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Buy/Sell/Trade / [WTS] PVC figures
« on: May 18, 2010, 11:23:13 AM »
I have a few figures that I need to sell. Since Fanime is coming up in a week and a half, we could meet up and do the exchange instead of shipping it. However, if you won't be at Fanime, I am still willing to ship it to you. I just want to get rid of as much as possible before the swap meet so I don't have to carry as much there.

When I say mint condition, I mean I just opened it just to take pictures with it and then put back into the box.

Shunya Yamashita's Ayanami Rei (mint) - $50

Shunya Yamashita's Arisa white version(mint) - $40

Shunya Yamashita's CoCoNa (sealed) - $50

Shunya Yamashita's Petra red version (mint) - $40

Shunya Yamashita's Non Non light pink version(sealed) - $60

Shunya Yamashita's Kasumi blue and white version (sealed) - $15 each or $25 for both

Shuraki Trinity Needa (sealed) - $70

Alter Dark Saber (sealed) - $60

Enterbrain Archer (mint) - $60

Gift's Saber (mint) - $60

Taito Saber (sealed) - $20

GSC Saber Lily (mint) - $180

Enterbrain Tohsaka Rin (sealed) - $70

GSC Karen Ortensia (sealed) - $50

BOME Saber and Rin (sealed) - $25 each or $45 for both

GSC Saber (mint) - $45

Clare (sealed) - $70

Portraits of Pirate Series (sealed) - $80 each and discounts if you buy multiples
Franky, Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Shanks, Ace, Nami, Vivi

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I have a few more figures to sell, but I have to find them first so check back soon.

What do you guys do that is not anime or gaming related?

I'm on a dragon boat team. This will be my third year with them.
I'm also training for a half marathon right now.

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