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Panels and Workshops / (ACCEPTED) Homestuck Arcade (2015 Fan Event)
« on: February 02, 2015, 05:45:45 AM »
Event Description:
This panel consists of several audience participation games. At the end of the panel there will be prizes awarded to the winners of each game.

Day & Time: Sunday, 1 pm to 3 pm
Room: Hyatt 1st floor (Salon 1)

Audition Deadline: CLOSED

Karkat Vantas - Jay (host)
Eridan Ampora - Rune (co-host)
Terezi Pyrope - Red
Kanaya Maryam - Kali
Nepeta Leijon - Alison
Gamzee Makara - Ashlie
John Egbert - Alex
Jade Harley - Sarah
Vriska Serket - Hayden
Rose Lalonde - Cora
Panel Assistant - Maeve

We hope to see you there for two hours of fun, games, and prizes!

Contact me at: jalanigeroux@gmail.com or furrat.tumblr.com

Panels and Workshops / Europe's Most Wanted (Hetalia Panel)
« on: January 21, 2013, 01:31:58 PM »
This is a European centric Q & A/Dare panel for Hetalia.

Time: TBA
We plan on a 2 hour time slot.

If you are interested in this we would love to have a couple more nations. The only rule is you must be a European nation! It will most likely be a 16+ panel so make sure you are okay with a little content.

Who we have:
Prussia (Co-host) - InfinityThief
Italy (Co-host) - myself
England - Haunterluvcookies
Russia - Kiara
Chibitalia - MidnightPrincess94
Plus a special non-European guest (if you join the cast you will be let in on the surprise).

We want any European nations but if you are a Romano or a Sweden you will almost definitely be accepted instantly!

You will need to provide a way to contact you (preferably Facebook) once you are accepted.

Is it just me or is Shaman King practically unheard-of? I only found 1 other fan among the guys I was hanging out with in 2011 & no cosplayers at all. Something is wrong here! Seriously.
Anyway enough of my ranting, the point of this post is to find other people who're into The awesomeness that is Shaman King. I'm especialy looking for cosplayers who might like to meet up next year and hang out. So pretty much reply if you like it so I wont be lonely anymore. Please? 

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