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If you are homme (male), femme (female), androgynous or trans;
if you are petite or tall;
if you are frail, tough, voluptuous, and feel really photogenic;
if you are confident, timely, and professional with zero or some or lots of experience:
Please apply as a model!

If you are rich and experienced;
if you are poor and experienced;
if you have a portfolio and want to add to it;
if you are able to turn out design concepts in a month and produce them in the two months afterwards:
Please apply as a designer!

If you are personable;
if you know how to use a needle & thread but aren't designing yet;
if you want to help put together Antagonite Fashion and gain top-notch experience in professionalism;
if you're studying photography, fashion, cosmetics, stagetech, or marketing:
Please apply as a volunteer (usher, staffer, apprentice, etc).

Hey there.  Curator and Executive Producer for FanimeCon's Antagonite Fashion.  This show is for the exhibition of several SF Bay Area designers and designers in the anime community.  Antagonite will be held with Fanime’s MusicFest, the concert event featuring indy musicians from the Japanese and stateside scenes.

We are looking for models, designers, and volunteers.  Models with any level of experience (or none!) are welcome.  We need all body types, even the voluptuous.  Designers and photographers are subject to discussion and approval of their work (portfolio review).  All applicants must apply with a physical copy of the interest form.  You can download the form and the calendar of deadlines on the Yahoo Group entitled "Antagonite".  More details on the site.

Quote from: "Gwen Stefani in dazzling lyric"
. . . Inspire me and they’d come to my rescue.
I'd dress them wicked, I’d give them names.
Love, Angel, Music, Baby. Hurry up and come and save me. "

Well, plans are underway for the next fashion show.  For those interested in getting involved, the possibilities shall be posted soon.  For now, the obvious.

The Stars:
Designers--compile a line of outfits that expresses your fashion imprint
Models--aspiring alternative models from the Bay Area, including cosplay models
Antagonite Analogues--details later

The terms and deadlines for entry shall soon be posted.  Until then, just wait and see.  We won't be taking applicants via Fanime BB.  Therefore, join Antagonite group on Yahoo Groups.

General Convention Discussion / Missing Laptop. $$ Reward.
« on: June 14, 2006, 11:59:48 AM »
blue-green Toshiba Satellite model
power cord & adapter
grey and yellow backpack

Last seen at 4 p.m. on 29th May at SJCC Meeting Room E, behind Karaoke/Fashion Show area (Room C).

Stickers on front.  Label on battery: Theresa T. Nguyen.  Label on back of machine: www.stuffbak.com.

Option 1) From the kindness of your heart, please drop me a private message so that this laptop can be returned to its rightful owner.

Option 2) Please call the hotline if found (1 800 800 8257). Report the item as 0033A16 and the company will give you a drop-off location (UPS).  Reward with no questions asked.  Please do not reply to this post.

Live Programming and Events / What goes down at Le salon?
« on: April 16, 2006, 04:55:41 PM »
Stop by if you are into clothing or want to sit on a couch to hang out.  I'm totally spamming for your traffic.  It is shameless and beautiful bohème chic, this lounge.  I swear, if we are to come to Fanime to forge contacts and enjoy a jolly good time, we must come in our best!

Fred Estaire:
Do it big!  Do it right!
Do it with class!  Do it with style!

What is Stage Zero? little edit
We need stage/sound tech to staff this.  It is an event that will take place right above the registration vestibule.  That's the humongaloid mezzanine space between the hotel and the dealer's room, the general meeting space for Fanime Con-goers.

Stage Zero programming:
Convention Announcements Panel and Event Producers, please contact me so we can compile a list of announcements to run during the convention.
3-minute movies Anyone is eligible.  What is it?  Heck, ask Ebner.  Please submit entries by March 15.
AMV previews, TRL style needs VJ hosts.
Anime/Foreign Film previews
Game ShowsAll suggestions submitted to me by PM or email will be taken seriously.  So far these have been suggested:
Cosplay Chess and Iron Cosplay
Live Music, Dance, other shows/acts
Quote from: "dealerJason"
Stage Zero is to be a live show that will go all day and into the evening. Programming will be fast and constant. . . .
This is all possible. How much will you participate?

Fashion Show
We are local designers raised in the Fanime community.  Before and after Fashion Show events, the designers will be promoting their design portfolios at a booth and table in Artist Row.  Some items will be on sale after the events.

Some styles draw from music in physical manifestation--literally with guitar picks, strings, CDs, and other materials as part of the clothing!  Some designers wish to elaborate on fighter/raver style, totally original and totally imaginable for a fantasy world.  Some of the fashion you will see comes from meandering the streets of Vancouver and San Francisco.

Check out (poll) Fashion Show
and Street Style [EGL, Decora...] Fashion Show?

Any questions and reports must go directly to Live Programming leadership.  Audition and other participation requests will not be honored unless you report to the appropriate parties.

Live Programming and Events / Fashion Show: Reasons, Input, Refinement
« on: October 20, 2005, 04:15:28 PM »
Quote from: "Croquet"
. . . As for the fashion show, it sounds cool, but I dont know anyone who makes their own costumes up. Maybe the fashion show could make [cosplay chess] a more popular thing to do, but I'm not sure about this....

Really appreciate this.  Some people might be questioning the purpose and the popularity of a resident fashion show at the convention.  Consider this:

·People who cosplay tend to be fans of the artist who conceived the anime character.  Any fictional character that you need to see has to have a wardrobe that expresses their personality.  One purpose of cosplay is to get into that personality.

·People who get into cosplay already have a sense of style that they mean to express, often within similar tastes of a character archetype.  Anyone who makes any judgement about a person by their clothes has some knowledge of fashion.  Those with a higher interest and understanding of communicating with clothing in any culture is interested in fashion, period.

·People who are good at fictional character design (such as but not limited to games, animation, comics) must know what to communicate in their characters' clothing and accessories.  This fashion show can give our community's budding manga/game designers the opportunity to bring their characters to life.

·Fanime con go-ers are interested, to a great extent, in emerging local artists, goth fashion, Japanese street fashion, gamer/Silicon Valley trends, and other 'alternative' lifestyles.  This is where they get to see it.

·Fanime cosplayers love attention.  Whether they bought or created their own costumes, they love to model it.  Individuals aspiring to model can create a professional portfolio from this show.

·Most people who get into fashion are not a part of the creation process, only the consumption.  Those who are creators can reinterpret fashion that they've seen or to create something completely new.  This is a show for those trying out fashion design or are building a professional portfolio as they aspire to  go to design school.

·Fanime Con is by fans.  It's for fans.  In a way, we are grassroots, and we are always into trying an idea at least once.  If it don't work out, we'll give each other feedback on what didn't work.  This is an event that will attract people to Fanime Con, foster local creative individuals, and show that Fanime fans are more than consumers but producers.

Thanks, I hope y'all got something out of this.  What would make this show a success is your support and your constructive input.  It will be considered, but alas: big audience, small body of performers.  The actual clothing designs are up to the designers.

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