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General Anime Chat / manga rental service similar 2 netflix/greencine
« on: July 15, 2005, 05:35:24 PM »
Anybody here think having something like a netflix or greencine service for manga would be a great idea?

I love manga more than anime. The only options I have for reading manga is either buying them, borrow from friends, or checkout from the library.

Buying cost too much if you want to read a lot and then you get stuck with a big inventory you can either keep or sell back.
The folks I know are only into anime, so no source for borrowing :(
Library doesn't have everything and you have to wait in a request queue.

Would be nice if I could use a manga book rental service for reading X many books at a time for X dollars a month. Then I can read all I want and not pay as much or deal with having a big inventory/collection. Wouldn't you agree.

I don't think one exist does it. Be nice to start one, if there was enough supporters (like me) for such a service.

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