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 I have seen this many times on cosplay websites and I thought it'd be cool to give it a try here!   ;D So, you put down cosplay would you rather.

 Would you rather......
1)have an awesome cosplay, it's accurate, perfect, but the anime isn't that great and it's not well known so no one knows who you are dressed as.
2) have a not-so-great cosplay but the anime is very popular(for example bleach or naruto) and you get recognized very easily.

then you have to answer the previous one before you write your own!


Would you rather......

1) Have any contact lenses for your cosplay that you want


2) Have any cosplay shoes you want?

Ok, so this question is something that just wouldn't go away. Have anyone of you made a cosplay/costume that looked so good, it looked commissioned? I was curious about that. If you haven't do you have any advice on how to? Because that happens to many people I come across. I'll say " Did you buy that?" or "Did you make that?" It's so hard to tell with all of these cosplayers making such great cosplays! I was curious about the secret to it. So if you know please post it right here! Or just post about cosplay making here!

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