. Reference:


Anyone have a photo of that Nnoitra/Noitora Jiruga from Bleach who was wearing a skirt?


Did anyone get a picture of that Aizen/Gin fanservice at the park? Know I didn't....

Alright, the time has been set. The last thing we need is the place.

Yeah, but I'm looking at an early-morning gathering as well, and it takes a while to get my hair done correctly. Sorry.  :-[

Hey, what group for photos would I be in, given my costume?

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