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Photoshoots are closed as of now, thank you for your interest.

Hey guys!

Fanime is just 10 DAYS AWAY and I've been reading some posts about people inquiring about photographers.

In the past I've always had at least four private photoshoot slots at each convention I've attended (last convention was more than 10, I think I overestimated myself). These are basically out of the goodness of my heart and to help me increase my skills of photography, while giving the recipient a set of nice photos of their cosplay, costume, lolita, or any other portrait/photo types.

I was considering not including these this time around, but they're so fun that I just can't discard the experience!

****SO with that aside, here are some specs:****
- Private, one on one shoots will be scheduled for 30 - 45 minutes a piece, as decided at a later date.

- There are also group photoshoots available, the normal time for which is normally from 1 hour to 1 and 1/2 hours.

- The set time and day for the shoot will be decided after the official Fanime schedule is up, to avoid any time conflicts.

- Locations can be anywhere within walking distance of the convention space!

- I will ideally set the time sometime in the morning or late afternoon.

- Basic photoshopping is included with each session (skin smoothing, color correction, minor costume malfunction fixes - IE smudged body makeup).

- I can shoot any type of cosplay/costume, poses, but NO: nudity, overly sexual poses, offensive signals or signs, and other possibly offensive content (ask me if you have a question - "other possibly offensive content" is at my own discretion. (I've built a reputation as a cosplay photographer, not a pornographer! :'D)

-Other things may be added if I remember anything later. :)


Slots Available:

1. CrystalRobot____(Solo, Sat. 3:30PM - FoH)
2. Somegirlkatie___(Group, Sat. 6:00PM - FoF)
3. Kannazuki______(Group, Sat. 11:30- FoF)
4. Nikkiolie_____(Group, Sat. 10:30AM - FoF)
5. Lordsnow_____(Solo, Sat. 9:00AM - FoF)
6. Mugenuryu____(Solo, Sat. 9:45AM - FoH)
7. Twilightsora__ (Group, Fri. 4:00PM - FoH)
8. Vasyenka_____(Solo, Sat. 5:00PM - FoH)

FoF = Front of Fairmont (doors)
FoH = Front of Hilton (front doors)


My Facebook account for examples of my work:
Sushisoap Photos  

Other examples (en masse private shoots - both UNEDITED):
Ramona - Scott Pilgrim
1800's France - APH

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