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Registration / Registering at the door D:
« on: May 24, 2007, 05:37:47 PM »
My friend didn't pre reg in time so he'll have to register at the con. I'm aware that when people register at the con, it's like a never ending line. x_x

What would be a good time to come to avoid a ridiculously huge line (if that is possible)?

For me, I was really disappointed with the Musicfest this year. :cry:   In fact, I left before the show was even over. (I left after the fourth act) Maybe it's just my taste in music..but I was expecting to hear something like ZZ or maybe camino or nami tamaki. I guess I didn't really like the music because most of them made this sound..i don't know how to describe it..but they sang in a way where it sounds like they're wailing. kinda like.. UWAHHHHHHHHHHHHH. and i guess i don't like the kinda music where there's wailing like that. and I'm not terribly fond of crazy, head-banging, migrain-inducing songs either. D:

maybe i'm just picky. i dunno. i wasn't disappointed the past two years at fanime, but i was this year.

Anyway, what did you guys think?

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