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General Anime Chat / Who was your first?
« on: July 15, 2003, 12:57:44 AM »
:shock: Don't EVEN try to think I meant it that way! :evil:

Anyway, who was you first bishounen/bishoujo crush?  Considering I have my own harem of bishounen, I thought that looking back at the first was interesting.  Mine had been Van of Escaflowne...I LOVE winged bishounen! *drool* He's still part of my harem, but not my main one.  Which leads to my next question: who is your current crush?  Mine is the bishie-god, Suzaku-seikun of Fushigi Yuugi! XD Yet another winged bishie!  He's been my fav for years and I haven't yet found one that could replace him...of course, it doesn't help that Watase-sensei drew that one pic of him where he was wearing nothing...but his damn wing was covering the wrong part! :x I so wish I could reach in and move it! *nosebleed* :mrgreen:

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