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Happy Things in the Happy Universe / I like people: Fanime 09
« on: May 28, 2009, 04:09:18 PM »
I meet someone at the con that I liked (didnt tell her) but i did.

How bout all of you? ^.^

Monday morning after the black and white ball around 2:00 Am, Cosplay chess was still going on. Due to different coincidental events that had happened to me, i ended up on the Black army. Shortly our army began to win several times in a row, and me and my chess mates began to become friends as an ultimate force.

I have desided to attempt to keep connection with all of my army chess mates, and possibly make a online forum for us.

Please reply if you were or are a part of my previous army from that morning!!! I miss you guys!

such people as

Our Overpowered Bishop
Chair sealed league
White Knight (hello again :O iv informed you about this post)
Awesome Queen
Bush/Hedge Rooks (x2)
Who ever our god was... (jk. we love you god ^.^)

And everyone else who was in our glorious army! please help me find you so that we can make this even more strong for next yeaaaaaar!!!!

-Jon-Jon (The knight with a 7 foot Sword)

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